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Here we are with another tale from the haunted hoax collection. This story is about a boy whose worse nightmare comes true on the eerie night of Halloween.

Palace Peril

Squall's Story

The orphanage gang had all been invited to the presidential palace for dinner that night. Sitting at the large table everyone ate and chatted away the evening. At the head of the table Laguna sat talking and laughing with Selphie. A few seats down from them Squall sat quietly keeping to himself. Until someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned his head in the direction of the tapper.

"Havin' fun?" Irvine asked.

"What do you think?" Was the brunettes reply.

"Well those two sure are enjoying themselves." Irvine said pointing in the direction of Laguna and Selphie. Taking a look Squall saw the two leaning in close to each other. They were whispering about something and laughing afterwards.

"So?" Squall asked turning his attention back to the cowboy.

"So, that doesn't bother you?" He asked taking a sip from his drink.

"No, why should it? They're just talking."

"Yeah talkin' or flirting." Irvine mumbled but loud enough for Squall to ahve heard him.

'Flirting' He thought and looked back at the cozy pair at then head of the table. Giving his head a mental shake he went back to eating but paused. 'They're just talking.' He convinced himself then dismissed the subject alltogether.

After dinner everyone had gone into the large living room. Talking about their plans for the next day. Everyone had agreed to go costume shopping and buy supplies for the party Halloween night at the palace.

Standing and stretching Laguna looked a the large grandfather clock sitting in the corner of the room. "Looks like we should turn in." He said to the group noting it was past eleven thirty. The others agreed as they slowly began to rise and followed the president to where their rooms were.

Before going into his own room Squall saw Laguna and Selphie standing outside Selphie's room. The president kissed the girls cheek and whispered something in her ear making the little brunette smile. Then they parted ways. Before Squall could retreat into his own room Laguna spotted him up the hall.

"Hey son, sweet dreams." He said as he passed the younger, different version of himself. Something about the way Laguna spoke sent chills down Squall's spine. He watched his father walk up the hall whistling as he went.

"What was that about?" He asked himself going into his room. Getting into bed he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to take over. His sleep was soon disturbed though. Most of the night he spent tossing and turning. All night he kept hearing these creepy moans and shouts. After burying his head under the pillow the noises finally died down and he fell asleep.

When he woke up the next morning it was to an eyeful of Selphie. "Ugh!"

"Good morning Squall." She chirped with a blinding smile.

"What are you doing in here?" He asked sitting up in the bed. Doing that he found out that they weren't alone. Laguna appeared out of nowhere from behind the small female.

"We've got important news and wanted to tell you first." The raven haired man spoke.

"....Well what is it?" Squall cautiously asked.

If it were possible, Selphie's smile grew a million times wider. "Sir Laguna and I...." She began slowly. "Are getting married!" She squeaked out. Squall's head spun in complete disbelief but when he saw Laguna smiling and nodding himself he knew it was true. The two then shared a kiss right there infront of him. The room suddenly became hazey and not being able to find his breath Squall blacked out............

His eyes snapped open in panick looking frantically around for the two new lovers. He sighed in relief finding the room empty. "Thank Hyne it was just a dream. No a nightmare." He told himself jsut as Irvine walked into the room.

"What was?" The cowboy asked joining Squall on the bed.

"I had this sickly frightening dream that Selphie was going to marry my dad." He explained. After saying this Irvine began to laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Darlin' that wasn't no dream," Irvine explained and paused seeing the look on his friends face. "They really are engaged."

Feeling that same nauseasness from the night before Squall passed out again. This time he jumped out of his sleep almost banging heads with Irvine who was hovering over him.

"You alright?" The gun slinger asked backing up some.

"No, I had this nightmare that you told me Selphie and Laguna were engaged."

"Heh heh, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that wasn't a dream."

"What? What about before when Selphie was in my room?"

"Nope, real too. You blacked out and hit your head on the headboard. They were really worried about you but I told everyone I'd stay here with you while they went shopping."

"No no no no" Squall shook his head grabbing onto his hair. "This can't be happening, its not true. I'm still dreaming and I'm gonna wake up any minute and laugh about this." He said frantically and began laughing already. "Ow!... hey." Irvine had pinched Squall's arm so he'd snap out of it.

"You're not dreaming partner. They really are getting married."

"Oh god, oh god.... I'm gonna be sick." Squall got up out of the bed to head for the bathroom but began swaying as he went. Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and Selphie came in loudly talking.

"Look at the ring sir Lagun- I mean Laguna bought me." She said waving her hand around. Irvine saw Squall grab his head as he slowly fell to the floor.

