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Do you voodoo part 2

Irvine's Story

The next morning Irvine got up extra early to head back to the little magic shop. He had the piece of Squall's hair safely tucked away in his pants pocket. Even in the morning the small alley to the shop was creepy. Just as Vincent had said before the shop was still open. Irvine stood at the door waiting for it to open on its own but nothing happened.

"So much for good service." He mumbled pulling the handle himself. The place was still a little dark inside and dimly lit with candles. There was no sign of the shop keeper anywhere so Irvine went up to the counter and hit the little bell.

Getting impatient Irvine shouted, "Hey you in here?!" Towards the back as he looked around the shop.

"You don't have to yell," A low voice came from nowhere. "We don't all take well to daylight." Vincent said coming from the back room.

"I can see that." Irvine said getting a better look at the man from the small bit of light coming through the door. "Well I got the object or whatever I needed for the doll." He dug the piece of hair from his pocket and handed it to the older man.

"This'll do perfectly." He said getting a look at the hair himself. Going back into the back room Vincent pulled out the doll he'd prepared for Irvine the night before and started sewing the hair into the head. Irvine went around the counter and peered inside the door to get a look himself.

"Eew." He could feel himself cringe at the sight of the needle going in. Either he was crazy or that scalp seemed like real live flesh! Before Vincent was finished Irvine moved away from the door. 'I hope this works.'

"Everything's complete." The dark haired man said coming from the back room. He held the doll out for Irvine whose shakey hand slowly took it. "Take these pins," Vincent said handing Irvine a small box of white and colored sticking pins. "The white ones you use to attract things and the colored ones are for dispeling."

"Thanks." Irvine said looking over the materials. "So how does it work?"

"Make sure you are holding the doll when you stick the pin in and picture the desired one in your mind. The rest will happen on its own."

"Sounds simple." Irvine said and turned to leave the shop, waving a hand in thanks.

"Remember true magic takes time and effort, so do it until your result is achieved." Vincent called after him. "But I can't promise you a positive outcome." He began to laugh evilly as he disappeared back into the shadows of the shop.


When Irvine got back to the garden he went straight to his room wanting to try out his purchase. Dropping the small box of pins on the bed he picked out a white one. Holding the voodoo doll closer to examine it. "Creepy little thing." The doll was a few inches short of his own hand size. The material it was made of looked like a sac of some kind. There was cheap black cloth wrapped around it like clothing. The eyes and mouth were just sewn in red thread. Squall's hair sewn into the head jetting every which way.

"Well time test this thing out." He said. Taking the white pin he stuck it in the leg of the doll. Closing his eyes then he thought about Squall coming to his room. "Come to me baby." After waiting a minute he opened his eyes and looked to his door waiting for the knock. Nothing happened. "Piece of shit." He cursed the doll and tossed it on the bed. 'Guess I'll just have to keep trying the old fashion way.' He figured as he headed to leave his room. "He's gotta say eventually."

Just as Irvine opened the door he ran into Squall who was standing right infront of him. "Squall?" 'Maybe this voodoo stuff isn't fake.' Irvine thought to himself, a smile creeping on his face. "What brings you here?" He asked slyly.

"I... don't know." He answered uncertain himself. "I just felt the need to be here."

"Really well why don'tcha come in." Irvine stepped aside but Squall shook his head.

"No, I should go." With that the commander turned and went back to where ever he'd come from.

"Well well, looks like I'll need some more persuasion to get what I want." Irvine went back into his room and picked up the creepy little doll smiling at it. Taking another pin out of the box he sticks it in the dolls other leg and closes his eyes. "I want Squall to come back... wanting me." He wished aloud and waited for the magic to happen. Which it did because a minute later there was a knock on his door. Not having to wonder who it was Irvine went over and opened it.

As soon as the door slid open Squall walked in throwing his arms around him as they locked lips. 'Thank you voodoo.' Irvine thought as he gladly returned the kiss and put his own arms around the lusting commander. Realising he still had the doll in his hand he tossed it to the floor wher Squall wouldn't see it. Just as the doll hit the floor Squall pushed Irvine down to the floor.

"This just keeps getting better." He said while their lips briefly parted. Unaware that in the corner of the room the voodoo dolls threaded lips curled up into an evil smirk.

Later that day Irvine and Squall walked the halls hand in hand getting eyed by everyone they passed. Irvine smiled triumphantly the whole time. Squall wasn't sure what made him suddenly change his mind about the cowboy but he wasn't complaining. He even agreed to go with him to the Halloween party.

On their way to the third floor Seifer showed up stopping the two in their tracks.

"Wella ren't we cozy." He said looking from Irvine to Squall with a smirk.

"Why don't you go ahead without me darlin I need to talk to Seifer." Irvine said and Squall simply nodded and Irvine gave him a quick kiss before he left.

"Well well looks like luck was on your side." Seifer said once the commander was out of sight. "How'd you do it, brainwashing, hypnotizing?"

"None of the above." Irvine said in an almost bragging way. The two began walking the halls going nowhere inparticular. "I went to that magic shop of yours and found something I could use."

"So you did need help after all." Seifer laughed. "So what'd you get?"

