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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lunar takes the kids down to Neverland "well if the lost boys give you trouble don't hesitate to beat their ass." they take off in the ship ashley in control of th e ship Jesseabelle with them as well.
They arrive to a planet that as a forest and a pirate ship. "Dad what did you do to Pan?" asked Amadeus I sent him to Michael Jackson's house for a while." He said smiling everyone has a shock on their face.
As soon as they arrive "you guys scout on ahead I have something to make real quick." they all leave "ok Amadeus you and Claudius are in charge if you encounter the lost boys but don't do anything stupid please!" Ashley stated.
Back on the ship Lunar tinkering with some parts makes an artificial hand made of steel. this will do he then turned on his radar.
He then exits Amadeus and Claudius axes drawn cutting thru plants and shrubs, Ashley being the look out Annabeth and Pyro ready with their powers.
"What about Indians" said Amadeus "Native Americans you idiot!" scoffed Ashley "I'm part Native American." she got very defensive
"what about Indians as in from India?" said Claudius "I highly doubt they would be here." she said. as they keep walking.
Lunar was on his way to the Jolly Roger with the new metal hand as a gift for the Captain. (don't ask) as the crocodile waited for him Smee was trying to scare him away.
Lunar boarded the ship "I come in peace, if you like I can get rid of the crock." Just then Capt. Hook appeared "really tell me more." the 'good' Capt. said
"I am a friend I also got you a new hand" Hook removes his hook as Lunar put on his new hand Hook starts to move it around more freely
"hahahaha now I can have my revenge on Pan!!" "you get what's left of him said Lunar but he might not be a boy any more." Lunar stated.
"Well if you want you can have her" he points to the crows next where Wendy Darling is bound and gagged "Pfft you got a fairy right?" "yes but I must ask my dear wolf..." Lunar interrupted "Wolf/Fox." Lunar stated.  
"Pardon me but what happened to you tail Wolf/Fox?" Hook asked with glee "that punk ass Pan lit it on fire!"
"A small favor I might ask could you get rid of the crocodile?"  Hook said pleading with his eyes
this should be fun Lunar said removing his sword putting it in his mouth diving into the water.
of course all that could be seen was water splashing as the crock was surfacing Lunar wrestled with it after 5 min everything was calm as blood turned the water red.
Lunar returned to the ship with a dead crock "oh my revenge is so sweet.  Boys we dine on crock tonight!' the pirate grab the carcass and leave.
Well I have a fairy as payment, but she isn't much use since I used her to power my ship the Darling Children are mine! hahahahaha!!!" Hook said sounding sadistic.
As he reached in his coat and handed Lunar Tinker Bell in a lantern.
Lunar took the fairy and left.
Mean While....
Ashley walking with the others Pyro now nervous "uh guys you ever get the feeling your being watched?" he said nervously.
"Don't be silly you guys it's just your aaaaaaaaaa!!!" Ashley stepped in a trap and was swung upside down her white panties were exposed as she tried to hold her skirt up "don't just stand there get me down!"
Amadeus giggled at her in that position until he was swung up as well Claudius flew up swung his axe freeing Ashley as he caught her he landed gracefully Amadeus just froze the vines freeing himself.
Claudius still holding Ashley bridal style "you got a weapon?" he asked "no why?" she said with concern "well because we plan to kick some ass!" he lets her down "get a stick I'll freeze it!" Amadeus grabs his axe ready to attack. as a series of children most younger than the twins one large one about 11-12 dressed as animals. "hey what did you do to our traps!" one scoffed. as Ashley kicked him dead in the groin "that's for dangling us upside down like that."
"hey what's the..." "big idea" the twins said "oh so your twins eh? said Claudius. "let's get them!" Amadeus and Claudius bum rush the twins. as Pyro grabs the rest in his psychokinesis "well that's that" said Annabeth crossing her arms.
"as a flash of light appeared Joanna Dark appeared "well boys I see your busy" she said in flirtatious way Amadeus and Claudius lets go of the twins who are now bleeding and crying as they rush to Jo. as she hugs them both "so where is you father?" "with the pirates why?" said Ashley. never mind dear as Lunar teleported back holding a lifeless fairy. "you handle it I have something to do Jo make sure they don't kill anyone." he takes out a leather jacket and black sunglasses and puts them on as he removes his shot gun he puts them on as he says in a German accent "I'll be back." he takes off.    
Pyro finally lets them down "well I'll go see the Captain" Ashley stated
"You mean Captain Hook? did you bang your head or are you as crazy as you dad?" said Claudius. "look I'll be safe I figured I could solve this diplomatically " Ashley stated taking off "pfft the only  way to solve this diplomatically is making my foot the ambassador to his ass" scoffed Joanna.
After a while Ashley found the Jolly Roger as she boarded a series of pirated surrounded her grunting and wielding swords as the Captain appeared. Ashley gave a curtsey "how do you do." she said acting well trained “ah my dear the pleasure is all mine I take it the wolf/fox sent you?" he said kissing her hand. "yes I came her to take you to  Michael and John." she said  "splendid well make your self at home"    he said thinking evil thoughts "I can't stay long the lost boys have my friends and want Wendy back as a trade" she said "hmm I guess I could loan her for a while" the ship then started to fly off "well now what?"   
"Toss the bitch over bard I'll do the rest"  Ashley said getting  on the Captains good side. "Men you heard the girl toss the tart overboard" they grab Wendy and toss her over board "and get me a bottle of rum" Ashley stated.
"My for such a well mannered young lady you do have the tongue of a drunken Turk" Hook said handing her the bottle as she gave another curtsey and dove off the ship  holding the bottle of run in one hand her skirt down in another as a parachute automatically opened as she landed near Wendy and caught her. As they both land.
The captain looked onward "that girl is crazy" he said.
as soon as Ashley and Wendy land Ashley unties her and removes the gag "what the bloody mess was that saying those vile words were you brought up as a gutter rat?" Wendy protested "ok the gag goes back  Ashley re gagged her.
as they head back to meet the others Wendy is shocked to see the lost boys battered and bloodied  "well I'm off" she said "where are you going we might need you." said Claudius "to get a new outfit and wash my hand"   she then kissed Claudius on the cheek and took off "hey wait for me" said Annabeth. Jo just looked at them Amadeus looked back "don't just stand there get a rope woman."
Wendy could only look on as Claudius started to untie her  "well no more protesting" he  said as he removed the gag "this is observed what do you pant to do with them?" Wendy scoffed  "get back to where we need to go since they think it's fun dangling people upside down how bout they like it!  Besides your siblings are in danger anyway."  "oh no what can we do?" Wendy said as tears left her eyes  "let's just hope my dad gets there first." said Amadeus.
After a while Ashley and Violet returned Ashley now in a red G.U.N. uniform Annabeth in a sky blue one. "well now were ready to kick ass." Jo just nodded her head. "You people will never learn."
 "well now what do we do?" said Pyro "we need a ship" said Amadeus.
Claudius and Amadeus look at each other then the lost boys with sadistic smiles as Wendy starts to protest Annabeth uses her power to shut her up.
Well next CH Does Lunar save John and Michael   (sadly yes)