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Sonic now that he's getting older knows his fighting days are numbered as does everybody else the only one who can really still fight is Lunar despite his age his body didn't develop much when he was a cyborge. Tails and Cream were with their families so they pretty much retired Shadow is they same true he was 'the ultimate life form' but nothing is forever.
Amadeus and Claudius were off in Johto collecting better stones and just returned.
Luna doing some school work as her boys come bum rushing in "Mom, Mom look what we got!!!" they both shout as they remove a handful of various Pokemon stones. Leaf, Sun, Moon, Fire, Earth, Water, Ice,
Thunder, Wind ,and Physic.
"well only 3 of them are going to aid you" she said pleased "Pfft there for decoration nothing else" said Claudius "well go show your father I know he'll be pleased." they run off but crash into Lunar "Dad you see our stones" said Amadeus "yes you'll make a fine necklace" of course all of a sudden his phone rang. "yes Mr. President bring the kids it's important oh shit were on out way! Luna come quick big ass meetign at the head quarters everyone is told to come" Lunar pulls out a chaos Emerald "You can never do this Hulk Hogan Chaos Control!"
Luna nods her head as they vanish in a flash of light as a family.
All of a sudden there in a huge building with everybody else Sonic who's gotten older dressed in all white along side Amy who is in a red pants suite and their kids Violet and Rusty.
Knuckles and Rouge with their kids (twins) Aries and Jewelle
Knuckles dressed in a dashiki and baggy pants his dread tied back, Rouge in her old out fit
Jewelle in a white jump suite Aries dressed the same as Knuckles.
Along side Tails and (new) Cosmo with the other twins Gust Faith and Miles. Tails in a dirty grey mechanic out fit Cosmo in a pink one Faith still in her black overalls and pink blouse, Gust in a mint green G.U.N. uniform.
C.T. with Molly of course Ashley is now 8 years old again she was working with a machine for Lunar and accidentally made her self 8 years younger, of course her out fit changed too whit top red skirt black shoes and white socks. C.T. is still in his custom long coat this time the sleeves were removed yet he is also wearing a black shirt and pants. Tom is dressed the same, Tom also enjoyed the fact that he's now older (well he's not but he looks it).
Molly in reg black pants and white shirt.
Cream wearing a simple green dress Shadow in a grey G.U.N. Uniform Peach in pink overalls and black blouse with pink barrette holding down her quills. Thunder in a red GUN uniform.
Also in the room are various diplomats including Zelos Wilder and the leader of the silver backs Lunar and Tails are hold in their pride as they snarl at him beside them is the leader of the Wolf/Fox alliance.
"Well the reason I brought you here is great threat..." just then Eggman comes rushing "ohohoh sorry I'm late I was getting my hair done his mustache was gone and his hair was in corn rolls.
Peach whispers in Ashley's ear saying "he shaved off the mustache and glued it to his head" they both giggle "I heard that Peach!" "ok back to business." the president said there is strange new world out there and they people of Tethe'alla report that they have seen various reports of dark being invading those worlds, lucky for us and the people of Tethe'alla our worlds are too far for them to reach so I'm asking you people this who is willing to go to this new world and find out what you can."
Eggman runs and jumps out the window "not meeeeeeee!" Jewelle and Rouge both look at the president
"what'chu talking bout?" said Jewelle well you see go to another world and see what you can come up with "Heellllllllllll no" said Aries as he glides out he window and lands on a building and climbs down "dad you might get killed" said Jewelle Knuckles gets worried and does the same Jewelle and Rouge fly off.
"That's just great any body else "well I have works to finish" said Luna
as she touches the window and creates a slide of ice, Amy grabs her hammer "smashy-smashy!" and smashes it "Amy what the hell are you doing!!" scoffed Sonic "well no way am I traveling around like that any more!" as she slid down "weeeeeee this is fun!" Luna joins her as Lunar nods his head as the president looks at Faith, Tom, Gust and Peach Gust and peach fly off "we promised were going to help Luna" they say Faith grabs Tom's hand and flies off "I promised him I was going to aid in beating up a teacher" Faith said "hey wait up I'll help too" Rusty said as he grabbed onto Tom's leg.
The only ones left were Ashley, Violet, Miles, and Thunder.
TailsxCosmo Sonic, Shadow C.T.xMolly Lunar, Amadeus, and Claudius
The gorilla leaves snorting at the leader of the wolf/fox alliance who growls at him.
