Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

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Chapter Five.

"So you haven't seen Zell since yesterday either?" Squall asked Martha Dincht over the phone.
"No not since yesterday." Ma replied but added. "Why, is something wrong? Is Zell missing?" Her voice was concerned making Squall wish he hadn't called until he looked in all the possible places first.
"No nothing's wrong and Zell isn't exactly missing because the day isn't over yet, I'm sure he'll turn up."

"Squall Leonhart I trust you enough to hope you'd tell me the truth..." She trailed off waiting to see if he had any confessions to make but there were none. "I'm sorry Ms. Dincht, I'll tell you if anything turns up he may have just gone for a walk or something and hasn't come back yet."

"You're right, he does tend to take long jogs in the mornings," 'Why didn't I think of that?' Squall wondered hearing the woman saying goodbye to him. "Goodbye Ms. Dincht." He hung up the phone and sat on his couch thinking to himself. 'Of course Zell is out jogging he does it all the time, I even remember Seifer waking up some mornings and asking where Zell was during breakfast.' He nodded to himself. 'I worried for nothing.' Feeling a little doubt Squall grabbed his jacket and decided to go into town.

* * *

"Finally!" I said to myself walking down a stairway. I managed to find the front door and I couldn't be happier to get out of this place. "Freedo-..." But my words were cut off. "Where's the knob?" I wondered out loud staring planely at where the thing should be but saw nothing just a smooth wooden door.

I felt every inch of it with my hands but got nothing no snag, no latch, nothing. As far as I know the damn thing is painted on. "How the hell do I get out then- Whoa!" The ground was shaking again. 'It must be the owner!' I thought panicked as hells wondering where to hide this time this stuff was too small to crawl under.

At a moment of fear I just leaped on the couch and covered my head hoping for the best until-... "Have either of you seen Zell?" That sounded like Squall, but how could he get in here?

"No sorry Squall." Two female voices replied. "Is something wrong?" One of them asked him and he must have shaken his head because there was no reply. I straightened myself up on the couch and looked out the window next to me. Squall! "Squall!" I shouted banging on the window. "Squaaalll!!!!" I kept banging as hard and loud as I could but he didn't hear me in fact I just noticed that he was huge. 'Did I shrink?' I asked myself.

'I've gotta get to a higher part of the house maybe he'll hear me from there.' I figured jumping up from my seat and running back to the stairs. 'I hope her voice isn't gone yet.' I ran as fast as I could turning into the hall I left Pamela and Sherry in. "Pamela...Pamela." I shouted before going into the room. 'Gods I hope Squall stays in the courtyard a little longer.' "Pam' hey how do I get to the attic?" I asked her kneeling beside the chair but she wasn't moving.

"Oh no." Wait a minute! I moved her forwards a bit and yanked the string on her back. As the threading wound itself back in I straightened her back up. "Pamela?"

"Change my batteries." She said as though it were through a can. "Wha-...?" I yanked the cord again asking. "How do I get to the attic, Pam?"

She was quiet at first then her voice came out her real voice and not the dolls. "Go left and up the stair on the right side hall way and cli-..."

"Pamela?" I shook her shoulder looking at her.

"Change my batteries." She said again and again and again. "Uh oh, someone needs a change." The little girl was back! I ran under the bed but apperantly not fast enough.

"How did you get under there dolly." The bed was shoved aside making me stand out like a huge red dot on a piece of blank white paper. "Aaahh!!!" I hopped up off my stomach to an immediate standing position and got into fighter stance. I might not be able to really hurt her but at least I can fend her off until I make a break for it.

I swung my leg at her hand as she reached for me and the tip of my foot hit her right in the center of her finger. "Heeheehee. You're fun." She said as if she weren't even phased a little. "I'm gonna love playing with you."

"Oh no you don't." I reached for a lamp hurling it at her hand the glass cut her hand and she drew it back. "That wasn't very nice, now I'm gonna tie you down." I ran like the wind through the hall way noticing the ceiling was still over my head in this end- if I could just make it to the attic, making a bee-line I just realized I was going the wrong way so I had to turn around.

