Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ The Gorilla Massacre ( Chapter 8 )

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Lunails (Lunar-Tails) headed back to the ship as they split back they look at each other well our father would be proud Lunar then removes his Gatling gun “well lets kick some ass!” Tails charges up looking at Lunar who embraces him. I know, when you were little I always defended you now your all grown up our father would be proud” Tears leave Tails eyes, Manila The Gorilla Tails biggest enemy was here and Tails knew this was his only chance for revenge.
(Flash Back) Tails real young as a series of animals hold him down as large gorilla smashes an invention of his, as tears leaves his eyes pleading them to stop.
(End Flashback)
Tails heads on ready for the kill as he see a large ape fighting off a series of heartless Lunar turns on his radar “let him be for now.”
After they disappear Tails just charges up to him “you bastard! You treated me the way you did for no reason!” He tried to land a punch but missed and fell down as the ape laughed “you're a freak and you had nothing and never will” he lifted Tails up and tossed him into a tree Tails got up now ready as he powered up his tails spinning causing a huge gust of win as his body glowed his blue pupils gone “WHITE FOX THUNDER!” and blasted him down hard as he screamed his fur burning he busted him in the jaw shattering it as he finished him off with a super kick “Fox Wind!” Tails now with pure revenge in his eyes his fist glowing.
He punched the ape in the chest with all his might causing his heart to explode on impact Manila only gasped as blood left his mouth and nose and he lay there dead.
Tails now returned to normal "wait, this isn't over yet Its morphing time!" Lunar transformed into powered form and raised his sword "by the power of the Chaos Crystal, and the power of Grey Skull I am He-Man!" Lunar's uniform turned emerald green as another sword landed into his hand “time to kick ass!” Tails then summoned the power of the Chaos Diamonds and became Mega Tails!
“Now were ready!” They both run into the jungle at full speed Lunar his Gatling gun read and fully loaded. As they see a pack of gorillas Lunar opens fire on them causing them to run and scream "SEE YOU ALL IN HELL!” He yelled "White Fox Wind!" Tails caused the monkeys to be swept up in a storm as they were being slaughtered some fleeing but badly hurt that collapsed. Lunar then see a baby ape pull out a hand gun and blows his brains out.
Just then Jane appears "what the bloody hell do you think your doing!" she screamed trying to stop him.
nothing happens, Lunar just punched her dead in the jaw knocking her out as Tarzan appears "no, you not hurt Jane or monkeys you bad no friend!" as he tried to stop him (yeah right) Lunar punches him dead in the stomach as he falls back blood leaves his mouth.
Just then Professor Porter appears "what in God's name have you done!" Lunar shows his large jaw smiling "I did God's work!" Professor Porter runs screaming for Clayton
"Clayton please there's a wild dog killing the gorillas!!! Jane was also injured in the commotion!"
"like bloody hell some mutt will take my prize show the way!" he said
Clayton grabs a double barrel shotgun and head off "do be careful and save Jane!" said Porter.
Clayton sees Tails blasting wind and thunder at the helpless primates
He fires a single shot at Tails but it bounces off him "Fox Wind!" tails blasts him with a wind attack sending him off a cliff to his death.
As Kerckak appears fighting screaming and beating his his chest ready to fight Lunar smiled as he drew his swords slicing off his hands as he screamed the blood flow would not stop as Lunar sliced him up like a Thanksgiving turkey as he lay lifeless he turned on his radar.
He sees Kala sobbing over the grief of the slaughtered apes "your time is now, Wolf/Fox Thunder!" Lunar said with delight Lunar blasts her with a massive volt of Thunder killing her as various heartless appear but they fear him since his heart is pure yet his yearn for revenge didn't stop it.
Lunar powers down looking at the carnage "picks up the hands "Fox Wind!" and dries them into trophies fixing them up Tails also powers down "Sora is going to be pissed" Tails said with a smile on his face.
just then a large heartless in the form of a gorilla that was huge "oh shit" said Tails "were fucked now!"
"Pfft like that will stop us, lets us fuse together and show him the power of the wolf/fox alliance!"
As they fuse together and become powered Lunails they draw the swords and attack the giant being of course he feels the darkness in
Tails heart but it's not enough to stop them.
The heartless is giving them all he has but Lunails finishes it off with ease. they power down and head home the only surviving gorilla is Terk who sis horrified that pretty much all of the others are dead or mortally wounded. as she sits there sobbing quietly.
Lunar and Tails take a moment as Lunar grabs some monkey blood and smears it on the sides of his cheeks like war paint "well this is for you" he does the same to Tails "your now an official warrior." Lunar says proudly. They both embrace before heading to the ship.
As they take off Lunar is putting on the gorilla   hands like gloves Tails looks on for enemy ships. They then warp back to Traverse Town  
as soon as they land Ashley and her group is stilt here discussing plans as Lunar and Tails approach his kids rush to greet him but quickly fall back "why do you smell like blood and gun powder." said Claudius
"long story don't ask, Ashley."  Lunar holds out his hand for her to shake she does he then pulls it back screaming as he removed the gorilla hand causing her to scream he then starts laughing at her as she now is super pissed!
"You dick head that's not funny! remind me when I  get my body back I'm going to slap you upside the head!!" she yelled.
"well what are you plans?" said Tails "we we decided to head to never land."  said Annabeth that's just great heads up there pirates about "how bout I soften the blow a bit?" Lunar stated. They all look at each other "you may come along but don't hog all the fun." said Pyro "well I'm going to see Cosmo and have a good time" said Tails as he took off.
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