Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Trapped in Paradise(With Someone You Hate) ❯ Part VI: A Night Without Regrets ( Chapter 6 )

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Part VI: A Night Without Regrets
Sometimes it still amazed Cloud that someone like Reno could be so tender. They stood together in the bedroom and kissed slowly, as though every touch was a new discovery. Even though Cloud knew the soft curves of Reno's mouth, had spent hours memorizing the texture and taste of his lips, it did feel different somehow. He couldn't put his finger on the reason; it seemed so mysterious, like trying to explain why a little green orb could allow him to summon lightning on a clear day. It was nice to think that, even on the verge of getting exactly what he wanted, Reno was still willing to go slow.
It was a bit of a relief. Much as he desired him, Cloud had been a little nervous that Reno would come on passionately and shatter his senses. As appealing as that might be later on, Cloud hadn't wanted that for their first time together.
When they reached the bed, Reno maneuvered Cloud into a sitting position on its edge with gentle pressure on his shoulders.
“I kinda wanna ask what brought this on,” Reno's voice was loud in the silence even though his tone was low and husky with desire.
“Hmm?” Cloud weaved his fingers through Reno's hair. He was always a little surprised by how long it actually was.
“I mean…What's changed since last night or early this morning?” Reno's fingers stroked Cloud's bare thighs. “Not that I'm complaining. I guess…I'm just curious, ya know?”
Cloud smiled a little ruefully, “I was lying here and thinking; I suppose I was wondering why I was hesitating so much. When I couldn't think of a good reason why….” He shrugged slightly. “It's so stupid…I try so hard to be strong and confident yet I've been a little afraid to…have sex with you.”
Reno stroked his cheek and Cloud imagined turning his face in order to suck and kiss the tips of the fingers that touched him. Instead he just parted his knees and felt Reno's hips shift between his thighs. Briefly their clothed erections pressed together and it made Cloud experience an intense shock of pleasure. He exhaled sharply, startled by the force of his longing.
“You're so serious,” Reno chuckled without irony or malice, “You need to fucking lighten up, babe. Listen…everyone gets a little uptight when it's been awhile since the last time they fucked someone. It doesn't make you weak or anything; it just makes you normal.”
Cloud almost laughed. He couldn't remember the last time anyone had called him “normal.”
“Relax,” Reno whispered as he leaned over him, bowing his head and searching for a kiss, “Just do what comes naturally and it'll be fine.”
Cloud shivered and he felt Reno's hair brush his face as he granted the kiss, let Reno's tongue slip past his lips and sucked it lightly.
“But I don't want it to be just `fine,'” Cloud found himself murmuring against his lips. He pushed Reno's open shirt off his shoulders as the Turk gave him a quizzical look.
Cloud felt weird and embarrassed yet brazen enough to speak his mind. “I want to drive you crazy.”
Reno chuckled wickedly as he tipped his head back. Cloud thought the gesture was very sensual, perhaps because he couldn't stop staring at his throat. “What do ya think you've been doin' to me for the past few days? I don't think you have to worry `bout that being a problem, yo.”
With a gentle yet insistent touch, Reno spread Cloud's thighs a little further apart. He felt exposed as the cloth of his underwear stretched tightly over his erection. Cloud stared as Reno began to kneel and felt the slightest edge of panic make his lust seem frantic.
Reno's hot tongue swiped along his inner thigh and Cloud jolted, slightly startled. Bright blue eyes rolled up to look into Cloud's face and for once Reno's communication was silent. Cloud tilted his hips slightly forward as he stroked Reno's hair, trying to convey his acceptance without words. Anything that could have been said seemed too vulgar anyway.
He was a little surprised when Reno was able to read his wordless compliance. Sometimes the vibrant jumble of words and colours Cloud associated with Reno overshadowed the quiet way the Turk could interact with people. His eyes were always so quick and active with an intelligence Cloud didn't think he showed as often as he could.
Others thought Reno was pretty and vapid, a loudmouth without substance, but Cloud knew better. For some reason that pleased Cloud greatly. He felt like he was seeing beyond some dark curtain and being let in on some fantastic secret.
Long fingers groped his hips as Reno removed Cloud's underwear and he had to squirm a tiny bit in order to be easily undressed. Reno made a strange, hungry sound once Cloud was nude. His eyes devoured him and Cloud was thrilled to be the object of this man's affection.
