Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter 7 ( Chapter 7 )

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Chapter Seven.

"Nooo!!!" I shouted nearly at the top of my lungs. The owner of the house was practically shoving plastic doll food down my throat, and I was doing everything I could to keep my lips tightly cealed so nothing would get through but she poked me in my neck making me call out in pain.

"You're hungry dolly, eat your dinner or no dessert." She giggled, as she shook one of the motherly looking dolls at the table. That horrible childish giggle, I hated it and wanted to scream, but I was suddenly gagged on a plastic cookie. "Yum yum."

Kicking my feet wildly and straining my wrist against the shackles around them. I was taped to the chair by the wrist and ankles so getting out from this confinement was impossible. Spitting the cookie from my mouth I started shouting at the little girl again. "You dumb loser! Let me go!" Okay so my mocking was a little weak towards girls, I couldn't help it!

"Now now, don't talk back to your mother." She answered for the doll again.

"You are-..." I paused and corrected myself. "She is not my Ma! Rrrr..." I struggled, "So let me go!" I began to rock in my seat for protest but I wound up falling back instead.

"Heeheehee, you're funny brother." One of the younger looking, female dolls said. "I'm not your brother!!" "Uh-oh, looks like I have to go find another dolly, you stay here and eat your dinner or no dessert." She fixed my chair and I was tempted to bite her hand right through but she moved it away too quickly. "Be nice and I'll give you a present." With that the owner backed out of the room and left me alone with my fake family.

"You won't get out of here boy," The woman doll said.

"Whoa! You can talk?!" I was blown away, how was this possible?

"Of course we can, boy. And you will never escape...." The younger doll said to me. "That's what you think." I leaned myself over and started to gnaw on the tape at my hands which had gone complete doll baby by now and my legs weren't too far away from being next. "Rrrrr....cooome ooonn." I struggled to even get my teeth in a good grip underneath the tape line, but I couldn't give up there has to be a way.

I am in a kicthen maybe I could use one of the knives...? Hello! Plastic knives aren't gonna do it. Damn. What hope do I have? This thing could leave Garden any day now and I'd be stuck in here a doll forever.... Nope gotta stay positive, it's losing that that gets people stuck in the first place, but what can I do? Ohhh somebody help me. I whined mentally. Anybody.

* * *

Back in Balamb Garden, Squall was getting ready for bed, but he had to shower first. 'Where could Zell be?' He wondered while getting undressed. 'No ones seen him all day or the most of yesterday so where is he?' Dropping his shirt to the floor he climbed into the tub and slid his finger up the new water temperature panel until it reached the second red block. The water gushed out on him and flooded his body with warmth, immiting a sigh from him.

'If he's not back by tomorrow should I call the police?' He asked. 'Would they even know what to do? They usually don't... but could I take most of the garden out looking for just one person- no it's not just any one person this is Zell we're talking about and people like him don't just go missing with out someone holding them against their will-...' "Heeheehee."

Squall jumped a little hearing the sudden laugh mostly because it had sounded so close- too close! "Selphie?" He asked, rubbing the smoke from the showers glass door. "Hee hee." Was all he'd heard in response. "This isn't funny Selphie," "I'm not Selphie." A voice said, young and female. Squall heard the sound of little foot steps advancing towards the shower door.

Looking harder now, trying to move the smog away, he saw a form on the other end moving towards the glass door. Small but quick, he reached for the door himself snapping it shut from the crack that had just been made in it by whatever it was on the other end grabbing it.

"Heeheehee, you're funny." The glass had begun to welt in the middle and a clear face was beginning to mold it's way through. 'What the-...?' He moved back an inch from the door so whatever the creature was wouldn't touch his bare skin. "I want you to be my friend and play with me." The girl said to him before backing out of the glass door. "Then I'll have two new friends." The girl commented. "One blonde and one brown." It was as though she were trying to give Squall clues to the fact that she had Zell hostige.

'A blonde one? Could she mean.' "Zell." He barely said above a whisper.

"Is that his name?" She asked and the gunblader heard all he'd needed to now.

"What have you done with him, you little brat!?" Squall spat out and the little girl didn't seem to take well to that one.

"My new doll is fun, you should come and play with me. He's really lonely." Was all she said and started to leave the room.

"Wait!" He leaped from the shower and grabbed the clothes he'd hung over the bar and got dressed as quickly as he could dripping wet and all, then ran out into his room and down the hall until he reached the main area of the school. 'Where'd she go?' He looked around the hall in both directions seeing and hearing nothing, until the tiny laugh rang out of nowhere in the direction of the stairs.

Squall ran as fast as he could to catch up to her but it was as though the little girl were floating at an amazing speed. When he reached the elevator he pushed the button as hard as he could hoping the stupid thing could feel his urgency to get to the second floor. When the elevator doors reopened he stepped out and saw the child running towards the classroom area and he dashed after her. "Heeheehee," She laughed childishly to him. 'Faster, faster.' He coached himself.

When she swung the doors opened to the balcony he shoved it opened himself as it was coming back to close shut. He tore up the stairs two at a time and the door at the top slid open for him.

"This way." She said and leaped over the edge. 'What the hells?' Squall ran to the edge of the balcony expecting to see the little girl hanging on for dear life but she wasn't there. "Where'd she go?" He asked himself. 'She couldn't have just disappeared....' He cocked his head and figured he might as well give it a try.

Placing one foot over the side he felt around for anything to support him while he lowered himself down to what ever he was getting himself into.

When his foot felt the space under him it was as though something were below him, but not sturdy enough to actually support him, looking over his shoulder he saw that there was something there, something that he couldn't see but he felt it. 'Well I've lived a full life.' He thought blankly, before letting himself drop.....