Zelos now worried "uh guys how the hell are we going to go about this?" "I know just the person" said Lunar.
"Joanna Dark she'll be perfect for this mission" Lunar puts on his radar
"Carrington get your skirt wearing ass up here now!" Lunar ordered
As Sonic looked on "well this should be fun" he said. as large Scotsman in plaid skirt long socks and black jacket along side Joanna Dark. "Lunar listen up lass I'm a Scott not some skirt wearing drag queen from west holly wood the place where you be checking out the gay pride parade!"
Everyone was in shock Thunder gave Miles a look of 'don't you dare!' Miles ignored the look and caused a gust of wind to appear blowing up Carrington's kilt revealing a red thong everyone turned around in sheer shock "what he fuck was that wind lass who the hell broke a good window!!!" he scoffed Thunder was in sheer disgust as was the others of course Molly was lucky enough to cover Ashley's eyes in time.
"ok stop playing around this is serious"  scoffed Zelos as he was checking out Joanna who gave him a wink. if you excuse us we need to talk Sonic, Shadow, Violet, Ashley,  Molly this is official Wolf/ Fox Business, Crazy One, and Thunder can stay" the leader of the wolf fox alliance said sternly as they leave. "Why me" Thunder asked confused.
"Well technically  you're a horarymember since you came around when you were ya high" the leader put his hand to his knee Lunar smiled at that.
"Wellthe reason I brought you here was if you see any monkeys we have no jurisdictionin that world so if you want to go kill some monkeys  go ahead and KICK ASS! Thunder you don't have to but it would help out a lot." he then left. the president had a look on his face  "Lunar I hope you don't do anything stupid" "Pfft if I see a monkey I will enjoy killing him or her!"  Lunar said with a sadistic look in his eyes.
Molly and the other enter "well that took a long time" said Sonic  "Dad relax" said Violet "I rather be out selling crack to blind kinds than to be here!" scoffed Shadow Molly gave him a good smack upside the head.
"Ashley, Molly, Violet you got armor right?" said Lunar with concern "well I don't" said Ashley "neither do I" said Violet  I have some butI haven used it in a while said Molly "well you 2 come  with me" Lunar said "Violet watch Ashley, Ashley watch Lunar" said Molly kissing her on the forehead
Lunar then pulled out his Chaos Emerald "Molly you need me to take you anywhere" "just take me home for now well meet up at 0600 hours."  C.T. looks on "you can never do this Hulk Hogan! Chaos Control!"  they leave in a flash of light Molly gets dropped off in a remote area (The Concrete Jungle)  Lunar and the girls head into a remote base heavy armored and dark with only red lights active.
"Wellwere here" Ashley holding Violet's hand being quite nervous.
"relax a bit" Lunar said as he pulled out some measuring tape and started measuring Ashley then in a gay accent "oh my, I got just the armor for you" he also moved his hand around.
he hits a button a white light appears and a room opens up various weapons appear as do various body armors he removes a red bullet proof vest "here put this on" he hands  it to Ashley   she removes her shirt wearing only a white undershirt and puts it on "uh Lunar it's kind of heavy"  she said blushing "relax you'll get used to it" she puts on her shirt. he then starts to measure Violet  "well I think I got it" he hands her a  violet on she does the same only she's wearing a white sports bra  "well this isn't so bad" she puts it on and red does her shirt.
"do me a favor you see any monkeys kill them it will help us out a lot." Lunar said as a tear left Ashley's eye "now why you want us to do that?"  she said "you'll under stand soon enoughnow lets bounce." Lunar claps his hands and everything goes back to where it came from.
"Chaos Control!"  Theyleave in flash of light and return to headquarters.  
Molly now in her old flying uniform grey overall shorts black leg warmers white socks and black shoes her hair now with 2 bangs on the sides wearing a white barrettethe rest tied back Miles has his sword drawn Thunder has the 'dildo' axe  as Amadeus and Claudius laugh at him like a pair of hyenas.
Lunar arrives ready with the girls as Zelos come back inside smoking a cigarette "where's Jo asked Sonic she's un getting ready." he said with nervousness.
Jo appeared ready as she kisses Zelos "you'rethe best." every one looks confused.
"Nowhow the hell do we get here?"  said Shadow.

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