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A.N. It's a little short.

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Ultara studied the wall of the ruins; "That could be a problem" Kuja frowned impatiently, "All you're doing is staring at writing." "No, I'm seeing where my sisters are." Ultara pointed to the writing on the wall, "It's a little something I came up with, it strengthens the power of my link with my sisters." Kuja folded his arms, "Then where are they?"

Ultara smiled, "Flora is living on Earth with no clue of who she is, and Lilly is in a limbo between alternate realities…" "Sounds like a problem." "I can handle it," Ultara said, " They are my sisters, all I have to do is go to them and convince them to help me in my cause." Kuja glared as Ultara placed a hand on the wall. Ultara grinned, "Let's go, we need to get Zidane and his friends."

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Back with Flora

Flora took off her hat and frowned, "Haven't you seen ears before?" Tyson reached over and tugged on a gold-colored fox ear, "Is this thing real." Flora cringed, "Ow, cut it out, that hurts." Ray shook his head; "I take that as a `yes'." Flora puffed out her cheeks and grabbed Tyson's ear, "Let's see how you like it mister `World Champ.' " "Hey, let go!" "I will if you promise not to grab my ears anymore…I'm serious." Flora's ears went straight up and with her free hand, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a crystal, `I got that weird feeling again.' She let go of Tyson's ear. Tyson rubbed his ear, "What did you do that for?!" Flora blinked, then frowned, "That'll teach you to mess with my ears, Teason." "I couldn't help it, and it's TYSON!" Flora, stuck her tongue, "That wasn't very neighborly of you, ya know, but I'll let it slide…" Ray blinked, "Uhhh, excuse me." Flora ignored him, "And my ears are real so…" Hillary tapped Flora's shoulder, "Do something about your tail." "Huh, my tail?" Flora looked down. Her long, bushy, golden tail stuck out from under her long skirt and was wrapped around Ray's hair wrap. Flora frowned, "Sorry, it has a mind of it's own at times."

Max shook his head; "Did you even realize you did it." Flora shook her head, "Oi, all I came here for was a Bey-battle…" Tyson's eyes lit up, "You want a battle fox-girl, well you got one." Flora's tail fluffed up; "You're on Teason." "THAT'S TYSON!" Flora grinned, and unwrapped her tail from Ray's hair, "I've been itching for a bey-battle since I left England."

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"Are you two ready?" Flora's tail fluffed out, "You bet!" Tyson grinned, "I'm ready to beat this fox." Flora's eyes narrowed, "Just start the countdown Maxie." Max blinked, "Uh, okay 3, 2, 1…LET IT RIP!" Flora grinned, "GO MYST!" "GO DRAGOON!" "Hey guys what's…" Flora grinned, "Myst! Wild Typh…OWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Flora yelled. Ray covered his ears, "What's wrong?" "Someone stepped on my tail!" Flora whirled around, about to yell at whoever was on her tail, then stopped, "Who are you?" Hillary shook her head, "Flora, this is Zeo." Flora's ears twitched, "Hi…would ya mind getting off my tail."

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A Parallel World

A pale yellow glow filled a bright green clearing and out came a fox-girl with waist length dark blond hair, sandy brown fox ears and tail, and chocolate brown eyes ( she looks like an older Flora). She rubbed her head and looked around, "Where the heck did I land this time?" Her sandy brown tail twitched back and forth as she sniffed the air, "I…smell…chocolate!" Her ears perked up, "What's that weird noise?"

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A pair of curious amber eyes followed as Ultara and Kuja entered Alexandria. A bushy golden tail twitching back and forth, gold ears twiched. "If they are going then so am I," said a male voice.