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Some people just don't know when to take 'no' for an answer. They'll go to any length to get what they want. This is a ghostly tale of a boy with that very problem. Only things don't go quite as he'd hoped.

Do You Voodoo?

Irvine's Story

With just a few days left before Halloween, Irvine Kinneas was more determined than ever to get Squall Leonhart to go with him to the Halloween party. Spotting the object of his desire on a bench he casually walked over and sat beside him.

"Hey." He said only getting Squall's attention for a second before he went back to the book he'd been reading. Irvine decided to try the direct approach as he draped an arm over Squall's shoulders and asked. "So you wanna go to the Halloween party with me?"

Dropping his book in his lap Squall finally looked at the gun slinger. "I hate parties." Was all he said and got off the bench walking into the Garden library.

"Dammit." Irvine cursed under his breath.

"Hahahah." Hearing the loud laughter not too far behind him the cowboy turned around seeing the maker of the noise.

"Shot down in your prime huh." Seifer said joining Irvine on the bench.

"Not really, he didn't actually say no." Irvine replied casually as they both got comfortable where they sat. "I just need to open his eyes to the idea."

"Like you really could." Seifer said standing to leave.

"Hey you don't know what I'm capable of." Irvine retorted also standing. "I have waays." He added, saying it slowly to add mystery.

"Whatever, if you can get Leonhart to go with you to that party I'll pay you one hundred bucks." The tall blonde challenged his friend.

"You got yourself a deal partner." Irvine said shaking the others hand. "I can use that money of yours to show my soon to be date a good time."

"All you have to do is show up with him and prove he agreed to be with you." The blonde explained.

"Easy as shooting a malbro in the mouth." Irvine assured.

"Alright, I'll see you then." Seifer said. "Oh and good luck." He added before walking away. Irvine waved an unseen hand at the boys back. Looking at the library where Squall had gone into he sighed.

"Yeah shooting a malbro is easy but getting Squall to go out with me." He didn't even want to think of how hard that task would be. Only having two days to do so he needed to think fast.


When lunch rolled around Irvine decided to try asking again, hoping Squall was in a better mood. He waited outside his dorm room to make his move. As soon as Squall came out of his door Irvine grabbed him by the arms and made him look into his eyes.

"If you come to the party with me I promise you'll have a good time." Irvine said giving one of his flirtacious smiles.

"And that's supposed to make me want to go?" The leather wearer asked. "I don't think so." He slid from Irvine's grasp and headed for the cafeteria.

"What about havin' lunch with me?!" Irvine called after him. The only response he got was a wave of the hand.

"Strike two." Seifer's voice sounded from behind him.

"What are you stalking me?" The cowboy asked.

'No, just in the right place at the right time." He replied. The two started walking down the hall together. "If you need some help," Seifer began putting an arm around his friends shoulders. "I might be willing to give you some advice."

"Tch, like I need help from you." Irvine spat out.

"I don't know, from what I've seen you need all the help you can get."

"And just what kind of help are you gonna provide?"

Looking around to make sure no one over heard the blonde pulled Irvine closer and whispered to him. "Magic."

"Huh?" Irvine pulled back looking skeptically at the scarred face.

"There's this little shop in the back of Dollet that sells things to.... help people with their problems." The blonde cleared up.

"Magic things?" Irvine repeated in disbelief.

"That's what they say. I've never tried it personally but from what I hear the guy knows what he's doing."

Irvine thought it over for a minute. 'I guess even I need a little help from time to time and what could it hurt to at least try? Besides, I really could use that hundred gil.'

"Alright where is this place?" He asked finally coming to a desicion.

"I'll write the address for you but you'd better becareful about what you buy." Seifer warned with a laugh following.

"This better not be some trick or I'm coming after you later." Irvine said as the two headed back to the dorms to Seifer's room for the address.


After getting the address from Seifer, Irvine waited out the rest of the school day before he slipped out to Dollet.

The night air was chillier than usual as he walked the old fashioned streets of the town. Dollet was always beautiful at night and hopefully, if this spell thing went right, Irvine would bring Squall out there for a date.

