Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter One ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

"Help me...." Was the first thing I'd heard one night, but I didn't tell anyone about it because I thought maybe I imagined the whole thing- that and everyone else would have thought I were crazy too- but I wasn't crazy, and I really did hear someone calling me for help but I didn't know who it was or where they came from or why they were talking to me specifically.

All I know is I've got to find this person and help them, because it's not just my job it's something I feel I have to do -for them- and myself......

Chapter One.

"Aaaauuuuuggghhhhhhh!!!" I yawned noisily recieving looks from everyone in class, including instructor Rappaport. "Sorry." I replied lamely and started staring out the big window on the far side of the room. "Zell, pay attention." She snapped to me. I had been in this class for what felt like hours and I was ready to go, so in some sense not paying attention makes me feel like I went.

"Yes, instructor." I said, "Sorry." I added again, lamely.
"Well it seems that we'll be going over near the Tribian area for the holidays so I won't give you any home work over the weekend-..."
"Woo Hoo!!!" We all cheered throwing our hands up not even realizing we cut the woman off. "Afffter you do a 100 word essay about the real meaning of Christmas and yes I expect this to get done with the exception of Margret who'll do hers later on."

"Why does she get a later on?" I accidently said out loud and instructor Rappaport gave me a sharp look which turned my eyes downward. "Mr. Dincht she happens to be going on a mission which is none of your business in the first place, now I suggest you keep your mouth shut or I'll give you another assignment."
"Sorry instructor Rappaport, it won't happen again." I replied and she had to add. "See that it doesn't." I hate when the instructors pick on you most of all, and it's usually always, me.

"Finally." I mumbled when we heard the sound tone for us to change classes and since I didn't have any right now I could start that idiotic essay. "Uggh" Grumbling, I began to pick my things up. If I hurry and get to my room maybe I could catch Seifer before he leaves. I started to run for the exit but something stopped me- a little girl. "Help me.....I need your help." She said.

The kid looked about 7 or 9 and she has black hair that's short to her shoulders but rounded to her head. She was wearing an old fashioned looking dress with a pink shirt that was collared with long sleeves and a blue smock like dress covering that, she was pale as a ghost and had some baby fat in places.

The girl was standing outside looking into the open window right at me. "You want me to help you?" I asked her walking over to where she was standing so we wouldn't have to shout. How did a kid get on Garden grounds anyway?

"Help me....I need you to help me...." She said again as I got closer she moved away. "Wait don't go." I said, but she kept on backing up. "Please help me...."
"Little girl wait!" I was ready to jump out the window to catch her but I felt a sharp hand come down on my shoulder.

"Zell, I'd go if I were you." The Instructor was saying to me. "Wouldn't wanna get in anymore trouble than you already are, right?" I repositioned myself putting both feet back on the floor and smiled at her as friendly as possible.
"You don't understand though, there was this kid outside she was asking for my help." She looked out the window and shook her head. "Yeah, well I don't see anything."

"Must have been a mistake then, good bye Instructor Rappaport." I grabbed my things and rushed to the door shouting over my shoulder. "And happy holidays!"

"Good bye, Zell. Happy holidays." Okay, that shocked me a bit but hey at least she didn't say something negative again. "Dinkyyyy." I heard Seifer's voice before I saw him, and I turned myself around being picked up instantly.

"I'm leaving now." He said while planting a kiss on me.

"Already? But I thought-..."

"Tell that to Kinneas." He said cutting me off and putting me back down.

"Don't even start," Irvine stated walking down the hall with his arm around Squall's waist. "the sooner we leave the sooner we can get the hell back and do what we do best." The cowboy planted a kiss on Squall who seemed a little drawn back about it being out in the open.
They're love is in private but I bet if you could look in it'd be great. I smiled to myself feeling Seifer's arm come around me as he made a fake loving sigh. "Doesn't it just give you cavities?" He asked me and I laughed to myself.

"Whatever." Squall said and pulled Irvine down into a hug. "Hurry back." He said and Irvine replied. "I will, don't worry everything will be fine. I'll miss you darlin'."
"Me too." Squall said.
"I love you." Irvine whispered into his neck. "Yeah, I love you too."

