Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter Two ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter Two.

I strecthed my arms and yanwed rubbing freshly formed sleep from them. "Gods, how long have we been working?" I asked Squall who seemed equally bored, but not tired.

"An hour." He replied casually as though he weren't ready to blow his brains out from boredom. "Well then I guess I'm done for the day." I stated standing up and heading towards the bed to get my sneakers.

"Where are you going?" Squall asked watching me lace them up.

"To the Shears mall, I still need to go Christmas shopping for Ma, wanna join me?" I asked hoping he'd say yes, but he shook his head and stood. "I can't go, I have some things I need to take care of and I don't think you should go either." I blinked to that then asked. "Why not?"

"You nearly jumped off the balcony, that's why." He walked over to the door and I shook my head with a laugh. "Come on, concidering the class I just came from wouldn't you be hallucinating too?" I joked but he said. "Whatever." And walked out. "...Okay." I replied after him but he probably didn't hear me; after I was done putting my sneakers on I grabbed my wallet and shoved it in my pocket then walked out the door.


The mall itself was crowded when I got there. It was like everyone in the world had planned their day around there when I would be there just so they could come in and crowd me. I walked casually down the halls of the mall and stood around in the directions I wanted to go and-..."Get out of the way!" Some guy shouted moving boards past my face. "You move you could have cut my head off ass hole!" I spat back. "What is wrong with these people?!"

This was totally spoiling my mood as far as the holidays went, and I tried rushing everything I was doing to get out of here quicker. "Last stop, pottery." I said checking my list. Ma was in sewing club with Theodora and some of her other friends and she needed needles thread and farbic constantly. "This rose pattern would be nice." I thought out loud picking it up just as this older bigger woman did. "Lovely." She was saying as her fist gripped it. "And it's down to its last roll."

Now normally I would have let her have it, but I was having the worst time here so why should I let the mall win? If I could just take this one thing I'd of been set but she obviously wasn't gonna give it up without a fight. "I don't think so lady I got here first." I said to her strengthening my grip on it. "Don't be dumb, what would a boy do with a print like this?" She nearly insulted me.

"It's for my Ma, so give it to me." I said tugging back then added. "And what would a hippo like you do with it anyway, there isn't rrrrr..." I strained to keep my grip. "There isn't enough material on this one to cover even your shoulder."
"What!?" She cried out and started beating me with her purse. "OW! Knock it off lady!" I tried shielding my head but she continued beating me with her hand bag.

"Stop it!" I kept saying. Why wasn't anybody helping me? I wonder and dropped the material. "Ah here take it. It's ugly anyways." I said and she held the fabric up in truimph.

My head was sore as I walked out of the fabric shop defeated. "Next time Ma wants me to go shopping I'm gonna put my foot down and tell her-.......that I won't carry a list." Alright so I chickened out of even the idea of letting her down, but shopping isn't easy; so picking up any random fabric I walked out of the store and to the register closest to the doors to get out of here but the line was huge!

"Ohhhh greeeeat." I groaned, my head and shoulders sank down together. "Hey!" I said in realization. "Can I please cut in line here?" I asked this guy in front of me.

"No way kid wait in line like everyone else." He said boredly. "Come on, pleeease....I'll pay you." I could see he was thinking it over and then he asked. "How much?"

I gradually worked my way to the head of the line and finally I hit the register. "Hey there." The woman said smiling at me. "Yeah whateve-..." I cut myself off as I reached for my wallet hearing her say. "72.50 gil."
"Right." I searched my wallet and saw that all my money was gone! Looking back down the line of people I saw them all holding my only shopping money for the year and I sighed turning around to get it all back and wait my turn.

* * *

"Next." The woman said and then she smiled. "Oh it's you again." It wasn't so much what she said but the laugh that she had behind it that made me snap. "100.50 gil. We also except creds."

"What?!" I shouted. "But before you said-..."

"Before we were having a sale but you missed the dead line, sorry." By now I was fuming. "Missed the dead line?" She nodded as if I had asked her the question to be clear.

"Missed the dead line....well let me tell you a little bit about my day sister!" He pointed his finger at her. "I had to sit in a class with an instructor who invented homework for the holidays and as far as I can tell can't stand me, then I see this weird little girl who doesn't seem to know any other words than 'help me, help me!'" She cocked an eyebrow.

"And my boyfriend left on some dumb mission and won't be back til who knows when, I nearly got my head cut off in your stupid store, not to mention I was beatin by a very large woman, and I'm sitting here giving my money to morons just so I can be ahead in this Hyne for saken line and now you're gonna tell me I missed some damn sale I didn't even know the stupid place was having?!" Again she nodded to me and my eyes narrowed at her as I leaned in to hiss.

"Now you listen and you listen good. I haven't got a hundred gil or even creds right now," I could feel my voice rising with every word I said. "so you're gonna change that price back to 72.50 or I am gonna do something not nice!" She smiled at me oddly and I just shrank away asking. "What's that for?"

"What?!" Before I knew what hit me two big guys were carrying me out of the store bagless and all.

"And don't come back until you learn to grow up."

"Grow up?" Was that a short joke? I wondered and stood up brushing myself off. "Great, there goes my shopping day....." I hung my head low as I walked to the parking lot to get my car.