Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Faith and Luna's Final Fantacy Crystal Cronicles ❯ Faith and Luna ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Faith, Luna, and Mog were setting out on the long awaited journey, when they saw another caravan. "You there, are you not from Tipa," asked a man. "Yes we are, but who are you to ask," said Faith with a growl. "Insolence is not needed Seilkie, anyway, we are the caravan from Alfitaria, I am Sol Racht, leader of our group," said the liltie as Faith snaraled at him. "Well I'm Luna and this is Faith, and that is our moggle, Mog," Luna said as she retraned Faith. Just then a moggle came up, seeing what was going on he said, "oh my kupo. You two better come with me, some trainning would do you both some good." Seeing that the moggle was trying to make the situation better, Luna said, "yes Faith, let us go." "Awww.Luna why?" "Well it'll be fun to train." "Okay. But!! We have to hurry or we won't collect enough murrh." "OK." Later that day, Faith and Luna were eating lunch when another caravan came along. "Hi ya'll, what ya'll up to this fine day," said a girl. "We're fine, how are you all," asked Luna as she saw Faith was still ticked. "We're fine, thank ya for asken," said the same girl as a boy in the back looked at Faith. "Hay whats wrong with you?" said the boy.
"What bussiness is it of yours," Faith spat at him with all her fury. "Woah, talk about womans fury," he said as Faith showed her teeth in frushtration. "Uh, so anyway, what caravan are you all," Luna said hastaly as Faith's anger grew.
"Who cares!!"yelled Faith inraged.
"Faith stop it!!"yelled luna in faseration.
"Don't tell me what to do Luna!" "Faith, I have had enough of your attittude!" "Should we go," asked the girl as Faith and Luna proceeded to yell. When she didn't receive an answer, they left.
Faith and Luna walked down the path with out a word.
As dust came upon them, a red haired young man walked in the road before them. "Woah, what are two beutiful ladies as yourselves doing out in the street without a guy, say, as myself, there to help you," he said with a smeil. "Shut up, it's plain to see you're a theif," said Faith as she came right next to him. "Oh, such sharp eyes, I love that in a woman," he said as Faith drew a hidden knife and tryed to cut him with it. As he dodged, she said, "I love a man who can not only talk tough, but knows how to fight." "Oh, now wouldn't we make a great couple," he said as she once again attacked him. "Yes, if you weren't after our belongings," said Faith as he dodged once again. "That's true," he laughed as she finally cut his cheek. As he bled Faith called out to Luna, "check the caravan, he's bound to have friends with him."
"Oh!Ok!"Luna ran to the caravan.
"Uh oh kupo! We've been found," said a moogle as he droped what he was about to steal. "Grab some stuff and run," yelled a old man. But before they could escape, Luna grabed them, tied them up, and hooked them to a near by tree.
Luna : Hay let us go!!!yelled the old man.
Yeah,kupo!" shouted the moogle.
Haku : "How about I beat you so much that you both look worse than your friend over there," said Faith as she gave them a haunting look. At that the two shut up, and Luna ran over to save the boy. "Faith, were you out to kill him or were you playing," said Luna, horrified at the sight of him. "..." was all Faith said as she wiped her blade.