Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ Trapped in Paradise(With Someone You Hate) ❯ Part IX: Alter Nothing, Change Everything ( Chapter 9 )

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Part IX: Alter Nothing, Change Everything
Cloud watched the coastline of Costa del Sol recede into the distance. He felt an odd mingling of relief and regret. Cloud had no desire to return there any time soon. He felt like he'd had his fill of paradise. Anyway, staying at the beach house without company would be too weird. Cloud had gotten so used to Reno being there that after they'd made up, he'd invited Reno back.
Of course it had been about a lot more than staving off loneliness, but that was an entirely different issue altogether.
“Shit!” Cloud heard cursing behind him, “Goddamned cheap plastic piece of…”
Reno's shoulders were hunched and tense as his hands formed a wind cup around his disposable lighter. A cigarette was clenched between his lips and he looked quite frustrated as the desired flame failed to be produced. Eventually Reno gave up, put the cigarette away, and shoved his hands into his pockets. He looked fairly pitiful and Cloud chuckled softly.
Reno grinned in a surprising but typical change of mood and sauntered up to Cloud. Cloud couldn't help but blush faintly when Reno kissed him full on the mouth. Even though they were mostly away from prying eyes, there was something thrilling about being so publicly affectionate with another person.
Cloud wrapped an arm around Reno's waist and returned the kiss with great enthusiasm. Reno made a very satisfied humming sound deep in the back of his throat. The timelessness of Costa del Sol lingered between them though reality was lurking like an undesired shadow.
“So what happens when we get back to Edge?” Cloud breathed as their lips parted.
“I take you home,” Reno replied huskily. He sucked Cloud's earlobe and pressed his long body tightly against Cloud's. “Or we can go back to your place. Whichever works.”
Cloud made an exasperated sound, “Will you be serious?”
“I am.”
The Turk sighed and pulled away a little bit, “Okay, I get it. We gotta tie up some loose ends, don't we?”
“It's not just that….” Cloud chewed his lower lip. “Aren't you a little bit afraid that things will feel…different?”
Reno frowned slightly, “What are you tryin' to say? That you think that what happened between us was just…a fluke or something? We only got so close because we were sharing an experience?”
Cloud sighed softly. Even he had to admit that it sounded pretty fucking ridiculous. Cloud wasn't that fickle with his relationships and Reno had made it pretty clear that these sorts of feelings didn't come over him for just anyone.
“I just…I don't want any surprises, that's all,” Cloud murmured.
Reno favoured Cloud with a small, seductive smile. He grasped one of Cloud's hands and laced their fingers together. It was a gesture somehow more intimate than all the things they'd already done in bed. “I promise you that being with me will be full of surprises, but how I feel for you is not gonna be one of them.”
Cloud flushed with pleasure, “I'm glad.”
The door to Rufus's office closed behind Reno with a soft click. Rufus stared at the empty chair on the other side of this desk and sighed softly.
Never again, that was what Reno had told him in so many words. The Turk had not been pleased that Rufus had meddled with his personal affairs. It wasn't as though Rufus couldn't understand Reno's aggravation; he merely felt that there was no reason for it. Although he'd not directly said so, Rufus was fairly certain things were just fine between Reno and Cloud. Otherwise Rufus was quite sure that the Turk would have been a lot more pissed off rather than just irritated.
Rufus rubbed at his temple. He supposed that this would have to be a lesson learned. From here on out he'd have to be more careful in his dealings with Cloud and Reno. Rufus had gotten off easy this time but he doubted he'd be so lucky a second time around. There was just too much at stake….
Rufus booted up his computer with a small scowl. It had ended well enough and Reno's ire was not his biggest concern. He knew the Turk seldom held grudges and that he'd probably be over it within the week. No…he was more worried about how Reno and Cloud had found out about his involvement.
Rufus brought up the files he kept on Cloud and his comrades. He stared at the little icon labeled `Vincent Valentine', but didn't bother reading the actual data. Rufus knew everything by heart and also knew it wouldn't do him a damned bit of good to read it again.
