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A.N. Sorry for the delay I just recovered from writer's block, the next two chapters mostly focus on Flora and Ultara. Oh yes…and I want to say sorry to any Tyson fans (if there are any)

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Zidane studied Flora. Flora looked at the fox-guy and blinked for a few minutes, "I…um, I don't know what you're talking abou…" her ears suddenly went flat under her hat, `Is that monkey doing what I think he's doing…' The fox-guy chuckled as Flora's head turned slightly, brown eyes narrowed at Zidane. Zidane jumped back to avoid a slap, "I was looking for your tail, I swear." Flora's gold fox tail fluffed out poking out slightly from her skirt. Her eyes changed color to a dark red. The fox-guy turned towards Zidane; "I'd run if I were you."

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"Where is that little monkey?" Ultara grumbled. Kuja leaned against the wall, "I should have gone instead, Zidane is easily distracted." Ultara shook her head, "You would've drawn way more attention than Zidane, especially in that weird outfit…" "And what is so strange about how I dress?" Ultara snickered, "No offense, but that looks like something I would wear if I was really…really desperate." A girl with purple hair and a little horn jumped up and down, "I hear Zidane." "Calm down, Eiko." "But Garnet…"

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Flora was angry. All she could think about was tying Zidane to a tree by his tail. She was slowly catching up on him, that is, until someone grabbed her arm and tail. An instinct deep within Flora snapped at that moment. Within a minute Flora became a tiny, golden fox and sank sharp teeth into the hand that held her tail. "OW! HEY! LET GO!" yelled a familiar voice.

`Tyson?' said a tiny voice in the back of Flora's mind. She let go and sniffed a bit, `That smells familiar…' Tyson looked at his hand and frowned, "Good thing you didn't bite too hard…" Zidane walked over, "You okay kid…OW!" Flora sank her teeth into the furry brown tail. `What am I doing?' Flora let go again, eyes changing back to brown. She made a small squeak of apology, "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to…" Zidane poked at Flora; "You can talk?" Flora stared at her tiny paws for a few minutes, "I guess I can… what happened?" Zidane backed up, "Uhh, nothing…" Flora's tail fluffed out, "Now I remember… that monkey-boy looked up my skirt!!" Zidane jumped back; "I was looking for your tail, that's all." Flora's eyes flickered back to red.

"You can't control your instincts, can you?" The fox-guy leaned over and picked up Flora. Flora's eyes changed to brown once again, "I don't think so…I guess I'm not good with control…" "Very few of us have perfect control all the time…" Ultara shoved by Zidane, "What is going on here?" she looked at Tyson, "Who are you?"

Flora shifted a little bit, trying to wiggle out of the fox-guy's grip, "I'm fine now." Ultara's ears went flat; "I know that voice…you're the girl from before…" Flora shifted a little bit, changing from the fox-form "Yeah… I am." Ultara pointed to Tyson, "And is this one of your friends?" "Not really, I only met him recently and he pulled my ears…" Ultara glared at Tyson, "Never tug on a our ears or tail, it is the worst thing you can do…but perhaps you can help us…"