Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Sympathy for the Damned ❯ Part 7 ( Chapter 7 )

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"Sympathy for the Damned"

Part 7

Sephiroth did show up for dinner, and he seemed to be in a better mood. He even poured Kuja's wine for him, as sometimes was his habit. Greatly daring, Kuja asked him to explain what he had done to be placed here. He was pleasantly surprised when Sephiroth reluctantly agreed. Several times during the story, the swordsman seemed to drift into the past, and Kuja kept his guard up in case he decided he would look better spitted on his sword. It was confusing, but he got the gist of it. Sephiroth was an experiment, much like Kuja himself. His Father was a brilliant lunatic-another similarity-and the woman who bore him was named Lucrecia. His "true Mother", as he put it, was this creature named Jenova. The glow in his eyes came from a combination of his genes and being infused with something called "Mako".

Kuja gathered that this world that Sephiroth came from was more technologically advanced than Gaia. It might have been equal to the way Terra once was, before the population began to die off. Sephiroth's life had been carefully monitored as he grew up, and Kuja decided that he didn't like this "Hojo" person that was the swordsman's supposed father. He sounded too much like Garland. Sephiroth apparently discovered the truth of his own origins and decided to take his destiny into his own hands, after he found Jenova and took her out of Hojo's lab. He got his hands on the ultimate destruction magic, which summoned a huge, sentient comet called "Meteor" (Kuja thought this was rather amusing, but he didn't dare laugh), and he had intended to wipe out most of who he perceived as his opposition and become a god, to rule alongside his Mother.

"Being here has given me time to consider things," Sephiroth finished with narrowed, thoughtful eyes. "Had I succeeded, I would have become a god, but I would have ruled over a pile of dust. My ambition clouded my reason."

Kuja nodded in understanding. He had different reasons for doing the things he did…mainly in the interest of self-preservation and rebellion. However, the results, had he been successful, would have been much the same. "Would you have done things differently, if you could go back?"

"No." Sephiroth's answer was immediate and decisive. "Because if I did things any differently, I never would have ended up here, and I never would have seen my madness for what it is. I feel some remorse for the things I did, but I don't truly regret them."

"I understand," Kuja said in approval. "I feel the same way."

Nothing more was said on the issue, and they enjoyed their dinner in companionable silence. Kuja never imagined he would ever find someone he connected with this well, and a small voice in the back of his mind told him that it wasn't good to feel such empathy with a person who was obviously insane. Kuja told the voice to stuff it, and he sipped his wine and smiled at Sephy.


Kuja sank into the water of the pool slowly, wincing at the chill. He had learned through more questioning that Sephiroth took "cat baths", meaning that he bathed in the bathroom using a pale of warm water, some soap, and a washcloth. The swordsman had declined Kuja's invitation to join him in the pool, much to the sorcerer's disappointment. Kuja sighed and shivered as goosebumps sprang up all over his flesh, but the slight chill was worth being meticulously clean. If only he could magic up some hot water…

"You're an idiot," he hissed at himself, rolling his eyes and slapping his forehead. Of course…his magic! A simple, low-strength fire spell cast under the water might warm it easily. He would just have to be careful not to boil himself alive. He dropped his hand into the water and closed his eyes. An orange glow illuminated the pool briefly, and he felt the temperature rise to a tepid degree. Smiling in triumph, he did it again, and then a third time, and he sighed in pleasure as steam rose from the surface of the pool. "That's more like it," he purred, and he rested his arms on the edge and leaned back. His eyes closed and he gently tread the water with his legs. "This just needs some bubbles," he mused. He reached out for the lavender oil he had brought and poured some into the water, and then he used his magic to push a small gust of air into the water. He laughed in delight when the surface foamed up to his satisfaction.

"Welcome to the Kuja relaxation spa," he murmured, standing up and holding his arms out in innocent happiness. His smile faded as he got the sense that he was being watched, and he lowered his head and looked towards the path that led back to the building. Sephiroth was standing motionless on it, staring at him with dazed, incandescent eyes. The swordsman's gaze traveled up and down Kuja's naked, wet body. The pool really wasn't very deep. The bubbly water only came up to Kuja's mid-thigh when he stood, which gave Sephiroth an impressive view of the genome's graceful, alluring body. If Sephiroth had doubts before over Kuja's gender, they were laid to rest when his eyes traveled down the sorcerer's body and rested on his naked genitals, which were nestled in a perfect thatch of moon-pale hair.