Valentine's file was spotty at best. There was a massive hole in the man's personal history. He was a Turk, he was presumed dead, and then he was back, fighting Shinra alongside Cloud and AVALANCHE. That was quite a few years missing. Rufus supposed it wasn't really important anymore, but it might just explain why he was still interested his company's affairs when Cloud and the others seemed quite content to move on with their lives.
He made a mental note to put surveillance on Valentine and perhaps see what Elena could dig up about those missing years.
Cloud's cell phone broke the long, awkward silence. Tifa watched him startle slightly before pulling the phone off his belt.
“It's Reno,” Cloud told her quietly and the note of eagerness in his tone was unmistakable.
Cloud answered it with a sheepish expression, as though he expected Tifa to protest or disapprove. She supposed that he had every right to imagine her anger, but right now she could barely breathe much less yell at him. The shock and hurt she was feeling was just too great for words.
“Hey,” the warmth in Cloud's voice made her uncomfortable.
Tifa got up and moved away from the table stiffly. She needed to open the bar in an hour and there were still quite a few things that needed to be done.
Tifa only realized how small the 7th Heaven was when the bar was nearly deserted. Cloud's voice seemed so loud in the silence even though it was intimately low.
“, nothing's changed. I still want to see you.”
Tifa wasn't really angry anyway; she wasn't even jealous. She was just…sad. Tifa glanced over at Cloud from the corner of her eye as she organized the glasses behind the bar.
Cloud was smiling shyly and his cheeks were tinged pink with a blush. Was it embarrassment or arousal? Tifa closed her eyes and tried not to think about it too hard. Even though Cloud hadn't gone into the details, Tifa was pretty certain he'd spent a lot of time in bed with Reno.
It boggled her mind; she'd been patiently waiting for Cloud to come around for over two years and yet Reno had won Cloud over in about a week and a half.
Cloud was biting his lower lip now and appeared somewhat anxious. “I don't know if that's a good idea…Tifa's here and she's taking it kind of hard.”
Well at least he's being considerate of my feelings, Tifa thought bitterly. Her stomach clenched with guilt shortly after the thought crossed her mind. This wasn't Cloud's fault, and she knew he would never purposely try to hurt her. Matters of the heart were often difficult.
(But Reno? Why Reno of all people?)
“Okay,” Cloud's voice was very low now and Tifa found herself straining to hear him, “I'll see you soon and um…Reno? Don't make me wait too long.”
Tifa swallowed hard. She watched Cloud press a button in order to end the call. He suddenly looked uncertain and full of regret as he sought out Tifa's gaze.
“I wanted you to hear it from me before….”
She shook her head and squeezed her eyes shut as she fought back tears. “I'm okay, Cloud,” Tifa spoke the half-truth.
He didn't look like he believed her but didn't call her out on it either. Instead Cloud crossed the bar in order to stand on the other side of the counter. He reached for her hand and grasped it gently.
“I still care about you,” Cloud assured her, “Nothing's going to change that.”
Tifa nodded, forced a smile. She didn't want to be the unsupportive, jilted lover. Her friendship with Cloud meant too much to her.
“Hey,” she squeezed Cloud's hand affectionately. “Go have a good time.”
Cloud blushed faintly, “Thanks…um, I will.”
As Tifa watched Cloud leave, presumably to wait outside so that she didn't have to see them together, she tried not to feel like he was walking out of her life. Instead, Tifa picked up a ragged but clean dish towel in order to wipe down the bar one last time before opening for the evening. She thought of all the opportunities she'd passed up on account of her romantic feelings toward Cloud, and she began to think of them as possibilities.
It felt very fucking good to have Cloud in his apartment.
Located in one of the newer buildings of Edge, it wasn't terribly big but it was functional. It had been constructed shortly after Reeve had accepted Rufus's funding and because of Rufus's money, the Turks had been allowed first dibs on any apartment. They still paid rent, though Reno used his savings to pay it by the year so he never forgot.
