Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Doll House ❯ Chapter 8 ( Chapter 8 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter Eight.

There was a loud thud somewhere in the house and I closed my eyes praying that it wasn't the other dolls moving around again. I've been gnawing at the tape on my wrist for what felt like forever and so far all I managed to do was exspand the tape but that only made it stickier not at all usefull for helping me get out.

"Rrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! Gods!" I struggled with all my strength to free myself from these damned things but nothing was working, and I was seconds away from giving up when I heard someone calling me, faintly, and it sounded like Squall's voice. "Squall! Squall! Help me!" I shouted but my voice was surprisingly low.

"What's happening to my voice?" I said out loud but it sounded almost like a mumble. "Squa-..." I felt myself panting and my head was getting lighter. 'I can't let them turn me in-....'


"Where the hells am I?" Squall wondered standing up. 'Well, if this is where the little girl went then Zell must be in here.' With two directions to go into Squall decided to go forward instead, but the hall just took him to another cross road of left and right. He looked in both directions but chose to go right.

"Zell?" He called out and looked around with his eyes at the blank walls and things. "Zell, are you in here?" The gunblader called again, but got no answer.

He walked into the a room that looked like a bed room but everything was tossed around or flipped over except for a table that sat oddly in the middle of the room. "Hello?" Squall kept his guard up as he walked completely into the bedroom.

"Is anybody in here?" The gunblader asked and heard faint whispers coming from the table and what sounded a good distance away, somewhere else in the house.

"Are you here to save us?" The voice asked as Squall approached the table and large red chairs in the center of the room.

"If I can." He answered when he was closer; his hand reached out carefully and he readied himself to defend incase something leaped up from the chair but when he spun the seat around he sucked in a breath of a gasp.

"It's a doll...." Squall touched the toy on the cheek and felt a warmth underneath the plastic it was almost human like. Kneeling down he looked the doll dead in the eyes and asked, "What the hell are you?" Cocking his head, he turned around to the other doll. 'This one has a string on it.' He reached over for the string and gently pulled it outward.

"She's a doll." It said.

"What the-...?" He stumbled backwards and scooted away with his feet. 'Did that thing just talk?' He wondered.

"Do not be afraid." The girl continued. "I will not hurt you..."

"What happened in here?" Squall asked moving himself to his hands and knees then sat back on his legs looking at the girl.

"The owner, she flipped the bed over and.....pull my string.......pull my string......." She repeated and Squall raised an eyebrow confused, until he noticed the string was nearly in the girls back again.

The gunblader stood up going over to the girl and yanked the string again, but he stepped on the string so it wouldn't pull back in again. "Have you seen Zell?" A pause. "He's a blonde boy, kind of short, and he has a tattoo on the side of his face?" The girls eyes turned towards him and she started to talk but something was wrong. "He-..He-..He-..."
"He what?" Squall asked noticed her voice must be locked because of the string and he moved his foot from it. "Go ahead."

"He was here, he may already be a doll......"

"What?!" Squall grabbed the girls shoulders and tried to resist shaking answers out of her, swalloing hard to calm himself down he closed his eyes and asked with as much kindness in his voice as he could get so she wouldn't get scared and freeze up- literally. "Okay, when was the last time you've seen him?"

She was quiet and Squall couldn't tell if she were thinking about the answer or needed another string pull. "He was here...He was here...He was here..."

"Shit." He tried to pull the string again but the little girl seemed to be in another world now and the only thing she said was.

"Change my batteries...Change my batteries...Change m-..."

Leaving the room Squall was wondering if he had time to get help or if he should just stay where he was and look for Zell then figure out how to get out of there.

"Zell!?" He called again only louder. At first he didn't hear any type of reply then there was the faintest sound of his name. "Squall?"

"Zell?! Zell where are you?!" Squall looked around for where the sound was coming from directly and he walked back to where he had woken up in the first place.

"Zell, keep talking so I can find you!" He shouted to him, but the martial artist voice went quiet.

"He may already be a doll...." He heard the little girls voice saying.

"I don't have time to go back, I have to get him out of here, now." Squall stated and tried to use his instincts to figure out where Zell might be held.

'If I were a prisoner where would I be kept?' The gunblader wondered walking around the corner to the right. 'He'd have to be in the lowest part of this place- where ever here is...' Squall kept his hand to the wall tracing it with his fingers as if he were making a mental trail for himself since he had no chalk or markers.

'There has to be stairs around here somewhere...' He made another right, then a left. "Zell!" He shouted incase he could hear him and answer back, but he still had no reply.

"Zell, where are you?!" Just as Squall was about to make another right, he saw a banister from the side of his eye. 'Now we're getting somewhere.' The gunblader changed directions and walked cautiously down the stairway into a living room, and after a glance around with his eyes he went further in.

"Zell," Whispered Squall. "Zell are you down here?" He asked but there was still no reply, but wait.....

"Squa-...Squa-..." It was coming from the kicthen.

"Zell?" Squall walked into the next room and saw the martial artist taped down to a chair and he didn't look so good either.

"Zell, what happened to you?" The gunblader ran over to him and pulled a tiny knife from his pocket and started cutting at the tape around his wrist.

"" He fainted.

"Zell?" The gunbladers expression registered blank.

"Uh uh uuuhh, I wouldn't do that if I were you, Squally." Squall spun around and saw a giant arm reaching into the room. "He's my doll and so are you." Gasping Squall tried to get out of the way but the little girls grip was too strong and he was stuck. 'Damn it.'