Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter Three ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter Three.

I was beat, this day couldn't end sooner. Dropping my pants I slipped my feet from the cuffs around my ankles then slid on my pajama pants that had little hot dogs on it- Seifer got them for me- and I've been wearing them ever since, besides that my old ones have a hole under the arm so wearing those seemed kind of dumb now.

When my head hit the pillow I instantly closed my eyes and got ready to feel the sleep take over when a shadow ran past them. "...-the Hells was that?" I said to myself snapping my eyes open and sitting up. I scanned the room with my eyes and saw nothing. "I'm just gonna go to sleep and-...." But my words were cut off seeing who I knew would be standing there- that little girl.

"Oh go away." I groaned to her. "I'm through chasing you around school. It's more than obvious that I can't help you because you would have told me what to do by now."

"I want you to be my friend and play with me." The little girl said, but this kid didn't sound like the other little girl she sounded kind of mean.

"Who are you?" I asked but she just laughed and turned aroud heading out the door. "Little girl wait!" I shouted putting a foot to the floor but then I drew it back under the covers and sighed. "Forget it, play hide and seek with yourself, I'm going to bed." Lying back down I closed my eyes but there was someone there- breathing beside me and my eyes cracked a little so I could look without being caught awake.

It was that first little girl again. "Help me....please...." She said to me, as if I were surprised by that one.
"What do you want me to do?" I asked her waking myself up fully, it's clear I can't sleep today either and this little girl would probably keep me up everynight until I helped her.

"Where are you?" I then asked. "Help me....please help me....." She walked to the door and I got up sliding my slippers on and ran out my door.

Looking both ways for her I jumped hearing the sudden sound of my door sliding shut behind me. Letting out a breath I held my chest and sighed. "Calm down Zell, you're too young for heart attacks."

"Ahahahaha." I heard the other little girl laugh. I turned my head and she was dashing down the hall into the main one. "Wait!" I shouted in a whisper so I wouldn't wake up the other cadets; running down the hall as well I turned off in the direction of the parking lot and saw the little girl go into the elevator just like before so I instantly knew where she was taking me- the balcony or to some people the bridge. "Slow down!" I lowly shouted again when I was at the top of the stairs.

Nearly punching the button on the elevator it took me to the second floor and I ran off and down the hall. "Come on, play with me!" The little girl shouted and I sped past the class rooms nearly catching up with the little brat. The door would slow her down a bit but she passed right through it! "Whoa!" I shouted tripping over my own feet and falling forwards onto my hands and knees.

"Did she just go through that door?" I asked my brain to make sure I really saw what I saw but as the mental replay ran it showed me that it was true.

"Am I chasing a ghost?" I asked myself and heard the first little girl trailing up the hall behind me. "Help me Zell....come this way." She said and walked right by me to the bridge as well. I took in a breath and watched as she too passed through the door.

"Get a hold of yourself Dincht this is serious business, maybe I should wake up Squall and tell him about it." That idea was scratched away quickly. "No. This time I'm gonna do it alone. I don't always need someone to bail me out- I'm no chicken!" I shouted to myself and got up.

"It's go time baby." I ran to the door and pushed it open then ran up the stairwell and outside. "Now which way did they go?" I wondered knowing that there wasn't any real place they could go we're like two stories up in the air! and with the ceiling height of this place who knows how high that really is.

"Little girl!?" I called walking over to the balcony edge. "Sure is a long drop." I noted and was about to turn around when I heard the second little girls laugh and she flew right into me knocking me over. "No!" I shouted when she was right in my face, but it was too late I'm falling! "Aaahhh! Oof!"


Am I dead? I opened my eyes expecting to see that all angels do look like Seifer but I was alive and in some weird looking hall way. "What the-....?" I sat myself up on my elbows and tilted my head back looking behind me. There was another hall way and I was in the innersection with a hall to either side of me.

