Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ The Mall ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Lunar out side with his kid’s twin boys Amadeus and Claudius age 10. Amadeus who was 15 seconds older and resembled his mother Luna, an arctic wolf/fox. Claudius resembled his father a grey wolf/fox.

Lunar was in biter mood his kids were heading out to go do what ever but Amadeus asked “what happened dad?”

Lunar looks at him well I was tracking this bugler for month’s right. After 18 months I finally catch the bastard of course some how he gets his hands on some chunky peanut butter, Jiff I think and stuff it into his ass.” Amadeus starts giggling. Anyway when his court date appears and is ordered to approach the bench he sticks his hand into his pants and starts licking his fingers and nobody wants to get near him the judge says ‘this man is mentally unstable and need psychiatric help.’ Of course after 6 months in the puzzle house he’ll be let out!!” Amadeus falls down laughing his ass off!!

“Dayus that’s enough.” “Sorry Dad” “wait I might have a job for you” Claudius gets interested “I need 2 to portray blind kids since this one bastard is selling crack to them and yes the wolf/fox wants him dead as well.” Claudius got all hyped up as his necklace starts glowing.

The ice, wind, and thunder stones are in full effect. Just then a white echidna in a black leather vest unbuttoned and red pants his dreads tiled back with a crescent moon in red on his chest in a red corvette. With him is a blue hedgehog in the back is a young guy no older than 14 dressed in a black leather jacket, shades and black pants his black hair slicked back. As he looks cocky.

“Aries, Rusty, Tom where the hell you been?” asked Claudius “well Faith wanted to do something nice of course Thunder is learning how to fly Jesseabelle” said Tom, Amadeus looks up only to see Thunder flying jesseabelle Miles flying next to him “whoa slow down girl!!!” as she does a nose dive and rises high up. Lunar comes outs sides to see what’s the commotion “what the hell is Thunder doing, flying drunk!” after 5 min Jesseabelle lands Thunder fall off gets up and starts wobbling around dizzy as he falls into Lunar’s arms “damn I would pay money to see Hulk Hogan do that.” Lunar just nods his head as a violet hedgehog and a young human girl around 16 are walking up both wearing matching outfits plaid red skirts white blouses red ties and black dress shoes. “Thunder can’t you Chaos Control the hedgehog said. “Violet don’t you have to be in a Rebelde video”
Thunder said getting up “Now that’s just rude” the human said “Ashley be nice besides where’s Faith and Peach at the arcade or what?” said Tom “dude do I look like a body guard I don’t know humph!”

Aries drives off tires screeching “crazy driver!!!” barked Thunder as Miles lands.
“That was fun” he looks as Violet and Ashley “no fucking way am I going to ride that” scoffed Ashley. “Mmmm-hmmm!” said Violet as she rolled her hand snapping her fingers.

“Well were here lets head to the mall” said Miles the twins look at each other “Miles what’s with you” said Ashley “I’m heading to the arcade I feel, I need a break damn Colombian drug lords!!” Lunar just smiles.

“What about Jewelle?” Said Violet “she’s probably getting a grill or something” said Miles. “Oh, oh hell naw!!!” a red bat appeared with med length hair in an all black jump suite “I have a life ju know!!!” she hissed as Thunder gave her a look “come on lets go.” Said Ashley as everyone leaves.

“Hey Miles mind if I use Jesseabelle?” “go ahead but be careful” Thunder removes a Chaos Emerald “you can never do this Hulk Hogan!!! Chaos Control!” And every one leaves in a flash of light.

Lunar looks as the wyvern as he hops on and flies off.

Thunder and co arrive at the mall as they see the other appear “showoff” scoffed Tom as he removes his jacket just then a thief starts running as a security guard screams “stop thief!” he passes the kids knocking down Ashley violet and Jewelle as Tom trips him and Aries jumps on him as do the twins and Thunder. Jewell gets up and starts kicking him “you mothafucker!!! You know how much its cost to do my hair more than your bail batch!!!”
As more guards rush to the scene “gee thanks guys” as people applaud “any words?” Miles draws his sword “you can never do that Hulk Hogan!” Violet just nods her head.

As they head off to go shopping Miles heads to the arcade where Peach and Faith are he passes them and heads for dance-dance revolution and starts dancing on it he uses it to unleash his frustrations. Peach approaches him.

“What happened back there?” “Not much just that bastard was pardoned by the president since he offered to free his brother!!” Peach closed her eyes and nodded her head “damn, but at least you saved the village right?” “It was a cocoa plantation!!” Peach kissed his cheek and left that made him feel somewhat better. As she took off Faith stopped her look “I know you care for him but trust me on this its best to let him calm down he might have to get permission from the wolf/fox alliance to kill this guy he’s killing kids for profit!” Peach was shocked “no wonder he was so pissed.” They leave arm in arm and head to the food court.

Aries carrying Jewelle’s bags, Rusty carrying Violet’s, Tom carrying Ashley’s.
Thunder and Miles(who just finished dancing) just laughing at them, carrying medieval weapons and body armor. “Where’s Gust at?” Asked Ashley “look” they all look out side and see Gust dressed like a bum wearing sunglasses like he’s blind.

“Oh hell no!!!” scoffed Jewelle “hey relax dude dad said he’s trying to catch this drug dealer” countered Claudius.

After a while they catch up to Faith and Peach “well boys looks like your hands are full” she smiled “your lucky that Gust is helping Lunar catch the fool selling crack to blind kids.” In flash of light Lunar on Jesseabelle appear in the food court as a matride confronted him “sir no pets allowed unless service animals” Lunar raises his right hand and bitch slapped him hard.

“Damn your dad just bitch slapped the matride!” Ashley said Dayus Claude it’s time!” the twins put on sunglasses and pull out red and white canes and start acting like blind crack heads.

Aries, Tom, and Rusty head outside as well. The girls decide to stay as do Thunder and Miles as Lunar teleports away.

A large guy with dreads in a Rastafarian hat approaches Gust “hey 4 eyes whey mu money!! You blind ass should get it mon!!” Gust starts to act nervous as Aries, Rusty and Tom appear driving down the street. “Hey dreadlocks your service is over as of now!” said Amadeus “what are you talking about?” just hen Lunar approaches him tot eh side and pulls out a gun and BOOM! Blows his brains out as he falls down as people run and scream Aries about to drive off and Tom makes hand movements “Now that’s how you kill some body, you run up to them and pow blow their fucking brains out in broad daylight!” as Aries drives off as Lunar puts the gun away.

Gust quickly removes the cloths and is wearing alight green G.U.N. uniform “damn that was easy” the girls then show up “well looks like you the heroes today” Ashley said hugging the twins as Gust and Peach start to kiss.

Well there here next Ch its starts (I think)

A/N all the kids and Luanr are my oc’s ask and you may use them if I feel like it.