Kuja's penis reacted immediately to the scrutiny, and it lifted and swelled as Sephiroth stared. The genome's tail was raised, and it swayed back and forth behind him as he regarded the swordsman with sultry, blue eyes. "Care to join me?" he said in a seductive drone.

Sephiroth's reaction was not what Kuja had in mind. His throat worked as he swallowed, and he closed his eyes and turned his back on the genome. He then flew away without a word, leaving Kuja standing there feeling snubbed. "You coward," Kuja said through gritted teeth. He started to feel that it was a hopeless cause, but then it occurred to him-if Sephiroth truly didn't feel an answering attraction to him, the sight of him nude wouldn't have sent him running, like that. Kuja knew from experience that a man who wasn't attracted to another man would have simply shrugged and said, "No thanks," or something to that effect. He certainly wouldn't have looked like he wanted to rape him, and he wouldn't have fled like that. Kuja knew that his body certainly wasn't scary. He smiled and sank back into the warm water, and he reached for his bottle of homemade shampoo and poured a small amount into his palm. As he lathered his wet hair, he hummed to himself. Sephiroth just needed some persuasion to convince him it was okay to act on his feelings, that was all.


As Kuja plotted, Sephiroth paced. He stalked back and forth over the tiles of the foyer, trying to come to terms with what he had just seen. Yes, he knew that Kuja was male, but part of him associated the genome's behavior and grace with that of a female. He couldn't deny how painfully beautiful and tempting the sight of Kuja's nudity had been. At that moment, he could only think of what a stunning creature he had before him, ready and willing to be claimed. The swordsman was breathing heavily as he imagined himself walking up that path and stepping into the pool to…to…

The only sort of experiences Sephiroth had of this nature were with women, and so he imagined freeing his aching cock from his pants and lifting Kuja's supple body onto it. He closed his eyes and rested his forehead against the cool sandstone of the hallway. It had been so long since he had bedded anyone, and never had he bedded someone with genitals like his own. It was arrogant of him to assume that Kuja would enjoy taking him into his body. Perhaps, despite his somewhat feminine behavior, the genome was imagining doing the same thing to Sephiroth? The thought of the slender creature trying to lift him like that made Sephiroth burst into laughter, and it was the first time he had genuinely laughed in…in…well, longer than he could remember.

When he had shoved Kuja against the wall that day, he had purposely allowed his confused feelings to master him, and he was alarmed with how close he had come to ripping his companion's scanty clothing off and assaulting him vigorously. Sephiroth had done many, many wicked things in his life, but rape was never one of them. The last thing he wanted was to add sexual assault to his growing list of sins. He sighed and tried to calm his raging lust. Kuja was not the sort to bow to another. It was his rebellion that had gotten him placed here, in the first place. Thinking that he could master the lovely genome could only lead Sephiroth down a path of further evil.

"Sephiroth?" The soft, musical inquiry came from the direction of the open archway that led into the courtyard.

Sephiroth drew a deep breath and turned to face the speaker. He wished that he hadn't. Kuja stood dripping and wet and gloriously nude before him. His pale hair fell in a sparkling, damp curtain to his waist, and his groin was erect and flushed. "What are you doing?" Sephiroth breathed as the genome gracefully walked towards him.

Kuja's tail swished back and forth--like that of a stalking cat's, and his eyes were heavy-lidded and sensual. "Don't run away, this time," he purred, "making me chase you cheapens us both."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Sephiroth said raggedly, averting his eyes and taking a step backwards.

Kuja advanced steadily, forcing Sephiroth to back up until he had no more room and was pressed against the wall. "Yes, you do," the genome whispered, staring up at him with lust-filled sapphire eyes, "Don't worry. I know what you want, and I won't break if you take it."

Sephiroth shook his head. He wanted to come up with an arrogant reply, but he couldn't speak passed the raging hunger he felt. Slender, damp hands caressed his neck and the part of his chest that was exposed, and he closed his eyes. Cool, silken lips pressed against his collarbone, and another hand cupped the swollen bulge tenting his pants. Sephiroth groaned softly and started to reach down to disengage that hand, but Kuja somehow managed to open his fly and free his stiffened cock before he could do so. Sephiroth's eyes went blank and he moaned as Kuja's talented hand fondled him.

"So big," Kuja murmured with a pleased smile, staring down at the beautiful, long organ that he stroked.

"I can't-" Sephiroth said mechanically.

