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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A.N. Short chapter, but prologues usually are

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A pair of jade green eyes stared at a tiny blue crystal, "One down, nine to go." A tallish girl with long red-silver hair, silver ears, and a silver fox-tail stretched and looked up, "All I need is one more and I'll be able to find my sisters and others like myself. She tossed the blue crystal into her bag and yawned. "I'd better get to the Desert Palace soon or Kuja will think I didn't want to come." The girl's tail fluffed out. She blinked, "Calm down, Ultara, it's not like you like him or something." She approached a castle-like structure and sighed, `It's KUJA for goodness sake, the silver tailed dork of the…' Ultara stopped, "Hi Kuja…" "Ultara." Ultara's sliver ears went flat, "I live here too ya know." "Only because you are a mage, and I wish it. "Ha, if I hadn't been around you'd still be at the stupid Iifa tree or in Alexandria, you were lucky yer brother gave ya to me to heal." "Zidane is….." "Technically not your brother I know…you should be happy your siblings are nearby…,I wonder how Flora and Lilly are doing."