Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter 4 ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter Four.

I wandered through the house trying to decide which was the best way for me to go but I was coming up short. "Kinda hard to get out when I don't even know how the hells I got in." I walked back down the hall that I was laying in when I first opened my eyes and sighed. "It's just a wall." I rested my hand on it and thought for a minute.

"I can't just give up..." I sighed out wondering how much longer I had to live. My fingers were already beginning to stick together and that wasn't gonna be good. Gently so I wouldn't hurt myself I tried shaking them free from each other. "This is so dumb, I have to get out of here. I don't even like dolls." I turned down the left side of the hall and tried to figure out another way to get out.

"If this is like a normal house then there must be a front door." I walked around looking for a set of stairs and figured they'd be somewhere at the end of one of these hall ways.


This place is gargantuan! I'll never find the stairs. I kind of let myself fall to the floor after realizing that and I began to rub my hands which were getting harder and harder to keep from sticking together at my hands.
"Shit." I muttered and stood back up. I can't let this place win I've got to get out and tell somebody. Will they even notice I'm gone? I wondered and suddenly found myself walking again. Hyne help me find the door to this place.

* * *

Back in Garden, Squall is walking to the cafeteria expecting to have breakfast with Zell and the others but when he turned into the area he didn't hear Zell's usual loud chatter to Selphie who in comment was eating alone nodding her head as she did so. 'This is different I wonder where Zell is?' Squall thought. 'Maybe he slept in this morning.' He guessed and got into the four person line. 'Thank Gods it's short today.'

After Squall got his usual breakfast of coffee and a banana nut muffin he joined Selphie who waved to him with her fingers and fork. "Selphie, where is everybody?" Squall asked but she just sat there eating her breakfast.

"Selphie?" He said again then noticed she had her head phones clipped in and sure enough the base was sitting on the table beside her. The gunblader reached over to the hyper active girl and took the ear piece out and asked again. "Selphie, where is everybody?"

"I don't know." She replied then looked as though something had just hit her. "I know where Quistis is, she had a class but Zell I haven't seen him since yesterday."
"That's weird."

"Why is that weird?" Selphie asked curiously but Squall just got up taking his breakfast with him. "Wait, I wanna come too!" Selphie said hopping up from the table. Squall handed her his breakfast and started at an even pace out the cafeteria to the dorm hall.


"I don't get it, where is he?" Selphie asked while they stood outside of Zell's room knocking on the door. "Maybe he slept in Seifer's room?" She suggested.

'Maybe.' Squall thought and they turned going up the hall. "You check inside, I'm gonna look in Seifer's room for him."
"Okay." She replied and punched in the code for Zell's door.

"Wow!" Squall heard when the door slid open and he suddenly wondered if it was such a good idea to let Selphie go into Zell's room without supervision, but there was no time to worry about that. He knocked on the door at first but then he pressed the numbers for Seifer's door code and walked inside. The room looked as though it hadn't been slept in since Seifer left yesterday.

"Zell?" He asked looking around thinking that he might be in the bathroom. "Zell are you in there?" He called through the door. looking down he saw the light on but it suddenly went back out again. 'What the-...?'

"He's not in his room." He heard Selphie say and it startled him enough to jump but he didn't. "What's wrong you look so serious?" She then asked.

"It's nothing." Squall answered but asked instead. "What time was it that you saw him last?"

"When he got back from the mall, why?"

"Did you notice if he was he acting strangely?" She shook her head.

"We didn't really talk he was just mumbling something to himself and he waved to me."


"Are you very worried about him?" Selphie asked giving him her biggest talk to me gaze, but Squall smiled it off knowing Selphie wouldn't let up until she saw that you were fine or bleeding smiley faces.

"I'm not worried he probably went to his Ma's house."

"Yup." She said cheerfully and handed him his breakfast back. "It's still warm, I reheated it with Zell's microwave, but I have to go now. See ya later Squall." The energetic girl slipped out the room with a wave.

"Heeheehee." 'What was that?' He wondered looking at the bathroom door where the sound of laughter had just come from. The light was back on! It sounded like a young girl may have been on the other side, but it made no sense to why- or even how there would be. Seifer's door had been locked.

Squall's hand rested on the knob and as he started to turn it pushing the door open the light flipped back off again. 'What the hell is going on?' He wondered backing off from the door putting his things down. Squall wasn't afraid of ghost or anything like that but he was a little skeptical of what he might find in there. "Now or never." He told himself and shoved the door opened stepping inside and turning on the light. Empty.

"What the-..." 'I don't get it I just heard someone in here.'

"Heeheehee." He heard the laughter again only this time it was behind him.

There was a little girl standing there behind him in the bedroom. She looked about 6 or so and had long black hair, pale skin and an evil expression on her face that seemed to try to soften when she noticed him staring.

"You're funny," She was saying. "I want you to play with me."

"What?" The little girl just smiled and ran out the door. "Wait! Come back." He ran out the door and followed her up the hall but when she reached the end she was gone! 'Where'd she go?'