The first touch of Reno's tongue took his breath away. It was a long, slow stroke from the base of his cock to the very tip. His tongue was so warm and wet and the sensation was intense, unbelievably so. Cloud sighed, nearly shut his eyes, but kept them open because he wanted to watch everything that Reno was doing to him. He wanted to memorize the scene, be part of it, and not drift away. Absurdly, Cloud was afraid that if he closed his eyes Reno would disappear. The procession of the past few days had seemed almost like a dream, an impossible fantasy that Cloud had never fully realized.
Full lips wrapped around the head of his dick and slowly glided downward. Reno hummed softly and Cloud felt the sound more than he heard it. The vibration heightened his pleasure in a subtle way that sparked fine shivers up his spine. Cloud arched his back and had to brace his arms behind him in order to keep from lying down.
He gasped harshly as Reno sucked him deep and was surprised to feel the slick, damp walls of his throat tighten around him.
“Reno,” Cloud panted his name softly, intimately as his hips involuntarily thrust forward.
He slowly pulled back with Cloud's thrust, drawing out his pleasure. It was slow, agonizing, but the most amazing thing Cloud had felt in years. Everything had dwindled down to sense and sensation. He listened to the soft sounds that Reno was making and watched his face, enjoying the look of contentment he saw there; he felt Reno's hot tongue lapping and swirling skillfully along his around flesh.
“Ah…” Cloud made the soft vocalization as he realized just how far gone he was. He wondered if he should tell Reno, wondered if he would really….
“Reno…I'm…” His tongue tripped over the words and they were forgotten at the moment communication became meaningless. Ecstasy caught him by surprise and robbed him of everything but the intense physical body high of orgasm.
Cloud sighed softly as he fell to earth and collapsed onto his back with boneless grace. He shivered as he watched Reno through half-closed eyes. The Turk shed his clothes quickly and crawled up Cloud's body, kissing and licking his skin along the way.
They settled quietly together in bed, touching each other and kissing softly. Cloud felt warm and content. He suddenly understood why so many people were fascinated or obsessed with sex. Cloud loved this feeling of intimacy and closeness. He idly wondered if he was falling for Reno but at the same time, it somehow didn't bother him. Cloud liked this feeling, whatever it was, and didn't want it to stop.
Topaz eyes gazed at him slyly, narrowed and gleaming knowingly. Cloud twisted a strand of red hair around his index finger as he regarded Reno thoughtfully.
“You're really beautiful,” Cloud murmured softly. It was an odd thing to say but he couldn't help the thought. Never before had it seemed so evident to him.
“Hmm,” Reno shrugged as he stroked a fingertip over one of Cloud's nipples, “Took ya this long to figure that out?”
“No,” Cloud blushed faintly, “It's just…I thought you were an asshole and so I really didn't care how pretty you were.”
Reno grinned, “Well…at least you noticed.”
“Like you would have cared back then,” Cloud scoffed, “Don't dick me around, Reno. We both know where we stood with each other.”
“Maybe,” Reno stuck his tongue out, “but I still thought you were hot.”
Cloud rolled his eyes, “You're impossible, you know that?”
“So I've been told,” Reno's eyes gleamed with lust. One of his hands trailed to tease Cloud's cock, which was still half-hard.
Cloud sucked in a breath as he closed his eyes. Reno was nuzzling his earlobe and nipping playfully at his earring.
“Do you wanna?” Reno breathed.
Cloud blinked, “Do I want to what?”
Reno rolled his eyes and licked his lips; his expression was an interesting mingling of annoyance and obscene suggestion. “Do you wanna fuck me?”
Cloud frowned slightly, “Well yeah but I….” He didn't want it to be over so soon. With a small sigh, he closed his eyes and hated how difficult it was for him to voice his desires. Reno would be able to tell him that he wanted to please him and probably be able to go into great length about exactly how he would do so.
Cloud would never be as frank as his lover, but he'd always valued actions over words anyway. He pinned Reno beneath his body and kissed him long and slow, enjoying the feel and taste of him. Reno's eyes were heavy and dark with desire, his lips parted moistly as Cloud pulled back in order to look at him.
Feeling impulsive, Cloud ran the tip of his tongue along the slender line of one of Reno's tattoos. He nuzzled at Reno's pierced ear, smelled the clean scent of his recently washed hair. It reminded him of the ocean breeze and it made him think of how unfettered he'd been for the past few days.
Cloud bowed his head and laved Reno's throat with saliva. He felt Reno arch beneath him and shudder with pleasure. Cloud was surprised when the Turk's nails bit into his back.
He hissed Cloud's name in a voice thick and strained with need. It was almost unnerving to see Reno in such a state yet it only heightened the tension that was drawn so tightly between them. Cloud slowly moved down Reno's body, using lips and tongue and fingertips to caress him. Cloud tasted the salt of sweat and felt how soft and smooth his skin was. His mouth ghosted along the length of his cock.
