Fate/Stay Night Fan Fiction ❯ The Master Is In ❯ Should Lie In A Bed ( Chapter 2 )

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The Master Is In
By ChoppingBoard
Chapter 2 - …should lie in a bed
Rin came back wearing a yellow shirt and black shorts and had her hair done in a ponytail. She also brought several things with her: a few towels, basin filled with cold water and ice, thermometer and such.
She furrowed her eyebrows as she realized her first hurdle: how to transfer her sick servant to his bed. It would be very easy if Archer had a different physique. But seeing that Archer has a larger frame than her and was heavier, this was going to be difficult. She examined the gap between the couch and the bed. It was about 3 meters, a long and agonizing 3 meters. She now had another reason to curse her big house other than having more space to clean. She left the things she was carrying on the bedside table before approaching her servant. She pulled the sleeves of her shirt and knelt in front of Archer's sleeping form.
She stayed still for some time still thinking of how she would do it. Her first plan was to wake him up. “Archer?”
There was no response.
What was I thinking? Of course he's already sleeping, he's sick. She still couldn't imagine herself doing her second plan, to carry him, so she still attempted to wake him up. “Archer, you need to transfer to your bed so you can be more comfortable.”
Still, silence.
She now slouched in her kneeling position as she started to picture some of her ideas. First, she would give him a piggyback ride…..IF she can fully support his weight. Obviously, she cannot do that, so the idea ended up in the dumps. Second, she would drag him to bed…..BUT, she wasn't exactly that cruel to be doing that to a sick person. Again, she crossed out the idea. She sighed before she started her last option.
Rin flailed his arms around her and embraced him to be able to slowly carry his upper body. He was now in a sitting position, somehow she was making progress. She momentarily paused because of her servant's weight. He is heavy and still burning with fever. She took a deep breath before carrying his entire weight as she struggled to make both of them stay in a standing position, embracing each other. It wasn't exactly stable as she was somewhat swaying from side to side because of the heavy load. Nevertheless, Archer was perfectly silent and still, indicating her activity wasn't disturbing him one bit.
She glimpsed behind her to look at the distance she had to cross, as was stated before, an agonizing 3 meters.
She started by making little steps. After 20 minutes of moving and stopping, they finally reached the bed. However, her back was facing the foot of the bed. She made little side steps so that their positions were reversed. His back was now facing the side of the bed. He's really really sweltering with his fever, I should hurry. She could feel his temperature as some of their body parts were in contact because of their position. She removed her right arm from him and used it to take his hands off her. She then pushed him to the bed but went together with him when Archer's hands clung to her. Now he's mistaken me for a pillow. She took his hands off her slowly to not wake him up and immediately stood up so his hands wouldn't be able to cling to her again.
The servant now murmured something as his `pillow' has been detached from him. She then deposited a new pillow to his hands which made him go back to his slumber.
She also pulled him further up the bed so that his feet won't be dangling on the edge of the bed. She sighed as she finished her task and could only glance at the peaceful expression of her servant's face.
Now, where was I? She looked on the paraphernalia she set on the table. She put the thermometer in his mouth to check his temperature and while waiting, she soaked a towel on the basin and squeezed the excess water before putting it on Archer's forehead. She also pulled the blanket over him to make him sweat out the fever. After a few minutes, 38.5 degrees Celsius registered on the thermometer.
This is going to be a long day. It was just 9 in the morning but Rin already felt tired because of what she has already done.
She looked around the room as she kept watch on her sick servant. From time to time, she stood up, removed the towel from his forehead, soak the towel on the water, squeeze the excess water and place it again on his forehead. She couldn't make him drink medicine right at that moment because he was fast asleep.
Rin couldn't do anything but look around the room. She couldn't help but look intently at her servant. It was the first time she could take a long look at Archer. She carefully examined his facial features and the calm expression in his face. He would be really upset if he knew he was being stared at. She just smiled as she still stared at him, enjoying the one in a million moment.
……to be concluded