"He rushed me and then he takes forever himself." Seifer said to me grabbing Irvine's arm. "Come on cowboy, you can play with the Dandylion later."
"Bye guys." I said to them and they waved walking away. "So, you wanna help me with my essay?" I asked Squall who didn't seem interested but he nodded. "Come on, we can get some snacks and everything." I said to him as we walked down the hall to my dorm room.

I couldn't help but start skip running to my door, because walking was getting me nowhere fast and I wanted this done and over with so I could enjoy my holiday. I thought Squall might have started to speed up too but the jingle of his belts didn't change it's pattern of a steady strut. When I reached my door I slipped the card through the slot and punched in the door code.

"I think I might have something to eat in the mini fridge." I hoped walking into the room, dropping my books to my little table and going over to the mini fridge. "Cool, hey you want some cookie dough ice cream?" I asked when I heard him turn into my room. "Or maybe some popcicles?" I said holding out a box of chocolate goodhumor bars.

When I put them down on the table I reached for some milk cartons that I bought from the store the other day. Nothing beats pops and milk. He opened the box of popcicles and took one out, then I took one when he handed it off to me. "Let me just clean this up and we can get started." I commented picking the things up and stuffing them back into the freezer section.

When I got back to the table I slid my seat out and dropped into it. "So what's the essay about?" He asked grabbing a book that read. Here Comes Santa Clause, But Why? Clever title I know, so this should help me with the meaning of Christmas.

"I'm doing it on the meaning of Christmas." I replied.
"The meaning of Christmas?" Squall repeated dropping the book back to the table. "Who gave you this one?"

"Instructor Rappaport. She's bossy, and she makes us do assignments whenever there's a holiday or something big coming up."

"Ouch." He said rather mechanically and bit into his popcicle. "Sooo are you gonna help me?"
"What do you want me to do? I don't know the meaning of Christmas." He remarked looking at me.

"Well that's what I got this book for." I said pushing it closer to him. "You look through there while I write my own words down first."

He started looking through the book and I began to write down my own thing, it was all going along smoothly when I saw that little girl again! "Help me.....please help me...." She said again over and over and I looked at Squall who seemed content with the book as though he didn't hear her.

"How can I help you?" I asked her and from my blind spot I saw Squall look up at me. "I thought I was helping you?" He commented and looked out the window after my vision. "What are you looking at?" He then asked.

"Help me....please, I need your help." She said to constantly.
"What do you want me to do?" I asked her standing up. "Why won't you tell me?" I then asked her but she kept repeating herself.
"Zell, who are you talking to?" Squall kept asking me but I couldn't take my eyes from the kid she would run off again.

Running over to the window I grabbed the bottom framing and tried to jump out but Squall grabbed me back from doing it. "Zell what's gotten into you?" He asked me.
"Don't you see her?" I asked him and he looked out the window shaking his head. "She's standing right there by the tree. How can you not see her?" I said to him, pulling away.
"Because there is no one there." He replied backing off.

"Help me...." She said now, closer. I snapped around seeing her and she turned and ran. "Wait!" I started after her not even stopping to wonder how she got into my room when she was just outside.

I ran down the dorm halls and out into the main one. She was moving fast calling to me still. "Help me....please help me..."
"I'm coming just slow down!" I called to her. When she hit the stairs I thought we'd lose her on the second floor but once Squall and me got off the elevator it was as though she were waiting there for me.

Judging by the way she whizzed past the class rooms I could tell she was heading for the bridge. "Wait!" I said to her. When she was out on the balcony she jumped. "No don't!" I said going over after her. It was weird- as if something had shifted the air space I was in. I was used to feeling time magic cast on myself yeah, but this was different. It was- evil.

My feet hit something as though my own sudden drop had been suspended in mid-air for a moment and then I was yanked back onto the balcony by Squall who had grabbed my shirt pulling me back over.

I was gasping, terrified that I nearly threw myself over the ledge and that little girl! Where is she? "What the hells were you doing?" Squall asked me. "I-...I don't know."