Reno made a sound like a sob and his fingers lightly tugged at the short tether of Cloud's hair. When he lapped at the pre-cum that beaded at the tip of Reno's dick, the grip that he had on his hair became somewhat painful.
“I can't stand it,” Reno moaned softly, “Cloud please….
At that moment, Cloud could feel the desperation radiating off him, palpable as his body heat. He was stripped and raw, completely undone.
Cloud searched Reno's face and was amazed by how he could be so utterly shameless, without fear and unsullied by guilt. It was liberating to imagine a night without regrets.
As he slowly crawled back up Reno's body, reality chafed at the very edges of Cloud's mind. He frowned deeply as he met Reno's gaze.
“I…” Cloud began hesitantly, “I don't have anything to…” Frustration welled up inside of him. He'd completely forgotten about preparation. Cloud had been too caught up in desire and erotic daydreaming. Maybe a part of him had imagined that they wouldn't wind up in this situation so soon and yet here he found himself with Reno squirming beneath him, wanting desperately to be fucked.
“Huh?” Reno panted, blinking his eyes rapidly as he seemed to focus past his lust.
Cloud gritted his teeth on the words, biting them off as he forced through his modesty.
“Lube, Reno…I don't have anything that we could use….”
Much to his surprise, the Turk chuckled, “Oh that. Get my jacket; I think it's under the bed. There's a tube in the left inside pocket.”
Cloud was so floored that all he could do was stare at Reno in shock before he managed to express himself with words. “Weren't you here on business?”
“Uh-huh,” Reno nodded distractedly, “You're gonna get my jacket or do ya want me to get it?”
“You bring lube with you even on missions?” Cloud blurted incredulously.
Reno snorted softly, “Of course not. I bought it after I found out I'd be stranded here for awhile.” He shrugged nonchalantly, “I mean you never know what'll happen or who you'll meet and there's absolutely nothing worse that getting all hot with some cute guy only to find out neither of you have lube.”
Cloud blushed faintly but hid it subtly as he leaned over the side of the bed to find Reno's jacket. He felt absurdly jealous, imagining that Reno could just as easily be with some anonymous stranger right now, but quickly squashed the emotion. It was stupid and petty, and anyway Reno hadn't seemed too interested in trying to get into anyone's bed but his.
When he retrieved Reno's jacket and extracted the aforementioned lube from its pocket, Cloud felt an odd sense of serenity pass over him. Though he'd been quite awhile out of practice, some things were never completely forgotten.
Cloud thoroughly slicked his index and middle finger before reaching between Reno's legs. He was strangely silent and watched Cloud with eyes that were utterly placid with trust. It was comforting as it was unnerving to imagine that Reno had perfect faith that Cloud wouldn't fuck this up.
With a careful, slow touch, Cloud rubbed his slick fingertips against the tight entrance to Reno's body. The Turk sighed softly as his eyes slid closed.
There was only the briefest moment of involuntary resistance before Cloud was able to slowly slide his fingers into him. Reno's breath hitched and Cloud had to bite his lower lip in order to keep from echoing the response. The smooth walls of Reno's anus gripped snugly around Cloud's fingers and he couldn't help imagining how it would feel to be inside of him. Incredible, was all he could think.
As he slowly moved his fingers within him, Cloud watched the tension and strain shadow Reno's expressions. His eyes were suddenly wide and bright with arousal; his lips parted with every sharp intake of his breath.
When Cloud leaned down to kiss him it became torrid and almost savage. Reno's tongue slid voluptuously over Cloud's and it seemed to be just as much a request as it was a promise.
“What are ya waiting for?” Reno asked quietly, his voice dark and rich with his need, “Ya ain't gonna break me so fuck me already.” The slightly lop-sided grin that graced his lips softened the faint harshness of his words.
It occurred to Cloud that he'd imagined that Reno's greater sexual experience would intimidate him, but he was beginning to feel comforted by it. The concept that he would not be fumbling alone in the darkness of his desire relieved him greatly.
Cloud chuckled a little more nervously than he might have liked as he stopped teasing Reno and slicked his palm with the lube. His hands were shaking as little bit but he tried to ignore it.
“We've waited long enough, haven't we?” Cloud smiled wryly through the tension.
Reno's eyes were heavy-lidded, and his expression was surprisingly meaningful. It occurred to Cloud that there was a lot more going on between them than a simple act of lust. Even as the larger, more frightening emotions began to loom, Cloud felt a kind of desperation to be closer to him.
