Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ dark love ❯ they meet ( Chapter 1 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Me: hey every one!!! Ok I do not own final fantasy but I do own Raven and my other mad up characters.
Raven: I think they might know that
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A boy sat there on his school steps listening to his favorite song in the rain, cuts and scrapes all over his face
No one knew about how he got them and no one cared ether.
There school just got some new kids, and every one took it upon themselves to find out about them.
I'll be coming home
Just to be alone
Cause I know that you're not there
And I know that you don't care
I can hardly wait to leave this place
The boy didn't know that the new kids were actually interested in him
And guess who the new kids are reeve, cloud, Tifa, Yuffie, cid, and Vincent
No matter how hard I try
You're never satisfied
This is not a home
I think I'm better off alone
You always disappear
Even when you're here
This is not my home
I think I'm better off alone
Home, this house is not a home
The boy had started to mouth the words
“Hey lets go talk to him!!!” said Yuffie, “why not?” said Tifa “I think we should leave him alone. He looks like trouble” Cloud stated.
The boy had piercings up and down both ears and twin snake bites; a snake tattoo ran up his right arm all the way to his neck it wrapped around once then hung it's head on his collar bone, He had hade pure black heir that went to
His shoulders with silver and blood red died tips and ice blue eyes.
By the time you come home
I'm already stoned
You turn off the TV
And you scream at me
I can hardly wait
Till you get off my case
This house is not a home
I'm better off alone
As the song ended Yuffie finally convinced cloud and them to talk to the kid,
The boy pulled out a sketch book and started to put the finishes to his drawing he started a few weeks ago, it was a picture of a wolf, it's head bowed wile a bright moon shown behind it.
Yuffie was the one to walk over first “Hey.” She said but he couldn't hear her, most of the people hiding at the school entrance
Saw her trying to talk to him and started to whisper. Yuffie tried again this time louder “hey!” he still didn't hear her now she
Was ticked off you want ignore me huh? Well ignore this! She sucked in a breath and yelled “HEY!!!!!!!!!!”
The boy stopped sketching and looked at her. Seeing she was trying to get his attention he slipped off his head phones and
Then Yuffie noticed how loud it was playing. It was maxed out on “drown by three days grace”
“Wow that's loud no wonder you didn't hear me.” Said Yuffie “is there something you want?” asked the boy in an emotionless voice
“Yeah to talk” she replied. Everyone was whispering about them. Cloud and the gang walked over to them.
“If you want talk go talk to the other kids” the boy said “no we want talk to you. O and this is Cloud, Reeve, Tifa, Cid, Vincent,
And I'm Yuffie. You are?” said Yuffie “someone not worth your time” the kid replied “ok then I'll just call you crap how's that?”
Yuffie said the boy looked at her then sighed “fine my name is Raven” “o my you do have a name and you're not mute” said a cocky
Girlish voice, that reminded raven of nails on a chalk board, from behind Yuffie and the gang. They all looked at her.
She was wearing a bright pink mini skirt and a really chest showing shirt also bright pink with black righting that said
“Punk” she had blond hair a blue eyes the classic blond slut thought raven
“I didn't think anyone would talk to you” she said “Sharey what do you want?” asked Raven
“Sharey? What a strange name” said Yuffie, Sherry gasped “well it's a better name than Yuffie or should I say poufy?”
Sherry laughed smugly, again the nails on a chalk board. Yuffie bristled at that
“You want something? O I know how about my fist in your face.” Yuffie retorted.
“No I don't want your filthy hands to mess up my make up!!” Sherry grimaced
“But my friends might have a say in that. Right Traver” “yes we do.” Three guys walked up
One with short black hair, one with long-ish red heir and Traver, a short heird bleach blond,
To them Raven was getting annoyed they were really starting to bug him.
All of the sudden Traver yelled “we don't like people that hang out with that kid!!!!!!He is a freak!!
If you want be safe join us.” He had said in answer to a question apparently “or what?” Tifa challenged
“Or this” Traver replied then he kicked her strait in the stomach to raven's feat now that pissed Raven off
He glared at the three guys. They were looking at cloud and the gang though. Just as Traver lunged at Yuffie,
Raven got up and blocked it with a kick of his own strait in the side, Traver winced on the ground
“What the hell, you never fight?!” Traver yelled still in pain
“When you hit a girl like that I have to step in especially when I know her name.”
Raven replied in a soft but scary voice. Traver got up and said “o so what's her name whoa or slut?”
cloud wanted to kill him right there but Raven, in an inhuman speed that rivaled Vincent's, was soon on top of Traver.
He was on top with Traver's arms in his hands glaring at him “you were saying?” Raven asked.
Traver got scared; raven never acted like this and now he was it was frightening.
“I was saying nothing at all.”Traver said, he needed more people for this, “that's what I thought” raven got off of Traver
“Now get the hell out of here.” Traver and his friends left taking Sharey with them. Cloud was by Tifa “hey Tifa you ok?”
Cloud asked “yeah I just go the wind knocked out of me is all.” She replied,
Raven walked over and helped cloud get her on her feat “Sorry I shouldn't have gotten you people mixed in that.” raven said
“It's ok we did it on our own. It wasn't your fault.” Tifa said “they looked scared,
And they said you didn't fight much is that true?” cloud said, no one could be that good and never fought before
“No I have fought a lot but not at school. I only fight when schools out.” Raven said he started to grab his stuff
And they all walked to class. (I won't bore you with their schools things just yet)
It was the end of the school day and Yuffie had convinced cloud and every one to walk with Raven on his way home
Without hem knowing of cores, they just said that there houses were in the same direction and that was it.
They walked a ways together tell the made it to Raven's house, he lived in the bad part of town were gangs, drugs, and sluts were found. His house, if you could call it that was old a cracked in many places.
“You should have been to your place awhile ago, why did you come?” he asked looking at them
“We wanted to see were you lived but um don't look like much.” Tifa said “oookaay…well bye then.” Raven said in return
He had never had many friends and really didn't expect them to act like some or even try any more
“K see Ya tomorrow.” Said Yuffie, Raven looked back at them with an eye brow raised did she just say what I think she said?
“We are your friends now so we act like them.” Yuffie said at his look. Raven nodded and said “whatever.”
And they left Raven alone or so they thought. All they were doing was leaving him with his mother.
His abusive mother… Hopefully he would survive tell tomorrow...
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