Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ Arriving ( Chapter 6 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ashley landed the ship, Titania and the others saw a flash of light and decided to investigate. As soon as they exit the ship disappears “now what?” said Thunder “well I’m going on patrol who wants to join me?” Said Miles Might as well said Violet they take off. I’m going to check it out as well said C.T. as he transformed into powered form. And flew off.

“Well looks like I’m in command” said Lunar. As they see a huge door and enter it thru a flash of light. Ashley clinging to her mom. Sonic and Shadow ready to kick some ass as Amadeus and Claudius got on guard as well. Thunder removed the ‘dildo axe’ and had it ready.

Molly wrapped her arm around Ashley and assured her everything will me all right.

Just then Silver, Pyro, Blaze and the Greil Mercenaries appeared. Alongside Sora Donald and Goofy. The min Silver saw Lunar it was on.

“YOU cost me my world! You stole my home time to get your ass kicked!”

Silver used his psychokines is on Lunar but it only made his nose moved a bit after a while causing him to sneeze. “Please stop this we can talk besides it’s real annoying.” Of course Silver used kept using his powers but it was fruitless as Silver’s nose began to bleed started to bleed Lunar grabbed him and suplexed him then he gave him 3 German’s as well as locking him in the STFU “say it say it now!” Barked Lunar

“Fuck you!” Silver said as he spat blood Lunar just locked it in tighter after 45 seconds Silver finally admitted it “I….am….your…..Bitch!” ever one was shocked Lunar let him go “next time make sure your not fucking with a guy that has armor blessed by the goddess.”

Lunar than helps Silver up “ok what’s your beef.” “Well I sent you an SOS but you didn’t come thru.” “I never received one even if I did I would aid you solo.” Silver then had a dumb looks on his face of course Marcia and Thunder were, well you know the drill “Get off me woman, I can’t breath!!!” Thunder said getting free “look I missed you too but I got a girlfriend” Marcia was somewhat upset but Titaina knew Miles was around too so she was happy and pleased. “Where is Miles at?”

Cosmo had a look on her face “who the hell are you and why do you want to see my son?” “oh sorry I am Dept commander Titania your son proved to be a valuable ally and a good friend” Cosmo had the same look as she and Tails walked away “I don’t trust her for some reason.” She said let’s wait and see. Said Tails.

“Well there is a favor you can do for me my daughter is missing can you find her” Lunar raised his hand “Dayeus, Claude find her.” They are about to bounce as Peter Pan snuck up behind Lunar “Lunar behind you!” Shouted Ashley, but it was too late and Pan stuck his dagger right into Lunar’s ass causing him to jump high in the air clenching it screaming “yeeeeeeeeeeeeowwwwwwwwwwwcccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Landing hard Thunder now had his axe in hand ready to swing it Lunar got up “you little prick!” “hahahahaa!! Look pirate just give me back Wendy and I won’t hurt you.” Lunar now annoyed as the mercenaries just looked on Sora confused as Lunar draws his sword and starts swinging it as Peter Pan flies around he get away then next thing Lunar’s tail was on fire as he runs around till he finds the sewer and cools off “that’s it you little brat!”

Lunar pulls out a Chaos emerald “Chaos Control!” everything freezes Lunar then wraps his tail around Pan “its time to grow up and show some respect!”

Lunar sits on the curb peter spread over Lunar’s lap as Lunar starts spanking him “ahahhhaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa” Pan cries as he gets his ass spanked as red as a baboon “I think he’s had enough” said Sora.

Trust me he hasn’t said Thunder. Somebody should call CPS said Shadow “don’t bother” said Claudius “is it cuz I’m black” Shadow said in defense “nah because no body cares”.

“Well I’ll be back, Ashley your in charge Dayeus Claude do what you gotta do.”

Where you going Pan sore as ever still wrapped up in Lunar’s tail like a boa does his prey. Where you going said Sonic “I’m going to pimp Pan then sell crack to blind kids!” Lunar said sarcastic they both teleport.