They needed this and for some reason he was reminded of their final battle on Midgar's underground. Back then, as he'd watched Reno slink off with Rude and Elena, Cloud had felt a sense of closure. At the same time, he'd also been aware of doors opening and possibilities rising like specters in his mind.
Suddenly Cloud realized that he really wasn't all that surprised that it had ended up this way.
“C'mere,” Reno murmured. One of Reno's hands slid along Cloud's cock while the other tenderly stroked his hair.
The kiss they shared was tender, soft. It was a silent exploration of lips and tongues, as though they'd never tasted each other before even as Cloud's hips moved forward.
It was an easy glide into Reno's body even if the emotions and sensations Cloud was feeling were anything but. Being inside of him was just as unbelievable as Cloud had imagined, but it was the feel of Reno's arms and legs folding around him that increased his pleasure tenfold.
It was as though Reno didn't want to let him go….
Reno cursed softly as their lips parted. His entire body undulated beneath Cloud as he tossed his head against the pillows. He was flushed, panting softly. Reno's tattoos seemed to blend in with the mottling of his fair skin.
At first Cloud set the pace of his thrusts slow and almost gentle. He enjoyed the lingering way Reno kissed him and the way he would slowly slide his tongue against his. Cloud enjoyed the drugged, blissed out expression on Reno's face even more. It seemed so incredible, such a precious thing to be able to make anyone experience so much pleasure.
It didn't last of course. Cloud could feel the pressure and tension building, and every time he pulled out of Reno he just wanted to be back inside of him.
As their passion began to escalate, Reno began to grow wilder and all the more intense. He scratched at Cloud's back, bit at his pierced ear, and whispered heated, decadent praise. When Reno pulled his knees up and wrapped his legs a bit higher along Cloud's back, his hips angled in such a way that Cloud was able to penetrate him even deeper.
“Oh my god,” Reno gasped as his eyes rolled back and his blunt nails left a long trail of fire down Cloud's back, “You feel so fucking good…hmmm…so deep inside….”
The pain, the pleasure, and Reno's wanton appreciation became almost too much for Cloud to bear. He clutched the Turk tightly and threw the last little bit of caution to the wind. Cloud fucked him hard and deep, aware of nothing but sensations.
Earlier Cloud had felt like they'd had all the time in the world but now it seemed as though it was running out. His pulse was loud in his ears as it kept the time before….
“Cloud…I'm so close….” Reno's voice sounded almost like a sob.
Drunk on pleasure and his own nearing climax, Cloud reached between their bodies and squeezed Reno's cock. He met his wide eyes and for that moment time, no matter if they had all of it or none, seemed absolutely meaningless.
“Then come for me,” Cloud whispered.
Impossibly, Reno's eyes grew even wider or perhaps they only seemed to due to the dilation of his pupils. “Oh…fuck yeah….”
His limbs tightened around Cloud and the strength of his lithe muscles made Cloud absurdly thankful for the fact that he was hardier than the average man. Otherwise he was pretty sure he might have earned a cracked rib or two as Reno's orgasm crashed over them.
Reno turned Cloud's name into a hoarse exhalation of ecstasy as he came. His expression was inscrutable: A puzzle box of pleasure, pain, relief, and ecstatic joy. Cloud was caught up in it, following him over the edge and into that same place in which bliss and agony entangled and became one in the same.
The aftermath left them trembling but it was Cloud who was able to move first. He rolled off of Reno's body and flopped gracelessly onto his back. Cloud was still slightly out of breath and sticky with sweat and Reno's ejaculate, but he felt so goddamned good that the mild discomfort was easily ignored.
Predictably it was Reno who spoke first. Cloud found the hoarse edge to his tone to be sexy if only because he was the cause of it. “You can move?”
“Hmm…sort of….” Cloud felt languid and the endorphins that rushed to the surface made him feel giddily content.
“Can ya do me a favour?” Reno drawled.
“Not if it involves walking,” Cloud replied with sincerity because he really didn't think that he could yet.
Reno chuckled, pressing himself against Cloud's side in order to give his ear a playful lick. “Get me my cigarettes? I'll make it worth the effort….”
As Reno sucked on his earlobe, Cloud couldn't decide if that was a threat or wicked promise. “Where are they?”
“They're in my pants. Cigarettes in one pocket, lighter in the other.”
Cloud grunted his soft assent and felt Reno's eyes on his backside as he leaned over the edge of the bed to retrieve the pack of smokes and cheap plastic lighter.
