Fan Fiction ❯ Skies of Arcadia, the noble airpirate. ❯ Day seven. ( Chapter 7 )

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Skies of Arcadia, The noble airpirate.
Day seven.
Vyse entered the cafeteria that morning, to find it almost completely deserted. Lawrence was having breakfast in his usual corner. Vyse walked up to him and said “Say, Lawrence. Don't you think it was a mistake to bring Alfonso here?” he asked cautiously. “The rest of the crew doesn't seem to be too happy with him. Two crewmembers have already died, and Izmael seems to have disappeared…”
“Now Vyse, you cant prove that Alfonso had anything to do with that.” Lawrence said, frowning. “Besides, he's my brother. We couldn't just leave him in lower Valua like that.”
“Bet we could…” Vyse muttered.
“I'm like a brother to you right?” Lawrence asked.
“In a freaky sort of way, yes…” Vyse responded.
“Well, if I were poor and all alone, would you have left me?”
“Uhm… you were poor and all alone. That's why I hired you…” Vyse said.
“What?! I was not poor!” Lawrence stuttered.
“Than why did you ask for so much money?” Vyse snapped.
“That is a reasonable amount of money for someone with my expertise!” Lawrence shouted.
Vyse couldn't help snorting and Lawrence, looking outraged, stormed out the door. It seemed that ever since Alfonso arrived, disaster was spreading across the island, Vyse thought. It was time to take actions!
Vyse quickly distracted Alfonso with a book on interior decorating, and then gathered the rest of the crew in the meeting room. (except for Lawrence, who wouldn't look in Vyse's face anymore.)
“Well people, it would appear that the time has come for drastic measures concerning Alfonso.” Vyse said to them. “If we want Alfonso out of here, we're going to have to empty our pockets.”
“Say what?!” the rest of the crew shouted in unison.
“Well, its quite simple. Alfonso is here because he is broke. So all we have to do is make him rich again, and he'll be out of here in no-time!” Vyse explained.
The crew reluctantly started emptying their moneybags on the table. In the end, they had a total of 5.000 gold. “That's not nearly enough…” Vyse muttered. “Hey wait, someone here hasn't paid yet!” Vyse and the rest of the crew stared at Enrique, who made his way for the door. “What? I'm not obligated to pay!” he shouted.
“But Enrique, how many more times do you want to have Alfonso steal your hat?” Vyse asked him, frowning.
“Its not a hat… it's a baret…” Enrique muttered.
“Start paying, hot-shot!” Aika shouted at him.
“No, never! You cant make me! This is my college fund!” Enrique shouted. He turned back to the door, but found it blocked by the crew.
“Allow me captain.” Khazim said. He grabbed Enrique by the ankles and shook him upside-down. Enrique tried madly to collect his coins, but it was no good, as more money kept falling from his pockets. After a minute or so, the grand total was 20.000 gold.
“Well, its not much, but its about twice what Lawrence asked. Lets hope that its enough.” Vyse said. “Alfonso, can I see you in the meeting room please?” Vyse called through the speakers. After a minute or so, Alfonso walked into the meeting room, and looked around at all the crewmembers, who put on fake smiles. “Ah, Alfonso. We all put our money bags together, quite willingly” At this point Vyse glared at Enrique, who whistled “ And we've got 20.00 gold for you! So now you have money and you can go home!” Vyse said at Alfonso, pushing a sack of gold in Alfonso's arms. Alfonso's eyes filled with tears.
“Oh Vyse, that's so nice of you all. But 20.000 isnt nearly what I used to have. If you were to make deposits like this every month, I should have enough by the end of the year.” Alfonso said, wiping his eyes and walking out the meeting room with the sack of money. Everyone glared at Vyse.
Vyse was standing at the Crescent isle docks. He made his way to exit the cave, but was stopped by Alfonso, who said “Hey Vyse, welcome back! You're really going to love what I've done with the place!”
Vyse pushed Alfonso aside and stepped into the village. Everything, the buildings, the grass, the trees and even the water was pink. And there was a large picture of Alfonso stuck against the rock wall. Vyse screamed and fell out of his bed. He crawled to the window and looked outside. Everything still had its normal colour. It was just a nightmare. Vyse looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:50 PM. He put on his clothes and stepped outside for some fresh air. He saw that he was not the only one who was awake. Alfonso was standing in front of the fountain, staring at the water. Vyse hesitated and walked up to him. “Ehm… Alfonso?” he asked. Alfonso looked up. “Oh, Vyse.” He said, not in his usual cheery voice.
“Whats wrong?” Vyse asked him.
“Oh, its just that… I miss being an admiral. I used to have so much fun destroying other ships, and framing my vice-captains. And I'm sure the other admirals miss me too.” Alfonso sighed, and Vyse fought to keep his face straight. “But what am I doing, moping around? I should thank you Vyse, for taking me in like this.”
“Well, I don't think I would've done that if Lawrence hadn't…” Vyse began, but Alfonso cut in “I hope I can adapt to this place soon. I just don't feel like an airpirate.”
“Well, there is only one way to become an airpirate for sure!” Vyse said.
“Oh really? What?”
“You need to drink lots and lots of rum!” Vyse replied.
“R..rum?… that alcoholic drink? I don't drink heavy alcohol like that! I only drink exotic umbrella drinks.” Alfonso said
“Well, have you ever tried it?” Vyse asked.
“No… but…” Alfonso muttered.
“Well, now is a good time to start!” Vyse said, grabbing Alfonso's arm and dragging him to the bar. “The sooner he adapts, the better!” Vyse thought.