Lunar then arrives in a remote area of Santa Barbra (if he could return to Ca why not just teleport there well they need the directions) Lunar lands on the balcony pan now out cold since the blood flow was shut off.

(A/N due to the recent passing of Michael Jackson I removed the piece where he sodomised Peter Pan and put in its place a creepy guy Sodomizing

him instead R-I-P M-J!)

As a creppy guy appeared appeared. “Oohhhhhh for me Pan oh boy the lost boys I’m a kid too!!!!” Lunar gave him a look “you have kids” the creep asked “That’s for me to know and you to never to find out” Lunar takes off leaving Pan in custody of the creep “do with him what you will.”

After a while Pan wakes up sore in a large bed as the creep enters with a bottle of liquor “oh your awake time to have some fun you want to play?” “Oh who the hell are you.” Pan said getting up as the creep hugged him.

“Let’s play!!!” Pan now scared and helpless “ok how bout hide and seek.” “Yay!!!!” “Ok I hide you count no peaking!” Pan runs off hiding the creep finishes counting and starts looking after 45 min he find him under the bed “hey what’s that.” “Oh no nooooooooooooooooo!!!”

(A/N: if you saw scary movie II you’ll know what happened)

Peter struggled to get out of the bed as along dick wrapped around his neck as he screamed being dragged back under as he dug his hands into the floor ripping it up as he was dragged under.

Pan’s screams were unheard as the bed shook and sound of “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” “take it all bitch!! You know you want it!”

As the creep returns with some ‘toys’ “quit crying and take it like a man you know you want it!” As everything goes black

Don’t ask but I think Peter Pan was robbed of his childhood.

After a few hours Peter pan is now in a corner sobbing his pants ripped and blood is coming from his anus as he looks up some hunky scary men with chains and a video camera appear

Lunar arrives back where everyone was “Dad we can’t do much we need weapons.” Said Claudius Titania headed to her horse grabbed 2 sliver axes and handed them to the twins “what the hell you think you’re doing!” scoffed Cosmo “hey there my kids I ask the questions around here what the hell you think your doing!” scoffed Lunar “training them duh, look you can teach them the sword I teach them, the axe.

“Ok lift swing that’s it be careful and make your own combos”

Amadeus and Claudius are now recruits Amadeus takes off as Reyson appears “sorry no luck” he said “it’s ok you tried.” Said Blaze.

Claudius takes off Pyro follows him.

Titania hands Thunder a master seal.

Thunder uses it and transforms into powerful warrior.


Thunder can now use bows.

Pyro takes off finding Claudius train with the axe. Show off scoffed Ashley. As Molly tends to Lunar wounds.

“Hey your Claudius right” Pyro said catching up to the young wolf/fox.

“Yeah…why?” he said swinging the axe wildly doing various combos. “I was, well, hoping we could be friends.”

Claudius stops and puts the axe behind him on the belt used to keep it.

“Ok we can hang, out the reason I didn’t go with my brother is I felt I need to train some more.”

Tears flow from Pyro’s eyes really “I. I feel so loved and honored!” Claudius has a look on his face “ok calm down no need for water works.”

Well *sniff* no body really wants to hang out with me since they think me and my sister are well ‘freaks’ Claudius has a look on his face “how so?” “well we can control fire” “and?”

“Like that matters, look you might not know it but you can control your powers better with this” Claudius takes of his necklace the one with the physic and fire stones on it and puts it on Pyro.

Pyro started to glow as his physic and fire powers were being put in check “well how is it?” “wow I can do anything now he lifts” Claudius off the ground with his mind Pyro was so excited he was spinning Claudius around till he go dizzy Pyro stopped normally somebody would fall Claudius was still in the air “I can fly you know only I seldom do it”

Pyro then starts to hover “I think we can be good friends.”
He said. “I need to train but you could help me how bout you toss object at me and I knock them out of the sky.” “OK!” they begin to train.

Mean while Amadeus wandering around various areas looking for Annabeth no luck. The others introducing them selves.

Well next Ch does Amadeus find Annabeth what about the heartless sorry no spoilers.