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Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance-Inevitable
The Crimean war with Daein is over. Months has past since the hero, Lord Ike, faced Mad King Ashnard and defeated him within the very gardens of Castle Crimea. With this victory, Princess Elincia, the hidden child of the former king, became Queen and set to work rebuilding her kingdom with the help of her allies. The beast country of Gallia, and the Empire of Begnion both worked hard to return Crimea to its former glory.
The gap between beorc and laguz begun to close, and the brave actions of Ike, who renounced his title of Lord shortly after the war, were spread across the land. The prime minister of Begnion, Sephiran, made a prediction. The peace will not last. The darkness of people's hearts will come forth.
Ike returned from the war to become the mercenary he once was. But it has turned out harder than he thought it would. Officials bustling in and out with various requests, mostly about resuming Lordship, young people coming wanting to join and train and the onslaught of new missions and enemies constantly pouring in…life was difficult for the young Commander of his company, the Greil's Mercenaries. Now life is going to get harder on the entire continent.
Chapter One
“It looks bad. The bandits are doing more and more damage as they go, and we can't seem to catch up with them!” Titania sighed. “Soren, any thoughts on how exactly we can find these renegades?” The former Crimean knight was distressed. They had been tracking a group of bandits for over a week. But they seemed to be moving fast and every village they came across, had already been destroyed. The staff officer remained as calm as ever.
“They are no ordinary bandits, that much is certain. They move as though they know of us. But the complete devastation of the last few villages seem otherwise. It should take a lot of time to do that much damage. And by the speed we are travelling we should have caught up to them by now.”
“All we can do is press on forward.” Growled Ike. They nodded in agreement.
It wasn't long until they found another town.
“Oh my…” Rhys gasped.
“How…horrible…” Mist was close to tears as they saw the devastation before them.
The entire town was a wreck. Houses were burning. People were lying dead in the street. Shops and stores were ransacked. The ground itself was cracked.
Ike frowned.
“What power could possibly rip open the ground?” he asked. Soren stood up after examining one of the splits in the earth.
“Like I said before, these are no ordinary bandits. I have a very bad feeling about this mission. It was sheer power that created this.”
“W-what are we facing here boss?” asked Mia worriedly.
“I don't know.” He replied simply. “Rhys, Mist!”
“Yes brother?”
“We will be resting here for a bit. I need you two to help heal the people of this town. You too Soren.”
“Understood.” The staff officer nodded.
Boyd collapsed onto a bench, the only one still intact.
“Man…we've been walking for AGES!” His older brother nodded in agreement. The paladin, Oscar slid off his horse and gave her some water.
“I wonder how Rolf is doing back at base…” he sighed. Boyd grinned at the thought of the youngest brother.
“Good thing we left peewee back home. He probably would of collapsed!”
“Nonsense.” A voice snorted. Shinon sauntered over. “Rolf is made of tougher stuff than any of you. He wouldn't even complain.” Oscar smiled.
“Hmmm Shinon, do I sense pride in those words?” Shinon flushed.
“Y-you don't know what your talking about.”
Mist wondered down the street named `Bun Way'. She had always found the names of the streets funny. She, Rhys and Soren had split up to cover more ground. Rhys had gone down `Mince Cat Alley' while Soren went through `Bell Road'. So far she had healed four people. Most were dead and it scared her. She never really got her head around death, and how swiftly it was dealt out.
A man was slumped against the wall of a weapon shop. His clothes were dusky, so she guessed he was a peasant. She pulled out her Heal staff. His injuries didn't seem to bad. The staff began emitting a soft glow as she held it above him. After a while he stirred.
“Nnng…urgh. What….happened?” he looked up dazed.
“We think you were attacked by bandits. But they're not here anymore.” She answered. He was a boy, only slighter older than herself. She guessed 14 or 15.
“Ah…I see. Did you heal me? Thank you. Though I am surprised that you can heal when you're younger than me…”
“Hah! My swordsmanship is good too, but not as good as my brothers…well, I'll do anything it takes to fill my part as a mercenary!”
“I…see. Who is your brother?”
“Ike. His name is Ike.”
“Ike eh? Of Greil Mercenaries? I see. So where are your mercenary group heading?”
“My my….you sure ask a lot of questions you know? Well we're heading North of here to chase after these thugs.”
“North….thank you, I was just curious.” Mist smiled.
“Okay, no problem! Oh! I better be off! I need to help more people!” She quickly arose and ran further down the street. The boy smiled to himself.
“Target Location: Known.”
“Well, we better be off.” Ike called. Soren, Rhys and Mist had returned and they had rested. “Titania, you have been here before correct? What's north of here.”
Titania paused before answering.
“There are some ruins of a castle called Malkay surrounded by a forest. It was lost in the war and has yet to be rebuilt. It would be the perfect base camp for a group of bandits.”
