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Ephemeral Existence
A C/S Story
Warning: YAOI, more Cloud torture (TT.TT) both emotionally and physically, as well as psychological damage, kinda AU
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Chapter 03: Cup
Sephiroth stared at Cloud, who was lying on his soft bed. The blond man had been in his exclusive home in the Promised Land (which he shared with Zack) for only five minutes and Cloud had already opened his mouth and asked questions like “What other experiments are you going to do to me?” and others of that likeness. Honestly, the man was a chatterbox if you didn't say the right words to shut him up. A minute ago, Sephiroth had told him if he continue to pester him with ridiculous questions, he would inject one of those liquids that the doctors had used against him in the hospital so Cloud would drop into slumber.
Now, there was only this intense silence between them in Sephiroth advanced-technology-filled bedroom.
The silver-haired god returned to work and grabbed a cup from the nearest table next to him. He sighed deeply and began to type away in his hi-tech computer, ignoring Cloud's thoughtful stares. There was so much work to do; for example, he had to begin his other projects and also start the next experiment he had for Cloud to answer the question he had about his own creations.
But first, he had to set up some restrictions around his home to prevent Cloud from wandering out of the house and in some of the mysterious and dangerous rooms in this large abode. The restrictions made him secure because if there was one thing he had learned in the battle he had against Cloud and his companions, it was that to never underestimate them.
Even though he had defeated Cloud and his friends, he had, for once, took Zack's notions that perhaps, there was something more to mortals than he thought. That didn't mean he suddenly had a different perspective of them; they were still traitors in his eyes, but it did offer him another perspective.
Thus, led to his question about the mortals:
Are they truly real?
It sounded ridiculous to him. He knew he shouldn't mix fantasy and reality. This was a different case, because as much as he hated to admit it, there was a lot of evidence from the hospital that backed up Zack's theory about Cloud and the Planet, which admittedly, confused him more.
He hated being confused.
“Sephiroth?” Cloud questioned, snapping him out of his thoughts.
Sephiroth took a sip of his coffee and stared at Cloud thoughtfully. “What?”
“Is that a sample of my blood?” the other man inquired softly, his hand rising slowly.
Sephiroth was impressed; Cloud hadn't been doing much moving and yet, he was trying to raise his hand to point at the blood sample on his table. “Yes, it is. There is also something I must tell you; I will set up rules in this house to prevent you from escaping, which I know you will do.”
Cloud blinked innocently at him, and smiled. “You're afraid of me, aren't you?”
Sephiroth gritted his teeth, refusing to admit that fact. “Why should I be afraid of someone below me?”
The other man breathed, trying to sit up. He clenched his eyes shut, biting his lips in pain. Then for a few moments, he managed to face the ex-General, eyes now as clear as the sparking emeralds that they represented. “Because you feel the need to restrict me. You even took away my materia; I don't know how long that's going to last.”
Sephiroth scowled, gesturing one of his hands violently. As a result, the cup near him was knocked off, landing to the ground with a crash. The coffee that was there stained the carpet with its black mark, making Sephiroth growl at the accident. “You're such a distraction! I should put you in another coma!”
Sephiroth let out a long sigh, looking at the ceiling of the room. “I don't think that matters anymore, since you took everything away from me. The only thing I have now is myself; I don't have anything else to lose.”
He had to admit, Cloud was right. He could continue to threaten him like this, but he knew now that such empty words didn't deter his blond puppet from talking. He guessed that he would have to deal with him now, and that included the discussions. How was he going to get anything done with Cloud around?
“Hmm,” Sephiroth said, ignoring the broken pieces of the cup on the floor. Let it lay there; somebody ought to clean that up. Or at least, that's what he thought. He couldn't help but notice: the cup was like he, and if he continued to act this way, he would probably end up like in the final battle, all furious and mad and even, in his state of calmness, insane.
That was a topic he would like to explore another day. He would ask Cloud if he really thought of him as someone insane.
There was a sudden thud, and Sephiroth startled, turning around to see the source of the noise. The blond was standing up, his legs wobbling from the lack of use. He took one step, his body swaying dangerously; then another step, and he almost fell on his butt. Finally, he reached the ex-General and picked up the broken pieces of the cup on the ground, letting his hands feel the texture of the sharp edges.
He took another deep breath and collapsed in Sephiroth's arms.
A body's warmth was so foreign to Sephiroth nowadays; he couldn't remember the last time Zack or anyone had touched him, and even hugged him. He stayed where he was, reluctant to do anything to the blond as though Cloud might actually break. The blond was far from that, because he had the strongest determination Sephiroth had ever seen, nearly matching his own when it came to getting something done.
Cloud lifted his head, his warm blue eyes meeting Sephiroth's icy silver ones. He smiled slightly and laughed hollowly. “You should have taken care of that mess, you know? Or it will get worse…”
The ex-General didn't know how to react to that; he felt his arms encircling Cloud's waist for a moment. He had to get the blond back to his bed and continue working, and as he attempted to do the task, a part of himself didn't want to move.
He came to another conclusion:
He was once again, confused.
Oh, how he hated that.
Thanks again, AC!