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The Master Is In
By ChoppingBoard
Chapter 4 - …should take a bath
She returned to the kitchen and ate alone. That was a long day for her alright, she had been tending to her sick servant that whole morning and there was more yet to come. She dropped the spoon and fork on the table and slouched in her seat. She looked up the ceiling and felt like sleeping, she wanted to sleep.
Wait! I should take a bath first. I've been doing a lot of things and undoubtedly perspired myself. All I need is a relaxing bath before I sleep…. Just then, her servant's image came to her mind. She blinked for a few times and thought, oh no, he also haven't had a bath and also sweated a lot since this morning. A blush crept on her face as she recognized what she needed to do. No way I'm giving him a bath! She tried to ignore the idea and kept on tilting her head from side to side but contradicted herself when she hurried washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and all other chores she needed to do, and yet again, she headed for his room.
She kept on telling herself she didn't want to bathe her servant and all but she already opened the cabinet in his room to scurry for clothes. I am so contradicting myself right now, she cringed her forehead as she did what she was doing. Eventually, after a few minutes of looking for clothes here and there, she had her hands on a white shirt, black sweatpants and underwear.
She then sat beside her servant and placed the clothes on her lap and sighed. This is not going to be easy. She stared at the sleeping Archer for about 5 minutes.
…10 minutes…
…20 minutes…
…30 minutes…
Still, even after 30 minutes she hasn't moved or done anything. She still has yet to convince herself as to why she should do this.
Should I do this without his consent? He might think I'm a maniac or something…She imagined Archer grabbing her hand and giving her an evil glare because she attempted to touch him or even attempted to take off his clothes….But, he'll get more sick if I leave him like this… Her imagination now showed her that he was trembling and got more sick because his sweat was left out to dry….But, this is wrong…She thought that she would lose her innocence this early….Again, she was arguing with herself. And yet again, I look like a lunatic having this disagreement with myself.
She can't think of anything now, so she proceeded with her Plan A, she would carry him all the way to the bathroom. She moved towards Archer's sleeping form. Her hands were about grab his arm when her conscience stopped her. This is not right, I really feel this is a form of sexual harassment. Her heart was pounding and she was blushing.
She withdrew her hand and sighed, I guess it's Plan B then. “Archer?”
He was still sleeping and didn't respond. He still had a calm expression on his face.
She grabbed his arm and shook it slowly to wake him up. “Archer”
The servant slowly opened his eyes slowly and faced his master.
Rin was startled at Archer's reaction. She intended to wake him but didn't expect him to wake up this soon. She now blankly stared at her servant… “Uhh…….ummm….”
Archer didn't say anything and still waited for what Rin had to say. He gave her a questioning look.
She shook her head and regained her composure. “Y..You should take..a bath. Y..You're clothes are soaked in sweat.” She stood up and handed him his clothes. “I…I'm sorry I had to wake you up.”
Archer shoved the blanket off him and sat on the side of the bed. He nodded at Rin and clutched the clothes she gave him. He then made his way on the bathroom.
When the bathroom closed, Rin wore a smile on her face and was crying fake tears of joy anime style. She congratulated herself for doing the task at hand without losing her integrity.
…………..to be concluded
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