They left the town in a slightly better shape than before.
The boy wandered into the weapon shop. A Longsword was underneath the counter.
`Not the best weapon to use, but it'll have to do.' He thought. He left with the sword and it's sheath, then headed north. `Not long now…not long at all.'
“Are you sure? Have you checked for basements? Or anything?” the commander asked. Titania nodded.
“There was a basement, but it has shown no signs of being inhabited recently. Neither does the rest of the castle It seems the bandits didn't stop here.” She reported. Soren's brow furrowed.
“I don't think there were any bandits to begin with.”
“What!?!” both Ike and his deputy yelled simultaneously.
“Mist saw a boy in the last town. Apparently, he was quite `curious' about you and the company. This could all be a setup.”
“Really?” Titania frowned. “Mist told you this, did she?”
“Not directly.” He said evasively.
“I see. What shall we do Commander Ike?”
“If that is the case, we will rest here for tonight. We will then return back tomorrow and dispatch Soren and some others to go and investigate the matter. Agreed?”
“What ever you say is fine for me.”
“Good. Titania, inform everyone of the plan and bring Mist here.” She was gone. Soren turned to Ike.
“I assume she is to be questioned about the boy?”
He nodded.
The boy was moving fast through the forest. His hand was resting on the sword hilt at his waist. He saw the lights in Castle Malkay. `So predictable Ike….This is going to be too easy.'
“Umm…his eyes were mostly grey but there was a thick ring of yellow around his pupil. He had short black hair. Umm…he didn't look very strong. Oh, and he was around my age, but a few years older. Judging from his clothes, I'd say he was poor.” Mist recalled. “He seemed really nice. Could he really be dangerous?”
“I'm afraid so Mist. Got it memorised Soren?” her brother said.
Mist smiled weakly then grinned,
“Well, let's make sure that Boyd doesn't try to draw him. Remember last time?” They laughed at the memory of Boyd's attempt of a portrait. Even Soren managed a smile.
Shinon was on watch.
`Geez. So Ike thinks he's great enough to be the target of an attack eh?' he thought angrily. He grunted out loud. `He's not even Lord anymore. This guy is so arrogant.'
The boy froze.
`A watch eh? That won't stop me! My mission will be accomplished.' His face contorted with anger. `I'll show them all. I can do this without them.' He waited.
Shinon turned away. The boy ran full pelt into the castle. Shinon's gaze snapped back. He smiled and called:
“He's here!”
He ran into the court. His eyes quickly scanned the area.
`No one here…' he thought. `Wait…someone is…'
He leapt to his left as an arrow shot past his head. `Damn!' he cursed.
“I don't know who the hell you are but you're bothering the wrong people!” Shinon smirked.
“I'd ask you your name, but what's the point of knowing someone who's dead!” called Boyd.
“I don't know who you are, or why you're here, but you're an enemy, so you must be eliminated.” Frowned Ike.
The boy was surrounded.
`Heh. They knew I was coming. This could be troublesome.' In an instant the boy drew the Longsword and struck a stance. He looked at the commander and spoke.
“So you must be Ike. My name is Reyezan, and your head is mine!”
Ike turned to Soren.
“So you were right. An assassin.” Soren was about to reply when the boy called Reyezan yelled out.
“Where are you looking? You're opponent is me! You may all have me surrounded but I can take you all on!” Boyd growled and charged.
“Wanna bet!?!”
The warrior swung his axe at the enemy's head. But it was intercepted by the longsword. Boyd swung twice more, but was parried again. The boy thrusted his sword but Boyd dodged it. The middle brother was shocked. The blade was inches from his neck. He quickly regained himself and swung his axe upwards. Reyezan jumped out of reach. He blocked two more attacks from Boyd before jumping high into the air. The company was in awe. The only person to ever jump that height was Ike.
“Hi….YAAAH!!” the assassin yelled as his body plummeted back to earth, straight at Mist!
Mist's horse jumped back in fear as the earth in front of them exploded from impact.
“What the-” Mist began.
“Hey there…remember me?” the figure asked. He darted out of the smoke at his prey. He brought his sword back and slashed at Mist. There was a loud clang as Ike blocked it. Reyezan was shocked. He hadn't even seen him coming.
The commander drove his foot into the attacker's stomach. He winced in pain but threw his body back, out of reach of the oncoming strike. Still in mid-strike, Ike smiled. Ragnell connected with the ground and sent a blast of energy continuing after the boy. He coughed blood as the energy tore through him. He collapsed on the floor, clutching the wound on his side. Ike had deliberately kept him alive.
“You have been defeated. Give up.” He said.
“Heh…you should of taken your chance to kill me. There is a word for those who spare his enemy. Weak.” The boy said bitterly. Amazingly he stood up and readied his weapon. Ike stepped back in surprise.
