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Now we head to Crimea to see how things are there.
Years later Titania went back to being Dept Commander. In battle however she always swears the Necklace Miles gave her of course she is unaware that they will meet again she is also very lucky that the sands of time were quite merciful on her the top of her red hair is now grey with age.

Of course the group that went with her was Shinon, Gatrie, and Rolf.
As some bumbling nut runs up to them "hey how do I get to Daien I'll suck your dick!!!" Shinon gives him a look. "what did you say?" he said.

"I'll suck your dick!!!" Shinon and the bum head into the bushes 20 min Shion exits zipping up his pants “Daien is that way” he points and the bum runs off.
Titania nodes her head "Shinon, fuck around on you own time!" she barked "Pah you never let me have any fun too bad Ike wasn't here he would of joined me!" he countered.
Just then a series of heartless appear! "What the fuck are those!" asked Rolf. "Who cares lets kill theses bastards!" scoffed Shinon

"Un Shinon that not a good Idea" said Gatrie "well you lucky then, they want to eat brains and you don't have one." "Gee thanks, hey wait a min" a tear dropped out of Gatrie's eye.

Titania's necklace started glowing "can you fight later lets kill these fools!!!" Titania swung her spear killing several of them at once as more came "shit how the hell do we stop them!!!" Just then a lance fell from the sky as Jill and Haar arrived on the scene. Along side Mia and Soren "time to kick ass!" Mia said cheerfully.
As she started slicing them down left and right.
Soren cast his fire Magic Titania removes her necklace tossed it to him he quickly put it on and started casting thunder magic and wind magic.
The heartless were "OWNED!" "Well looks like we head back to base and find out what the hell is going on." Titania said as she and the others took off.
when they make it to base everyone is unconscious there alive but there hearts are gone Rolf being brave as Mist appears badly hurt and bleeding "they were thousands we could hold them off only me and the heron clan were not affected." she collapsed in Rolf's arms "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! you bastards!!!!!" screamed Rolf as

Devdan and Marcia appeared. "this is unfortunate news that makes me upset we must find away to stop them or out word will be covered
“In darkness." Devdan said sternly. "Bull shit time to fight!" Marcia said harshly. Everyone looked at her shocked.

"Look there's only 11 of us 13 if you count the herons but we are still out matched!" Titania said sadly

"No shit Capt" scoffed Jill as Harr was about to fall asleep. "HARR!!!!" Jill screamed "for the love of the goddess can't you see I need my beatuy sleep"
"Like you need it" barked Shinon as the Heron siblings appeared.
Reyson and Leanne appeared

"Well the dark fiends wont' attack us since were pure of heart we might be able to stop them" Reyson said

"Look there's a place we could head to but it's risky we need to save this world but in order to do that we need to leave this one for now!"

He went on. "Leanne you can guard the others I trust you'll be safe."
She nodded as she sand the song of rebirth and revived Mist.

Mist started to worry about the others as she cried in Rolf arms.

"Look Mist cry later we need to find Miles he's the only one I know that can stop them." Titania said being cold hearted Reyson then pulled out some warp powder. "We can head to a world and start there but we will be exhausted after this."

Reyson poured the powder on the ground and warped as did the rest as Leanne looked on.

The next thing you know there in Traverse town. To them it's alien.

"what the hell is this place" said Rolf "I wonder if there any hot ladies" said Gatrie "I got your hot lady right here" Shinon un zipped his pants and exposed his slong as Rolf covered Mist's eyes.

"SHINON!!!!!" Titania screamed "you pull that stunt one more time I'll cut it off and feed it to you!"

Shinon quickly zipped his pants back up.

As Sora, Silver, and Pyro appeared. Marcia excited with joy started hugging Silver believing him to be Thunder “oh Thunder how I missed you” she said as Silver slipped away
"Sorry lady but I'm Sliver Thunder isn't here besides were looking for his dad anyway." "Dad look!!!" Pyro sees some more heartless and this time they have nobodies with them.

"Shit can't they let us be!!!" said Sora as everybody gets ready to attack.

Every one attack the heartless and nobodies but there too many.

Of course back up arrives in the nick of time in the form of Leon, Cloud, Donald and Goofy.

"Were here" said Donald in an odd voice "oh great more talking animals!" scoffed Shinon.

After a grueling fight that lasted 20 min they were all defeated. “how do we stop them looks like it's going to take a miracle now!" said Sora

"gawsh looks like we got visitors hi-yuk!" said Goofy.

"Lets head to the war room and please leave you animals out side" said Leon. Jill, Haar, Titania and Mist look at each other.

As they dismount walking their horses and wyverns.

Reyson decides to stay with the animals.
As everyone heads into the war room.

Reyson notices Blaze, since she looks wounded he sings the song of rebirth, and heals her fully. "Thank you my name is Blaze." she said being humble.
"Prince Reyson of the Heron tribe" Reyson stated
"Was your world destroyed as well" he said making small talk.

"yes but not by the heatless we fled her escaping them"

"That’s awful you know of a fox named Miles D. Prower?"

"Well yes I heard of him but he is in his own world and there is now way to get there that I know of, you want some help with those things?"

"there horses and wyverns they wyverns are large lizards" they are having a nice conversation.

"Well my husband should be arriving shortly my daughter I can't seemto find her I know she has a hard time since she can't control her powers." "You want me to find her right?" Reyson smiled.
"that would help a lot" Blaze stated "her name is Annabeth."

Reyson flies off.

War room......

Sora along side Goofy, Donald ,Leon Cloud Merlin and Yuffie.

"Aerith come rushing in sorry over slept hehehe" Gatrie was checking
her out Titania elbowed him hard.

"Hey!" he scoffed I am Titania Capt of the Greil Mercenaries these are my men and women. Jill, Haar (he's asleep.) of Daien Gatrie ,Shinon, Soren, Mist Rolf, Marica from Begnion." Mia, and Devdan."

"Well pleased to meet you, our goal is to stop the heartless and save as many worlds as we can! Said Merlin “so you’re a mage Soren” he said looking at him.

"Yes why" "well you'll come in handy" Soren smiled at that remark.

Well Sora take our friends to the hotel let them rest I know it'sbeen hard on them.
Sora gives a nod and every one leaves.

Next Ch is in Sonic's world and Lunar isn't too pleased. Why you ask
Sorry no spoilers.