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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
A world ravaged by war and fire not the future but another world where psychokinesis is the norm. This world is ravaged by Eggman Nega.

A sliver/white hedgehog named Silver battles him everyday only to fail at destroying him. His wife Blaze was badly wounded in the last battle and this time Silver along side his son Pyro are out for revenge.

Pyro a 10 year old hedge-cat who resembles his father only with out the quills on top of his head instead long buts of silver hair with purple tips in a leather vest and black pants purple in color with 2 long quills in the back of his head also with silver tips. he masters both and Pyrotectonics. not really naive but pretty stubborn. His sister who's only 2 years older than him Annabeth is with their mother she has more issues and can barely control her powers.

Eggman Nega comes on a winged platform covered in a force field.

As Silver readies himself for another attack "What you did to blaze was unforgiveable!" Sliver yelled as Pyro was ready to shoot flames.

"Oh my dear silver it was too pleasant for me, that Blaze was over matched by my machine, but remember of you chose to become my slaves you shall live in my empire." he said grinning.

"You bastard!! what you did to my mom I won't go easy on you!" Pyro yelled as he started to shoot fire at the vessel.

"ohohoho!!!! Your puny fire can't hurt me!" Eggman Nega laughed "But this will!" Silver raises a chunk of a building and rams him causing the vessel to shake stunning him briefly. "You'll pay for that!" he screamed, as he launched missiles at him. Silver and Pyro grabbed them and tossed them back. The shield was still on.

Eggman Negoa was now convertign power to the shield as sliver and Pyro were tossing boulders at him weakling him "well this might be over son!" Silver said with pride.

"Dad don't bet on it" Pyro stated as a black portal opened up and a series of black creatures that looked like ants started comming about.

"Oh shit what the hell are those!" yelled Silver "Dad lets flee and figure out some thing!" Eggman Nega just looked on as they over powered his ship and covered him in darkness the hedgehog and hedge-cat could hear his screams as soon as the dark beings left Eggman Nega was there unconscious without his heart!

"Fuck this lets flee!" said Sliver as they fly off.

Blaze in bed wrapped in bandages as a 12 year old hedge-cat who resembles Blaze with several quills in the back of the head and hair tied up on the top of her head white tipped tail and ears was well as the quills. she was wearign a blue dress with short sleeves, black shoes with purple streaks, white socks. Who seems very depressed "Mother why is this happening" she asked.

Annabeth we don't live in a perfect world but there is one out there I know some people that are good so if anything happens to us I want you and Pyro to flee there find a hedgehog named Sonic he can take care of you."

Tears fill Annabeth's eyes "no I refuse to leave you I need you your my only real friend!!!"

Blaze gently wrapped her arm around her "look dear there's no guarantee we will make it out alive you have to be strong."

Just then the door was kicked in "Blaze, Annabeth we have to leave!!" "Silver what happened!!" Blaze said "there're these creatures. I don't think I can stop them look we have to leave now!!!!!!" the family all run out ht he door only to out numbered by these creatures Annabeth starts glowing as she shoots fire everywhere killing them the rest flee "good job sis!" Pyro stated.

She gave him a faint smile "Dad where we going?" asked Annabeth "Eggman Nega's Base I heard he has a device there we could find another world safe from these monsters." Silver said.

Blaze has a shocked look on her face "lets go forget about the others" Annabeth stated. Silver was shocked at her remark but could do nothing as they flee.

Soon they arrive in a remote area covered in steel in front is a huge super computer "well were here " Silver said as he starts to access it
"You know what your doing" asked Blaze "no but it's worth a shot."
Just then in a flash of light they arrive in a new area.

It's dark and has a cartoon feel to it as other people from other worlds are seen.

As young boy with a key in one arm appears "welcome to Traverse Town I'm Sora." he "well at least we found a new place to stay" thought Blaze. Silver looked around we were attack by these black things what the hell were they" asked Pyro "Heartless" Sora said "me and my friends are here to stop them."

"Annabeth took off to be alone in the forest area, Silver went with Sora, Pyro stayed with his mom.

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