Checking the scribbled down address Irvine looked around the back alleys until he found which way to go. As he went the lights from town slowly faded in the back ground.

"Sure is creepy out here." He said to himself and a chill went up his spine as he shivered. When he approached the little magic shop the doors flew open without him even reaching out a hand. "Geez, talk about dramatics." He said stepping into the dimly lit room.

"Welcome." A man said as he stepped out from the shadows. He was of average height, about 6 feet with long black hair. His clothing resembled something right of a horror movie. They were almost vampiric you could say.

"Hey, I'm here for uh.... some help." Irvine said stepping farther in and the door closed behind him causing him to jump from being startled.

"Hm hm hm," The man chuckled quietly to himself. "I know why you're here. Just tell me what kind of ... help you're looking for." The raven haired man asked.

"Well um... Vincent," Irvine said reading the man's name tag. Which seemed weird for a guy like that to have but it beat asking for his name. "I'm tryin' to get this guy to go out with me to a party. Nothing sexual just a date." He explained.

"Very well. I have many different potions for that or," He paused his walking to motion for Irvine to join him. "You could try voodooism."

"Voo what?" Irvine asked.

Vincent chuckled quietly again. "Dolls that represent a person or thing you'd like to control."

'A voodoo doll of Squall huh' Irvine pondered to himself. "This ain't gonna hurt the guy or anything will it?" He asked.

"Not unless you want it to. There are many types of voodoo dolls." He began explaining as he picked one up. "This particular doll is an 'all purpose one' mostly used to bring love," he paused for emphasis knowing that's what Irvine wanted. "Money or any other need or desire we may have."

'That sounds like the one for me.' Irvine thought.

"We also use dolls to dispel things, bad habits, bad luck such like that."

"I think I'll stick to the first one. How does it work?" Irvine said picking up the little doll.

"I'll have to make one special for you, don't worry its cheap. First you have to bring me back something from the individual you want to control. I'll explain the rest when you return." Vincent said.

"Sounds easy, so how much?"

"Only fifteen since you're a first time costumer. I'm always open."

"Sweet deal and thank ya kindly." Irvine said taking off his hat to the man.

'Don't thank me just yet." Vincent mumbled as he walked back into the shadows of his shop. When Irvine left all the candles that were lit inside blew out on their own.

"Strange guy." He said to no one and made his trip back to Balamb.


When Irvine got back to the Garden dinner was already over and the halls were pretty bare. Figuring Squall would be in the office Irvine made his way up there. Taking his time so he could ponder about how to get something of the commander's.

'A hair clipping maybe?' He thought. "No that wouldn't work its too obvious." 'Maybe some of that fluff from his jacket.' "What exactly did this guy mean anyway? Can't anyone give out specific information anymore?"

Getting to the third floor he went inside the office and sure enough Squall was there. Hearing the cowboys entering he looked up from what he was doing. "If you're going to ask me to that stupid party again don't." He said going back to his work.

'Yeah we'll see about that later.'

"Alright, I'll back off." Irvine answered while glancing around for some scissors. He'd decided on cutting a small piece of Squall's hair instead of anything else. Spotting some scissors in the back of the room on a different desk, Irvine casually walked over to it. Squall followed him with his eyes as far as he could see the other man, then he went back to his paper.

"So what do you want?" The brunette asked.

Irvine picked up the scissors and hid them inside his coat. "Just wanted to... say goodnight." He lied. Walking up behind the oblivious brunette he pulled out the pair of scissors. Feeling Irvine closer than usual Squall turned around just missing the cowboy hiding the scissors again.

"Well goodnight." He said looking suspiciously at the lighter haired man. Irvine flashed him a smile before backing away. As soon as Squall turned back around he quickly pulled out the scissors and cut a piece of brown locks.

"Well don't stay up too late and my offer still stands for the party." Irvine rushed out his words as he rushed out the door. A confused Squall stared after him.

Laughing to himself in the elevator, Irvine held up the small cut of hair in victory. "And soon bladeboy you'll be all mine."


The next part of this is on its way and after that Zell's story so keep checking back.