“This is a nice place,” Cloud murmured shyly.
“Thanks,” Reno replied. It was a nice place. Clean and well-furnished but like all the apartments he'd lived in since becoming a Turk, he didn't spend much time there.
As Cloud hugged him, Reno couldn't help but chuckle softly. Getting exactly what he wanted had never felt so good. Costa del Sol seemed like a sensual daydream compared to this deliciously sweet reality. They hadn't spoken much since their reunion in front of the 7th Heaven; they'd kissed and touched a lot, so Reno wasn't about to complain.
Location may have changed but everything else was blissfully familiar. Cloud was kissing him and his hands had worked their way under his clothes. Reno scratched his nails lightly over Cloud's scalp and pressed as much of his body against him as he could. There were far too many clothes between them and all he wanted was skin against skin.
They ended up on the couch, their clothes disheveled and hanging off their bodies. Reno watched through half-closed eyes as Cloud began to move down his body. He trailed slow, lingering kisses down the center of his chest. There was a very intent expression on Cloud's face that was quite unlike anything Reno had seen before.
Reno stroked his fingers through Cloud's hair as he stared at him. His tongue dipped into Reno's navel teasingly and Reno sighed softly as he sank deeper into the couch. He spread his legs for Cloud, giving him full access to his body as he tried to squirm out of his pants.
Cloud helped by tugging at his trousers and Reno instinctively arched his hips as clumsily closed his legs in the same motion. He could tell by the tension of Cloud's body that the blonde was holding back. Reno bit his lower lip; he wouldn't have minded one bit if Cloud had decided to rip the clothes off his body. As it was, this silent, passionate barrage was seriously turning him on.
Cloud's tongue lightly skimmed up the length of his cock and there was a surprisingly devious look in his intense blue eyes. Reno shuddered softly as Cloud closed his lips around his erection; the heat of his mouth was exquisitely pleasurable. He loved seeing this, watching the slick shine of saliva on his flesh and the careful, delicate way Cloud moved his lips and tongue over him.
Cloud lavished attention on every last inch of his dick. From root to tip and back again, he may not have known a lot of tricks, but his enthusiasm more than made up for it. Strong fingers tenderly massaged his balls and drove him closer to the breaking point at an accelerated pace.
“Hmm…god Cloud, don't stop….” Reno groaned softly, finally breaking the tense silence.
He thought he heard Cloud chuckle warmly as he did just that. Cloud gave Reno's cock one last slow lick before moving back up his body.
“Smart ass,” Reno breathed as their mouths collided in a rather sloppy kiss.
“No,” Cloud was practically pouting, “I want you to take me to bed.” His somewhat petulant expression faded and his eyes spoke volumes.
“Are you sure?” Reno asked as anxious desire clamoured through him, “I mean…do you want me to—“
“Yes,” Cloud gasped, “I want you to fuck me.”
Reno's eyes widened with surprise. It was rare that Cloud was so graphic and verbal with his desires. Reno also thought that it was sexy as all hell and had to take a deep breath in order to collect his wits.
“Well, okay then….” It wasn't the most intelligent response, but really, who could blame him? He'd wanted this for a long time and was glad that patience was one of his few, secret virtues.
Despite his less than inspired reply, Cloud smiled. It was small and sweet and made Reno's breath catch just a little bit. He would never quite get over how good Cloud looked when he smiled; it made him think that he should do it more often and silently promised himself that he would devise new and interesting ways to encourage such an expression.
A fine sheen of sweat had broken out along Cloud's brow. His pale skin was brightly flushed and his eyes were open wide. He breathed heavily and a touch of tension was marked by the strain in his expression.
Reno kissed him lightly as he moved his lube-slicked fingers deep inside of him. His heart was pounding so hard that the rush of blood was nearly deafening to his ears.
“How long has it been since…?” Reno asked softly.
“Too long,” Cloud replied, his voice rough with passion, “but I want this.”