The interior design was done in pink and half of the wall at the bottom was done in brown wood. The floor though could use some work with carpeting because it didn't match at all, done in browns and reds.

"Little girl?" I called out.

"This way." Came a tiny voice.

"Which way?!" I shouted. Absently I stood up wondering where I fell from if I hadn't splattered all over the Balamb grounds; and coming from the direction I fell, there was nothing but wall in front of me and I pushed on it. Solid. The kid- right.

I started down the hall way still a little uneasy about where I am and how I got here. "Little girl?" I asked again because she had stopped talking to me.

"This way, I'm in the bed room." She replied.

"Yeah, like I know where that is." I commented lowly and remembered something Irvine had told me about new places. "Feel my way through it." I closed my eyes and waited to feel something then I walked around the corner and into the bed room. "Hey I found you." I walked into the room and saw the first little girl laying on a bed.

"What did you need help with?" I asked her and she didn't move to sit up or anything. "Are you ok?" I then asked her walking over to the bed.

"Holy-...!" She was rock solid! Like a porcelain doll or something. "...-the hell happened to you."

"She's a doll now." I spun around to a sudden voice that was sitting in a large backed arm chair beside a tiny table that had plastic food set in front of it. "Who're you?" I asked.

"I am Pamela."

"But you look like a- like a doll." I said walking over to this little girl that wasn't creepy looking like the first girl or the other one. She had brown hair down past her arm pits and big blue eyes that were glassed over just as a dolls are and she was wearing a pink frilly dress with little blue flowers on it.

"I don't understand, what's going on here, where are we?" I asked her sitting down myself in an equally big chair.

"You're in the doll house." She said.

"The what?!" I couldn't believe what she was telling me.

"Sherry brought you here to help us, she was a psychic but she-...." Her words froze as if she had to refind her voice a moment.

"She turned before you could help her in time...."

"This doesn't make any sense though, what are you talking about?" Okay so I'm a little slow on the out take but this is too freaky for words, maybe I should have brought Squall with me.

"The house is a toy, it attaches itself to things attaches itself to things and turns the inhabitants in the home into dolls."
"No way!"

"The longer you're here the faster you turn, look at your hand." She said to me. I looked down and my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. It was whitening way whiter than it's usual color and it was hard. "Whoa! What's going on?" I held my hand up in horror and jumped out of the seat.

"Yay! A brand new doll to play with." I heard a voice saying. There was a loud stomp over head and the little girl looked up the best she could then back at me.

"Hide or you'll never get out." Her eyes went down to her hands and I looked myself seeing that they were tied to the chair!

"Don't worry I'm gonna get you out of here okay? I might not have been able to help your friend but you'll be safe I promise."

"Hide." She said again and I ran to the bed slipping under. I couldn't see what was happening but it sounded as though the ceiling of the room was lifted off and some one was looking into it.

"Hee hee hee. My new dolly." She said again. I saw the weight of the bed sink in and a peek of a finger as it came down on it. 'Please don't find me, please don't find me.' I chanted to myself. When the bed returned to its normal sitting position I exhaled but the little girl was still looking into the room.

"Do you wanna have tea with Pamela?" She asked the Sherry doll. "Why yes I would." She answered for her and I saw the chair I had just left from being moved.

"Make friends because you'll be next dolly." She giggled one last time and returned the ceiling over the room.

"She-...gone." The little girl said lowly.

"What the hell was that?" I asked crawling from under the bed. "House-...owner...go before-...she's back..."

"What's wrong with your voice?" I asked her.

"Dolls can't-...speak string..." she replied.

"Don't worry I'm gonna go back and get help for you." I ran to the door and felt my legs getting lighter than they were as if I were about to fall over any second from the weight of my own body.

"How do I get out of here?" I asked her, but she was quiet. "Damn." I mumbled to myself but then heard the little girl's voice.

"No one knows." She said. 'Oh no.' I have to get out of here.