"Not again." He said running to catch him before he hit the floor............

His eyes slowly opened focusing in on the ceiling above him. "Ooh." Groaning Squall turned himself over finding out that he was still in bed. He sat up slighlty and glanced around finding himself alone. Dropping back down on the pillow he groaned again. "If this another nightmare just hurry up and start so I can get it over with." He turned over on his stomach and buried his face in the pillow.

knock... knock, Hearing the door Squall turned himself over and sat up waiting for whatever was about to happen. "Come in." The door squeaked open revealing someone he didn't expect to see. "Zell?"

"Hey." The cheery little blonde said.

'Maybe I'm not dreaming and the nightmare's over' Squall thought. He watched Zell bound over to the bed carrying something in a bag.

"Got your costume." He said and put the bag on the floor beside the bed.

"Costume, you guys went without me?" Squall asked confused.

"Yeah... didn't Irvine tell you?" Zell asked equally confused.

'Oh no, I am still dreaming. Why won't it all end, why can't I wake up?!' Grabbing his head Squall pulled his knees up leaning on them.

"A- are you alright?" Zell asked. Lifting hs head Squall suddenly realised he had to end the dream himself if he wanted to wake.

"Laguna, where is he? Where's Selphie?" He asked grabbing Zell by the shirt collar.

"Uuh, I think they're in Laguna's office."

Letting go of the boy Squall jumped out of the bed and ran out into the hall. Once he got to Laguna's office he threw the door open and marched inside. Laguna was inside sitting at his desk. Selphie sat perched on top of the desk.

"Hey Squall you're finally awake." Laguna said.

"You two can't get married. Its weird and wrong. Selphie's my age and one of my best friends. I don't want her as some step mother. So just don't." He said and stopped to catch his breath. The two looked at each other than back at Squall.

"What are you talking about?" Selphie asked. "We already got married remember?" Squall's brows furrowed in confusion.

"That's why we were all having dinner the other night." Laguna cleared up.

"I don't... understand." Squall says to himself. He tried to think back to the night before but he couldn't remember anything.

"You look a little parched, why don't I get you a drink." Laguna offered and for some reason the word 'drink' made Squall remember. A few days ago the two had anounced their engagement. Squall lost his mind hearing the news and refused to accept it, until Irvine convinced him it wouldn't be so bad.

The wedding was the day after that and Squall remembered getting extremely drunk at the reception. Before passing out on the table the last thing he heard was Irvine telling him how happy the couple looked.

'I must have been out for awhile after that. Everything was just a bad dream. the dinner, waking up to Selphie, then Irvine. I've been asleep until now.' He realised.

"We saved you some candy from the party. Want some?" Selphie asked holding out a bowl.

"No... wait a minute I missed the Halloween party?" He asked.

"Yeah you were knocked out the whole day." Laguna answered.

"But Zell jsut gave me my costume, I couldn't have missed it." Squall said starting to freak out again. "What the hell is going on?"

"Haven't you figured it out yet Squall? You're still dreaming." Selphie said and began to laugh in a witch like manner. Then Laguna joined her in the laugh.

"No, nooo!" Squall turned and ran from the room only to bump into Irvine and fall back on the floor making him black out..... again.

"Huh!" Jumping out of his sleep Squall looked around frantically panting hard. He checked the clock beside his bed and saw it was eleven thirty at night. Just before he was about to get out of bed his door opened and Irvine came in.

"Hey partner, happy halloween." He said tossing a small bag of candy into Squall's lap.

"Its Halloween and its almost midnight, so its almost over." Squall mumbled to himself.

"Yeah ya missed the party." Irvine said sitting on the bed and opening the bag.

"Irvine," Squall began and the seriousness in his tone made the cowboy stop what he was doing.


"This is all real right, I'm not dreaming am I?" The brunette asked.

"Mmm no, not that I know of. Heh and if you were then you'd be dreamin' about me." The gunman joked.

"So," He paused to swallow before getting out what he needed to say. "Selphie's not married.... to Laguna?"

"What?!" Irvine moved back a little in shock. "Course not, that's just weird." Squall sighed in relief but soon found out it was too soon to celebrate. "Nope not Selphie, Quistis is." Irvine said and started laughing evilly while Squall sank back down in the bed.


The End

Oh the bitter agony of a horror mystery. Poor little Squall, he'll be stuck in that nightmare forever or atleast until the next Halloweeeen. There's two more creepy tales to go so check back for "Do You Voodoo" and "Just Like Me"