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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Lunar takes off for the second part of Neverland the UK.
He is out looking bout for the Darling house
Inside the Daring house George and Mary darling are discussing their dinner plans "I swear Wend shouldn't even bother taking care of the lost boy she belongs with her family rather then the childish pan!"
he scoffs "now, ow George the lost boys need a loving mother." Marystated.
As John and Michael appear with Nana who inadvertently causes George to fall of course annoyed by the dog he grabs her by the collar and tosses her out side. "you give the mangy mutt more attention than you do me!!! next time I'll send her to the glue factory"
That outburst causes Michael to cry in his mothers arms as she tries to consol the child of course that makes George pissed off  OF ALL THE BLOODY NONSENSE  YOU GIVE THAT DOG MORE ATTENTION  THAN YOU DO ME!!!! I AM TH E FATHER I DESERVE THE ATTENTION MORE THAN THE DOG AND I DEMAND RESPECT!!!!"
George that's enough you'rescaring your children you need to grow up!! Yourself!! Mary statednow yelling back "I AM NOT SCARING THEM I AM TEACHING RESPECT!!!"  George yelled.
Lunar outside over heard the commotion  "yep that's the house" as he heads to the door it's locks so he turns the knobwith full strength and breaks in
as he looks up he sees a series of  ships heartless and the Jolly Roger "Good Job Ashley." he says as he heads up stairs.
"And that's why I Married you and not your sister!" there still yelling "well for you information my sister is really my brother!"  "well at least she know how a man feels! because she was one!"
Lunar starts walking holding his shotgun as the scene turns to First Person Shooter.  after awhile he reaches the nursery. as the parent's still argue "well that's no reason to bitch slap the bloody maitres"
"Wellthat's a bloody good reason than making the Counsel General Kiss you bloody ass!"  
The kids scared, and embracing each other. as Lunar steps in  "Come with me if you want to live." he still sound like the Govanator.
"who the bloody  hell are you?" asked George  "A friend. Darling Children it is not safe here comewith me." Lunar said "please is it that bad you must take them” Marypleaded "look outside you childish shouting is the least of my concern it is also none of my concern that you married a girly man who sneaks around to have sex with other men!" George now shutting up, "oh my bloody God look!"  a series of flying heartless appear atthe window "grab my tail but do not pull it you will make it out alive"  the children both grab it scared holding on.
As Lunar exits with the kids in tow a flying heartless appears Lunar shoots it clean out of the sky.
Just then some more appear, simple black things,  Michael now scared cling to his tail like a teddy bear ha send as many as you like Lunar then draws his sword and slices thru them with ease. "Sendas many as you like"  he just keeps slicing thru them after awhile they retreat.
"Jump on my back I'll fly us out of here"  Lunar commanded  "but what about fairy dust?" said John "the fairy is dead, besides I don't believe in them." Michael begins to cry some more.
Lunar removes his Chaos Morpher "Now time to get rid of the accent" Lunar now  now speaking normal "It's morphing time!" he becomes Powered Lunar as they kids jumps on his back he takes to the skies.
"wow this is something out of Narnia!" said John "PFFT"  said Lunar "I am a Wolf/Fox and have real power."
as they fly on his back Captain Hook appears firing at them "ha your no match for me haha!" Lunar saiddodging the cannon fire even kicking a few back at him like a soccer ball.
"what is going on Hook" said shocked  "I think it's best we retreat maybe Maleficent can help!" Smee Pleaded "your right" Hook hissed clenching his new metal hand.
As the ship takes off "I'll be back!"  ScoffedHook.
Lunar proceeds to Neverland  Amadeus and Claudius   much to Annabeth's   dismay  now holding the belts that held their axes  to beat the lost boys Ashleyand Pyro look on betting who will break skin first as their cries of pain go un answered.
Lunar finally lands "Neverland is not safe   Ashley, Pyro take the Darling children back to Traverse town  and seek a man names Leon.
"Annabeth find Wendy and return to Amadeus and Claudius,  you 2 round up he lost boys and get a ship ready your going to war."
Annabeth takes off Lunar looks at the lost boys sobbingand sore "guess they really pissed you guys off." Annabeth return's with Wendy but she's carrying her with  psychokinesis  "Wendy I have you siblings it is not safe Annabeth go with Amadeus and Claudius."  
Everyone splits up.  "GeePyro what now" said Ashley "the only thing we can do is head back and find a new mission." said Pyro as he and Ashleylead the Darling children back to the gummie.
bitter sweet eh well next up it's Sonic's teams turn wonder what Violetand Shadowwill think of the olden  Middle East.