"Come back dolly and I won't hurt you." I heard the creepy little girl saying. I bolted the next corner and saw the stairs that Pamela was talking about. 'If I could just make it to them- Aaahh!!!" I was lifted into the air and into the little girls hand. "You're not being a good little dolly, I'm gonna put you where you can't get out."

"Where are you taking me?!" I struggled to get free but one of my arms was pinned at my side and pushing down on her hand with my left hand proved useless. "Let go!" I bent over a little to try to bite her on the hand but I suddenly felt myself falling. "Aah!" I felt cold water around my waist and noticed I was in a bathtub. "What are you-...." I started to say but she shoved my head under the water. "Heeheehee, I'm gonna wash your mouth out naughty dolly."

"Mmm bllmm...." I held my breath straining. "Stop!" I managed to shout when my head came above the water. Is she trying to drown me?!

"Heehee, are you going to behave?" She asked me sinisterly.
"Yes, please just stop pushing me under the water." I pleaded gasping for breath. She yanked me out of the water and threw me in the bed room grabbed a bed and some string. "What are you gonna do with that?" I asked her. The little girl just lied me down on the bed and started to tie me up. I sucked in a breath as she was doing it and held it tightly until she was done.

"I'm gonna leave you here until you're ready to play with dolly. Sleep tight." She said drawing her hands away from the room and returning the ceiling to it's place. When I heard the ceiling snap into place I let a breath out feeling the ropes loosen around me. Escape method number 18-B in the Balamb Garden training manual, everyone knows it.

Sliding free of the constriction I ran out of the room but my legs hurt. "Shit." Lifting my pajamas pant leg I saw the white was going up my legs now and pretty soon I would lose the ability to walk. I gotta get out of this house. I rubbed my legs briefly and noticed my finger had long since froze together on my right hand. "This could be a problem." I muttered and scratched at the between of them to see if they would part each other. "Ow!" Well so much for plan A, better keep moving.

* * *

'If no ones seen him out here then where could he be?' Squall wondered walking through town when he heard someone say his name. 'Huh?' The gunblader looked up and saw a woman coming up to him. 'Who is she?' Her hair was shoulder length and redish brown, she was medium height like Quistis but maybe a few inches taller than her, and her face was kinda like a rats. The only recognizable thing about her was the uniform from Trabia.

"Squall Leonhart SeeD commander?" She asked.

"Yes." He said.

"May I speak with you a moment, I'm instructor Buchanon from Trabia Garden." She said, and he raised an eye brow. "Well, one of the Gardens cadets came out here the other day to visit with Selphie but she hasn't come back yet, do you know where she might be?" Squall shook his head. 'I haven't seen Selphie with anyone- not lately.' He thought to himself.

"When did you say this person came here?" He asked and the woman seemed as though she were ready to go into Balamb Garden herself and bring the girl home.
"Last week." She answered not at all concerned; she may just figure the girl lost track of time- anyone could when they've got Selphie at their side.

"May I go look for her?" She asked and Squall nodded standing up. 'This is starting to get a little weird, why would someone come to Balamb and not leave and Selphie would have said something about someone being there, right? As the instructor and Squall walked back to Balamb, something caught Squalls eyes.

He narrowed his eyes to a zoom and confirmed that they were in fact Zell's night slippers. He looked at instructor Buchanon and then back at the slippers. "Excuse me, I just remebered I have to do something, but Willy could help you to where you wanna go." He said pointing out the gate keeper in front of the garden.
"Okay honey, thank you." She replied and waved him off as he walked away from her.

He ran around to the side of the building where he'd seen them and stooped down to pick them up. "These are Zell's alright," The martial artist identified everything that was his with his name or initials on it- Ma tells him to. Looking up Squall started to worry now. He remembered how Zell chased after that weird little girl and nearly jumped off the side of the garden.

'He wouldn't.' Squall tried to tell himself but Selphie's voice ran through his mind.
'I haven't seen him since yesterday.' "Oh no." He breathed out. 'But he couldn't have jumped, where's his body?' He thought for a second and then it hit him. "The Balcony!" He straightened himself up and ran to the entry way of the school.