Kuja had prepared himself for this. He was already lubricated and ready, so he decided to make the choice for his companion. He put one arm around Sephiroth's neck and hoisted himself up, hugging the swordsman's waist with his smooth, strong thighs. As Sephiroth gaped at him in shock, the genome smiled and held his cock steady for his waiting entrance. He sank down upon it and bit his lip in both pleasure and pain as the thickness breached him. "Oh, yes," Kuja moaned, kissing Sephiroth's slack mouth as he took the throbbing shaft deep into his body. He whimpered and began to bounce, and his tail curved down beneath his flexing bottom and forward.

Sephiroth cried out in shock and surprise as the tip of Kuja's tail thumbed back and forth over his balls, teasing the swollen globes mercilessly. Unable to stand it anymore, he cupped the genome's bottom and began to raise Kuja up and down on is cock more forcefully. "Fuck," he groaned against Kuja's mouth, unable to express how good it felt with less vulgarity.

"That's what we're doing, dear," Kuja said shakenly, and he laughed and moaned at the same time. At first, he had been uncertain of whether his tall companion would be able to handle him suddenly climbing onto him, but Sephiroth demonstrated his strength and balance superbly. Kuja cried out as the swordsman shoved himself harder into him.

"You like that, little cocktease?" Sephiroth growled, and he did it again, claiming Kuja's lips roughly.

Kuja's eyes opened wide and he sobbed with pleasure and pain, his fingers clutching his companion's silver hair convulsively. He nodded helplessly and parted his lips, sucking on Sephiroth's thrusting tongue.

"I'm going to hurt you…if I keep his up," Sephiroth groaned, conflicted.

"No, you won't," Kuja insisted just as huskily, and he bit the taller man's earlobe enough to make it sting. Another sharp cry escaped his lips as Sephiroth's length was driven hard and deep into him, and he had an explosive orgasm. If Sephiroth minded the sticky mess that Kuja had made on his leather jacket (which neither of them had bothered to remove), he certainly didn't show it. He seemed thrilled that the genome had orgasmed, for he laughed softly and kissed his neck arduously. "Oh, Sephy," Kuja gasped, feeling weak from his release and the continuing thrusts of his companion's cock.

As wonderful as this violent ravishing felt, Sephiroth was growing tired, and he slowed his motions and claimed Kuja's soft lips. The genome made soft, mewling sounds of pleasure as he took him, and Sephiroth felt a surge of affection towards him. "Damn you, for doing this to me," he whispered, and he pushed his shaft firmly into his companion and filled him with his seed. Kuja nibbled his neck and ears playfully and gave a sigh of satisfaction. Panting in release, Sephiroth rested his cheek on the genome's shoulder and shifted his still-impaled body to get a firmer hold on him. Kuja's tail was still gently caressing the swordsman's scrotum, but now it was more of a gentle tickle than a wildly sexual pleasure. Sephiroth sighed and activated his natural floating ability. Kuja gasped in delight and clung a bit more tightly to him as he flew up the stairs and into his bedroom. That playful tail of his still played with his balls, and Sephiroth hardened again inside of the genome.

He barely made it to the bed. He hovered over it and lowered himself and Kuja onto it, and then he began to rock against the sorcerer again, taking him more gently than before. He stared down at the genome's impassioned, flushed face and marveled at his beauty. He couldn't help it…he considered Kuja to be his, now. He lowered his mouth to the sorcerer's face and daintily licked the sparkling dampness of water and sweat from his smooth skin. Kuja smiled and undulated beneath him, encouraging his lovemaking. "You're so beautiful," the sorcerer sighed, stroking Sephiroth's long mane of hair.

Sephiroth said nothing, though he silently thought the same thing about the being that he was slowly making love to. He continued to stare down at Kuja, enjoying the subtle changes of expression on his face. The sorcerer's eyes were closed, the long, pale lashes casting shadows over his flushed cheeks. His shapely lips were swollen from ravishing, and his pink tongue darted out occasionally to moisten them. This time, it was Sephiroth who came first, and he shuddered and tossed his head back as he bucked inside of his companion. Kuja hummed happily and stroked his back, and shortly after Sephiroth's climax ended, his began. Fatigued and lazy with sexual release, Sephiroth rolled over, bringing his smaller companion with him so that he was lying on top of him. Kuja pressed soft kisses over Sephiroth's neck, and he suddenly giggled.

"What's so funny?" Sephiroth said with only mild annoyance.

"Your pants are still on. Next time, you're going naked."

Sephiroth sighed and nuzzled Kuja's soft, damp hair. "Shut up."


-To be continued