Irvine paused his walking and after making sure no one was around he pulled the doll from his pocket. "Walla!" He said showing it to his blonde companion. Seifer looked at it with no expression. "Its a voodoo doll." He explained.

"Oh..... and it actually works." Seifer said touching it but quickly pulled his hand away.

"Yeah kinda freaky ain't it but as you just saw it does work." Irvine placed the doll back inside his pocket and they started walking again. "So can I have my payment now?" He asked.

"He still has to be at the party with you first. Who knows what could happen from now to then." Seifer said and walked away laughing.

"Creep but I'm not worried cause this little baby is under my control." Irvine assured himself patting the pocket that held the magic doll.

During the rest of that day Irvine kept using the doll for his own personal game. Using Squall for this and that during the day. He knew it was wrong but he also knew it might all come to an end so he wanted to use the powers to their fullest.

Night had finally come and it was almost time for the party. By then Irvine was on cloud nine floating higher with every passing minute. "This is gonna be the best Halloween ever and tonight I'll fianlly make my move to make Squall really be mine." He said to himself as he got undressed to put on his costume, which ironically was a western get up. He was going as a cowboy out law.

"Ouch!" Suddenly feeling a prick on his ankle he paused in putting his pants on and looked down. "What the?" He found one of the little pins stuck in his skin and quickly swiped it out. "How the hell did that get there?" He asked while looking the pin over. Shrugging it off he dropped the pin on a nearby lamp table and put his pants on. "Ow, damnit." He felt the same prick again and looked down. This time a colored pin was sticking out of his bare foot. Scrunching his eyes in annoyance he picked that one out too.

"Where the hell are these things coming from?" This time he stared down at the floor looking around for any other of the pins. Not seeing anything, he decided it was a weird coinsidence and finished getting dressed. Not paying attention, he slipped his vest on missing the little voodoo doll clinging to the back of it. As Irvine leaned down for his boots the doll bit him.

"Hey!" Freaking out, he reached behind him to smash the bug that he thought was on him but found out it wasn't a bug at all. "What the?" He pulled the doll from his shirt and stared at it in horror. "How'd you?" Before finishing the question he noticed the mouth on the doll had changed and threw it to the floor.

"I must be seeing things." He said rubbing his eyes. Then Irvine leaned down to take another look at the hand made toy and it jumped up at him.

"Aaah!!" He stumbled backwards as the doll leapt on his face taking little nips out of his skin. "Get off!" He pulled the doll from his face with ease and tossed it against the wall. Touching his face he saw the little drops of blood on his fingers. "This is crazy, that thing ain't alive."

There was a knock on his door suddenly and he jumped from being startled. "Uh who is it?" He called.

"It's me." Squall said from the other side. Feeling a slight relief, Irvine went over and opened the door. "Hyne am I glad to see you." Irvine said but Squall stood there looking none to happy to see the cowboy though. "Something wrong darlin?" He asked casually.

"Yeah." Was all the brunette said before he pushed Irvine all the way in the room letting the door close behind them. Squall suddenly pulled a large knife from the back of his pants and lunged at Irvine's neck.

"Hey what're you doing?" The cowboy asked not getting any response just another attempted attack. The two fell to the floor in a struggle. Irvine grabbed Squall's wrist and held the knife away from him. 'Something must be wrong with the doll, what the hell did that guy do to this thing?'

Suddenly getting an idea Irvine carefully tossed Squall off of him and ran to the corner of the room where he'd thrown the doll. Thinking of repelling Squall with the colored pin just like he was told he picked the thing up and stuck a pin in it. Before he could close his eyes and make the command Squall came after him again and he moved out of his range.

"What's the matter Irvine don't you want me?" A crazed Squall asked.

Irvine ran to his bed where the box of pins were and he pulled a bunch of colored ones sticking them into the doll. "I wish he'd stop attacking me." He started repeating, but stopped when he felt a thick liquid touch his hand. The doll was bleeding from the pins. "Eew." Before Irvine could toss it, the doll came back to life again and started attacking him, biting at his hands. "Why is this happening to me?" He said struggling to remove the now living doll.

He looked up just in time to see a bleeding Squall walking frighteningly slow towards him. This time not with a knife but one of his guns.

"It wasn't supposed to be this way." Irvine whined as he sank to the floor giving up.

"You should have learned to take no for an answer." Squall said aiming the gun at the whimpering cowboy and when he fired Irvine held up his hands to block his face and the bullet hit the doll making it explode!

"Shit!" The blood from the little creature splattered on Irvine as he fell back on the floor. The room fell silent as Irvine slowly lifted himself. "Squall?' Looking around he found the brunette standing in front of him the gun dropped to the floor.

"What the hell happened?" He said confused coming out of the magic control.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Irvine said smiling with relief that whatever had happend was over now. Suddenly getting an idea to see if things really were back to normal Irivne asked. "So you wanna go to the Halloween party with me?"

Squall frowned at him and paused before saying ".....No."

The End

The cruel fate of being in love its all one big pain but maybe the rest of you will be more careful about how you get what you want becaue you never know when it might get youuu mwahahaha

I know its very corny and lame but its the fun of halloween. There's still one more story to go so keep checking back for Zell's