`He can still stand? Just who is this guy?'
Shinon spat.
“Bah. Enough of this nonsense!” In a second he sent a volley of arrows at Reyezan. `Direct hit…'
The boy disappeared.
“Shinon! Look out behind you!” Oscar yelled. Shinon turned to look. Reyezan was bringing his weapon round to slice of his head. Shinon froze in fear.
`H-how did he get there…so fast…'
“Haaah!” Titania's horse's feet slammed into the assassin, sending him flying. He skidded along the floor before flipping back onto his feet.
“Don't get distracted!” Mia yelled and attacked from behind. He span around and blocked.
`Where did she come from? Dammit…I-I'm losing.'
Titania looked concerned at Shinon.
“Are you alright? What happened there?”
“N-nothing.” He said defiantly. “Nothing! I-could of handled it!” Titania didn't believe him. He knew that. But he would never admit that he would've lost. The fight and his life.
Reyezan and Mia were locked in combat.
“Why are you doing this?”
“Battle isn't about talking…It is about fighting!” He managed to throw her back. She adjusted her body, just like Ike had taught her, and landed on her feet.
`Lessons with Ike are paying off! Looks like pestering him for so long paid off!'
She charged again. The blades danced around, flashes of contact were blinding and the noise of metal on metal resounded throughout the court. There was an especially loud clash and the two swordfighters span away from each other.
“You're not bad…” he panted.
“Hah! I haven't even tried yet.” She grinned, equally tired.
“Come on!”
They began again.
Ike looked at his staff officer.
“Soren.” He nodded pointedly. He nodded back and began waving his arms.
His arms where making big circles. Every time they made a circuit the small tornado in front of him grew bigger and more powerful. Soren's eyes opened. His palm faced the assassin. The tornado glided over to its target, whose back was turned away. Mia saw the wind spell over his shoulder and grinned.
`Time to show off my new technique.'
She jumped back and pointed her sword at her enemy. `Concentrate. This has to be pulled off perfectly.'
`What is she doing?' her teacher, Ike thought.
Mia began running straight at Reyezan. Her sword was spinning in front of her, like a slicing shield. She took to the air and span her body around.
“Ryu Tsuisuta!” Her entire body began spinning at incredible speed. She was unrecognisable. Just a grey spinning twister.
“What the hell!” Reyezan screamed.
“Incredible! When did she learn this!” Ike yelled.
“Oh yeah! Go Mia!” Rhys called.
The twister crashed into Reyezan. He had managed to raise his sword to block it in time. But the power was to strong. He was thrown backwards…right into the tornado behind him. He was tossed around like a doll by the incredible winds. It sliced his clothing and skin.
Ike ordered,
“Oscar, Boyd, Shinon! Bows now!”
They all readied their bows and fired into the tornado. Reyezan screamed in pain as several bows struck his body. “Soren, throw him!” The boy was thrown out of the tornado, bloodied and beaten, and crashed into the ground. “Rhys, finish it!”
The healer raised his hand. At his command, an orb of light formed. Suddenly a huge pillar of light descended from it and struck the body of Reyezan.
Mia slumped on the ground.
“Phew. That takes a lot out of you.” She sighed. Ike smiled down to her.
“You did very well. When did you learn that? Who from?”
“Heh. I've been practicing that for a while, but I still haven't perfected it yet. It should be faster.”
“Just keep training like you always do.”
“Got it boss!”
“Can you stop calling me boss? Commander is better.”
“Hehe. Sorry.”
Ike sighed.
“Good work everyone. Now rest up.”
“No way…” Mist breathed.
“Can…rest all…”
“What's with this guy?” Boyd groaned.
“All you want…” Reyezan stood up. “When I kill you all!”
Everyone stared in shock.
`Impossible…' Shinon thought.
`This is becoming annoying…' Titania frowned.
He charged straight at Oscar, the nearest. The green haired paladin, grabbed his Silver Lance, called Knight's Vow, and met the charge. He swung the lance round, but Reyezan jumped over it. His sword was held up to his face, horizontally. The sword slammed into Oscar's chest. Blood splattered out of his mouth. He was thrown off his horse. Reyezan landed and opened his eyes at the sound of Oscar's body crashed into the ground. There was a large horizontal slash in his green armour, which seeped his life fluid.
“You Bastard!” Boyd yelled. He charged at the boy with his axe in hand. He turned to meet the attack but his sword was thrown out of his hands. The warrior let one hand go, pulled it back and punched him as hard as he could. Reyezan was sent flying. He tumbled over and over before coming to a stop face down.
“He's still alive!” Mist called. Boyd breathed a sigh of relief.
Reyezan tried to get up but was pushed back down. Someone was standing on his back.
“Move and I let go, sending an arrow right through your head.” Shinon growled.
`Dammit….' Reyezan thought. His world went black.