Reno snatched up the ashtray from the bedside table and set it onto his flat stomach. With practiced grace he sat up on one elbow just long enough to get his cigarette lit. Cloud watched the ritual, oddly fascinated as Reno took that first, deep drag. He seemed like a man who was completely and utterly at peace with the world.
“Say Cloud,” Reno drawled as he exhaled the nicotine-laden smoke with deliberate slowness, “You said it had been two years, right?”
“Yeah, why?”
“Well…” Reno's eyes were narrow, sly, yet warm with a playful sort of lust, “Ya coulda fooled me….”
Cloud blinked then blushed deeply. When Reno began to laugh, he felt his cock twitch. He rolled onto his side and regarded Reno with a languid gaze. He wondered if it was normal, the lust that was lingering in his body and mind. Cloud really wanted to have more sex yet had no idea how to ask or even if Reno would want to.
Thankfully, after Reno finished his cigarette, stabbed out the tip, and set the ashtray back on top of the table, he turned to Cloud and eliminated any reason for him to broach the subject.
“So…you ain't tired, are ya?” Reno asked as a mischievous smile curved his lips.
“Not really,” Cloud replied, trying not to sound as excited as he was beginning to feel.
Reno licked his lips, “You want to go again?” His eyes were bright with eagerness.
Cloud allowed himself a rare, small smile, “I was hoping that you'd say something like that.”
“You shouldn't make yourself such a stranger, Vincent,” Tifa smiled as she took a bottle of red wine off the bar's back shelf. Though she'd had a long, busy night, she was happy to have the company. She'd been terribly lonely in Cloud's absence, not to mention worried.
Their last phone conversation, with the odd interruption by Reno had been bothering her for some time now. Tifa didn't really think Cloud was in danger but…something strange was going on in Costa del Sol.
“I've been taking real good care of Cloud.”
That was what Reno had said in a tone laced with suggestion. Tifa sighed as she made her way through the empty bar toward the table Vincent was sitting at. She was probably just being oversensitive. Reno had been messing with her head, no doubt.
“Yes,” Vincent smiled faintly, “but where is Cloud? Didn't you say he'd promised not to go on jobs that would keep him away for too long?”
“He did,” Tifa nodded as she sat down and uncorked the wine, “but…there's this situation with Shinra right now….”
Vincent's brow furrowed, “I'm not sure that I follow.”
Join the club, Tifa thought, though she kept it to herself. She did, however, tell Vincent as much as she knew about the broken down transport ship and how Cloud was stranded in Costa del Sol with Reno.
Vincent's expression didn't change all that much and in fact he actually scowled a little. “This…accident…did it happen at Mideel?”
Tifa felt vaguely apprehensive, “Yes…how did you know?”
“Three days ago, I was in Mideel and saw this transport ship. It was being re-fueled so I find it strange that Cloud is not back from Costa del Sol,” Vincent explained.
Tifa felt a cold chill shiver up her spine, “What…do you think that means?”
Vincent shrugged nonchalantly as he sipped his wine, “I'm not sure. Perhaps nothing at all. There is a possibility that Shinra is tying up the ship with business.”
“At the cost of leaving Reno stranded?” Tifa frowned deeply, “I really doubt it.”
“Yes well…I agree that there is probably something strange going on, but what could be the purpose of maneuvering Cloud and Reno into such a situation?”
Tifa only began to feel colder with fear and worry. “You don't think…?” She murmured, breaking the thought and tried not to think too hard about the rest of her concerns.
Of course it didn't work. She wasn't so much afraid for Cloud's life but afraid of what might happen if Reno was a threat. Reno was no match for him and if Cloud killed him…there would be hell to pay from Rufus Shinra.
“Reno isn't playing assassin this time,” Vincent told her softly and with a confidence that unnerved her, “He's not a threat to Cloud's life.”
“I know,” Tifa whispered and that was what bothered her more than anything else. That fact that she had no idea what was going on in Costa del Sol scared the hell out of her.
“What should I do?” Tifa asked more to herself than Vincent but he answered nonetheless.
“Perhaps you should call him.”
It was such an easy solution; it was almost absurd. Tifa chuckled and it was a nervous sound, devoid of humour. “Of course! Why didn't I think of that?”
She shook her head as she took out her cell phone. Tifa got his voice message but didn't think much of it. Cloud usually screened his calls.
Vincent raised his eyebrows as Tifa rolled her eyes. “I-have-to-leave-a-message,” she told him quickly.
The former Turk nodded sagely and was silent as Tifa spoke into the receiver. She really hated leaving messages but suffered through the awkwardness.
“Hey. It's me. I just found out something really strange….”
To be continued….