Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter 6 ( Chapter 6 )

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Chapter Six.

"Zell?" Squall called, when the door to the balcony slid open. 'Doesn't look like he's up here.' He noted mentally, but still called for him.

"Zell?!" Looking around Squall walked to the rim of the balcony and looked over the edge thinking maybe Zell might have been hanging on for dear life or something, but he wasn't there. 'Shit.' "Zeelll!"

* * *

"Squall?" I asked myself, knowing it was his voice I heard. "Squall, where are you?" I kept my voice low so that the owner wouldn't hear me.

Walking around the corner Pamela told me to, I found the stairs to the attic hall. I looked up seeing a chain and knew it was over.

"How the hells am I supposed to reach that?" I looked around with my eyes first and saw a side table with a lamp in it. 'This kid needs decorating skills.' I thought blankly and walked over to it shoving the lamp aside I began to push it under the chain.
"All right..." I climbed on top of the small table and reached it -barely- but I got there. "Keep calling me Squall. I'm comin'."

When my fingers touched the chain I tried to get a grip but they were frozen solid now and couldn't wrap around it like I needed. 'Maybe if I clamp them together and hop to get it-' I wondered. "Whoa." I fell to the floor bringing the ladder with me but luckily the table stopped it's path to the floor which would have crushed me under it.

"Swoo. I at least hope I can make it in one piece." Standing up I pushed the table out of the way letting the stair ladder fall completely to the floor and I started up them.

"Squall." I said when I reached the top and stood on the solid wooden floor. "Squall can you hear me?" Please say I can get out of here. A window!

I ran over to it and saw him, he was on the balcony. "Squall!" I banged on the window to get his attention. "Squuuall!!" I looked the window over and grabbed the frame tugging. "Rrrrhhhh....Cccccome ooonnnn!" My finger ripped off it so quickly I thought I may have broken one.

"Shit I chipped my paint, and on top of that I can't open this window with my fingers glued together. "Zell are you up here somewhere?" I heard Squall asking.

"Yeees! I'm here!" I said back but he was just walking around looking as though he may have known something but the fact that I wasn't there left him clueless. "Squa-..."

"He can't hear you ya know?" I gasped and jumped out of my skin turning to see a girl sitting in the corner of the attic. She had on a Trabian uniform and she looked as though she just got here like I did only maybe a few days before me because her face has gone completely doll. "How do you know?" I asked in disbelief she could have lost hope ages ago so she figured she'd bring mine down as well.

"I called to you and you didn't hear me." She replied. I walked over to her and sat down looking at her. "When?"

"Before you jumped over the balcony to get into the doll house." My brain flashed back to before I got into this hell house and I didn't recall hearing anyone call me except for those two little girls.

"How is it that I see the balcony from this window though, if I came from the wall?" I asked. "The house is covering the garden but the only way out is through the attic. No one's been able to get this far like you and me did...." She paused and turned her movable eyes at me. "I was here visiting Selphie when it happened and I've been gone for days now."

"Wow." Was all I could think to say, but I shook my head standing up. "Mm mm, no. I'm not giving up- I'm gonna get you, me, and Pamela out of here baby!" I felt powerful, I felt incharge of the safety for the people in this house all up until-... "How?" She asked me and I sank back down beside her.

"I don't know." Gotta think of a plan, if I can't pull the window open then maybe I could- "That's it!" I jumped up and glanced back at her as I ran to the stairs. "Stay here, I got an idea."

I ran back downstairs and into the nearest room I could find. "Aahh!!!" I jumped back so far I was in the hall way again, and I glanced inside. "Oh." I let out a heavy sigh. "It's just some dolls." I walked into the room cautiously and over to a table grabbing with both my hands on either of its sides a porcelean flower pot. "This might be what I need to break that window."

When I turned around I got an unexpected surprise. The dolls had moved! They were blocking the door way now! There was a creepy looking red headed doll holding a tray of fake baked cookies and another red headed doll holding a cutting knife.

The black haired one was still at the table which also was surprisingly close to me. "Hah hah, hey guys...uh nice day we're having huh?" I asked them and I could have sworn one of them blinked.

"I'm just gonna go out the doll to another, right?" They didn't seem to understand and it sounded as though Squall was leaving- or someone was coming!

When I glanced up the dolls moved closer to me. "Stay back, I've got a vace." I threatened holding it over my head but unfortunately it slipped out breaking on the floor at my bare feet. "Uh-oh." I groaned looking down wishing I hadn't because seconds later I was burried in them.....

"You shouldn't have tried to run away, now you're gonna pay...heh heh heh." Trapped.