Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Faith and Luna's Final Fantacy Crystal Cronicles ❯ The Miasma Stream ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

.Luna came upon their first miasma stream. She wanted to wake Faith or the boy, but they were Selkies, and Selkies don't take kind to being woken up.
"Great.What know?"sighed Luna.
Looking back at them, she wondered if they would mind.
"Well I hope they wont."
Waking them up, she almost received a punch from Faith and was yelled at by Bal Dat.
"Hay!!Watch it!!It's not my fault you went to sleep!!You don't have to try to slug me!!"
Then din't wake me!!God!!You give me a headache!!"
"You both give me a headache."
"I knew that Selkies hate being woken up but, is that needed!"
"YES!" Both Bal Dat and Faith yelled.
"Now why did you wake us up," Faith asked, very grumpy.
"Oh get over it already!Were at a miasma stream.Try staying awake."
"Shut up!!"they both yelled.
"Woah! Wait, we're where," Faith said in shock.
"In the miasma stream! Now go back to sleep!"
At that Faith jumped out of her bunk and looked out around them. "WOW!" Faith seemed like a little kid as the went over the stream.
"geee.I thought you didn't care."
"Well I do! Oh sorry about almost hitting you!"
"Don't worrie."
"It's amazing, isn't it Luna?"
"Yeah!!Great a bunch of swurling stuff that could kill you!!Nice."
"What? It's pretty!"
"Go head walk out.See what happens."
"No thanks! I'm fine right here! Wait Bal Dat! Would YOU please go out and touch it for me," Faith said giving him a look. "WHAT!? Are you crazy Faith!? Wait I don't need an answer to that..."
"You!!I'll squish you!!"
"Try me!"
"Get out."
"I said get out.I was clear ,right."
"Why should I?"
"It's our caravan."
"Faith, don't make him do that, he'll die!"
Bal Dat stuck his tongue out at her.
"Good!!Let him!!"
"God, I'm so sorry, can't you take a joke, oh beautiful MASTER?"
"From you,no.Any one but you two,yes."
"Faith, I'll TOUCH it from where I'm not all the way in the miasma. If Luna will excuse me as I stand next to her." Bal Dat went past Luna and stuck his hand into the brightly colored miasma. He bit down on his teeth as the miasma touched his skin.
"Dose it hurt?"
"Yeah dose it!!"
He then screamed as a big wave of miasma hit his hand. Luna grabed him and pulled him out. "Faith, CAN I PLEASE HAVE SOME MORE BANDAGES!?"
After leaving the stream, Faith and Luna looked around at their new settings. "Amazing, isn't it girls?"
"eh.I've seen better"
"We're going to the Mushroom Forest first right, Luna?"
"That's correct, I wonder what it's like there."
"I can tell you," Bal Dat said as they looked at him.
"How is it?"They both asked.
Faith and Luna just sighed in frustration. "Joking, seriously thought, it's filled with monsters, and the musrooms are in fact 10 feet high. It's a real piece of work."
"That's it?"
"Then lets go in!!"