Reno shivered and kissed him long and hard. Cloud pulled him close as he spread his legs and tilted his hips. He exposed himself to Reno and it was such a startling gesture. It was a vulnerable position and he knew well enough that Cloud enjoyed a sense of control almost as much as Rufus did. The fact that he was allowing this…Reno's chest felt tight with emotion.
“Ya gotta relax,” Reno murmured as he slicked his palm with a generous amount of lubricant.
“I know,” Cloud exhaled a small, breathless laugh.
His eyes avidly watched the movement of Reno's hand as it moved over the length of his cock. Hunger darkened his expression and if Reno had needed any invitation, he found it etched in the naked desire in his gaze.
One of Cloud's strong legs draped along Reno's hip as he pressed the head of his dick against Cloud's tight entrance. Reno moved forward, careful not to be too forceful. When he was fully sheathed inside of Cloud, Reno's breath stuttered on a harsh gasp. Snug, hot, and wonderfully smooth, Reno couldn't believe how amazing Cloud felt.
Beneath him, Cloud trembled and lightly scraped his nails up and down his spine. He pressed a feverish, open-mouthed kiss against Reno's throat as he gasped, “Move…Reno, I need you to….”
Reno slowly drew himself out of Cloud's body and sustained a rhythm at the same pace. He loved the soft, deep sounds that Cloud was making and the way he lifted his hips to match his every movement. Reno needed to breathe deep in order to stay in control. His body ached with arousal and the stalking sensation of approaching orgasm. Yet he desperately wanted to please Cloud. Reno knew that Cloud didn't do this with just anyone and Reno wanted to make it good for him.
His name was on Cloud's lips as the movement of their bodies began to grow frantic. Emotions were running just as high as sensation. Reno felt fevered, as though all of his senses were on fire. His lust seemed to be spiraling out of his control and made it difficult to do anything but feel.
“Ah, Reno,” Cloud panted as he tossed his head against the pillows. His hair was as wild as Reno had ever seen it, though his eyes had never been so vividly clear and blue.
He closed his mouth over Cloud's moistly parted lips. Cloud sucked his tongue and urged a quicker rhythm with a sharp snap of his hips.
Reno cried out and pressed his forehead against Cloud's shoulder. “Fuck,” he swore harshly. Pleasure was beginning to intersect with pain as he strained to hang on just a little bit longer. Cloud was close. He could tell by the tension straining his muscles and the way he was holding him so tightly that it nearly hurt.
“I don't want you to hold back,” Cloud whispered hotly against Reno's ear, “I love watching you come.”
He laughed softly as he teetered on the razor's edge. Oh, the amazing things that Cloud managed to say at the height of passion…It never failed to drive Reno wild.
His release was deliciously intense, enhanced by the intent way Cloud was watching him. With his lower lip caught up between his teeth, Cloud stroked himself while his eyes were fixed on Reno's face. It was an extremely sexy sight: Cloud so undone and uninhibited.
As the last shivery spasms of orgasm rippled through Reno, Cloud clung to him in his strange, quiet ecstasy. He never made much noise when he came but the positively rapturous look that crossed his face expressed more than any words could.
In the midst of afterglow Cloud spoke softly, “This is going to sound completely insane but…right about now I'm feeling pretty happy that Rufus is such a manipulative bastard.”
Reno chuckled as he pressed close to Cloud's side. Though he'd expressed a bit of his indignation to Rufus earlier today, Reno shared Cloud's sentiment. Had they not been trapped in paradise, who knew when or if any of this would have happened?
“So I guess what happened in Costa del Sol wasn't just a fling, eh?” Reno couldn't help teasing his lover.
Cloud snorted and favoured Reno with a mildly annoyed glare, “I'd say not.”
Reno sighed contently as he nuzzled the sweat dampened hollow of Cloud's throat. “You have no idea how happy this makes me, yo.”
He could hear the smile in Cloud's voice when he replied quietly. Reno knew that it would be small, wry, but beautifully genuine.
“Oh, I'm sure you'll figure out plenty of ways to show me….”