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Molly covering her head in a scarf as did Violet and Blaze "what the hell are you girls doing" said Shadow. were respecting Islam I don't want to piss off anybody Molly said looking at C.T. of course he got all defensive "What happens in Saudi Arabia stays in Saudi Arabia!" he scoffed.
"Relax I doubt Islam was even started yet and if it was not all of Arabia was affected." Shadow said
"Wellwere here and that's that" said Sonic "Dad look!" they see a young boy (Aladdin) being chased by some heartless "oh great, this is just great!" scoffed Silver.
as he lifted up some rocks ready to throw them "why do that when you can Chaos Blast!" said Shadow glowing red blasting away at them.
"Showoff" said Molly as she readies a hand gun C.T. turns into powered C.T. as he blasts bits of energy at them Violet along side her dad start homing attack the fat bandits.
Blaze starts spinning around causing a tornado of fire burning the heartless "aaaaaa!!!" she hissed as Aladdin removes a lamp and starts to rub it Genie get rid of these guys! Genie appears to take care of the heartless "now what a magical Genie" said Shadow getting some ideas.
"Thanks, who are you and what happened to Sora?" Sora is busy selling opium to blind kids shadow said grinning evilly. Molly smacked him up side the head. "ow what the hell as that for" Shadow said rubbing his head.
I'm Sonic, Sonic The Hedgehog, this is my daughter Violet The hedgehog rubbing his head is Shadow the hedgehog the worlds ultimate life form. the other one is Silver with him is Blaze the cat and the humans are Molly and C.T." Sonic said they all nod.
"Well I guess you could help Jasmine was kidnapped by this madman named Jaffar."
"Can I use the lamp please I need to make a wish" Shadow said Aladdin give control of the lamp to Shadow.
Shadow rubs it as the Genie comes out Shadow grabs him "I'm your master now and you're my bitch!" "Okyou get 3 wishes but I can't
make people fall in love I, can't kill anybody, and can't raise the dead." Shadow tosses the lamp back "your genie is as good as a dead Wyvern!" Shadow scoffed as he took off.
Sonic then picked up the lamp "ok I wish for a chili dog!" One appeared in his hand "you're an idiot" said Silver C.T. "takes the lamp I know exactly what I want I wish Ashley back to normal a 16 year old girl."
Back in Traverse Town Ashley's body starts to grow she's back to her normal state as she looks up "Thanks dad" she then embraces Pyro "everything is all right this is the real me" she said.
Back in Agrabah "well I hope it worked" C.T. said "look I promised his last wish he would be free so no more goofing around" said Aladdin.
Fine we'll help you find the princess but what's in it for us? Hmmm” said C.T. as Molly smacked him up side the head C.T. returned the favor with a nudge.
“Look we have no time for fighting please we need to rescue Jasmine!!” pleaded Aladdin
“Fine where do we look” said Silver ready as was Blaze.
“First lets head to the cave of wonders” said the young hero as he whistled for carpet along side Abu.
”Pfft flying carpet this is the only way to fly!” Scoffed Shadow as he removed a Chaos Emerald you can never do this Hulk Hogan! Chaos Control!” everyone leaves in a flash of light. Arriving right in front of the huge cave “Time to kick some ass” Shadow said removing a 9mm and cocking it. As a series of bandits and fat bandits (heartless) appear.
“Time to finish this it's morphing time!” said C.T. all of a sudden Molly pulls out a red Chaos Emerald in her own Chaos Morpher as they both transformed her uniform was red with a small mini skirt similar to the pink ranger only all red C.T. gave her a look “hey I has tails make me one before I left.” She said.
As they head inside the cave the monkey ran off. “Dammit Abu! Well no luck there” he said as they explore the cave.
More heartless appear, Molly with no known powers just her bare hand and the power of a Chaos Emerald can knock them out with ease.
Of course Shadow's hand gun didn't do much but it did work to some degree.
Jafar with Jasmine and Maleficent along side a loud mouth parrot named Iago. “So where is your precious Aladdin now my dear?”
“He will rescue me you just watch!” scoffed the princess
Iago get me the lamp!” He barked.
As the bird flew off “Jafar don't screw this up please we need 7 princesses to complete the task at hand” said Maleficent
“Fuck out of bullets” scoffed Shadow as he tossed the gun. And his hands started glowing.
Just then Iago appeared and snatched the lamp from Aladdin and flies off no one able to stop him sine he flew so high and fast not even silver as he returns to his master. “Great now what” said Silver “if I know my history and I think I do were fucked.” Said C.T. “no were not” said Violet “we have to use our brains.”
Aladdin now moping around “if only I'd freed the Genie when I could”
“My daughter would still be 8 years old and Sonic would be hungry” said Molly.
As they approach the end of the cave Silveruses his power to grab Iago and start to rip out the feathers “I heard of eating crow but anybody want parrot?”
“Jafar give me back the lamp and Jasmine!!” Aladdin ordered ”Genie my first wish grant me power!, Genie my second wish make me the most powerful sorcerer in the universe!”
Jafar became more powerful “sorry Al I got a new master now” the Genie said felling bad about what happened.
“This is just great, real great.” said Sonic “Dad don't give up we can do this!” Said Violet.
“Fight me on your own level you snake!” Scoffed C.T. as Jafar turned into a large snake. “Ha that all you got if you haven't noticed the genie gave you your powers he can take them away he's will always be more powerful than you hahahahaa!!!” said C.T. looking in “Genie my final wish make me into an all powerful Genie!!!!”
Jafar became a genie and was sealed into a black lamp.
As Iago was now stripped naked as Blaze licked her lips causing her hands to get on fire.
“Well that's that” said Molly removing her goggles as Maleficent appeared takingjasmine with her “must I do everything myself” she said “wait don't!” screamed Aladdin. As he fell to his knees Sonicput his hand on Aladdin's shoulder we'll get her back we promise.
Aladdin looked at the lamp. “Genie I wish you free.” “Really Al!!!”
Genie now excited that he was granted his freedom but at what cost the loss of a loved on. "Genie a favor to ask aid them and help find Jasmine." said Aladdin
"Can do Al!" the Genie said  "well we need to get back" said Silver "why so we can sell crack to blind kids" smirkedSonic as Moll conked him hard on the head.
"well lets bounce I wonder what Lunar is doing anyway" asked Blaze Sonic gave her look then looked at Molly "selling crack to blind kids!" he then ran off.
"why you even bother watching The OC?" Molly scoffed “well the show was canceled years ago but it's still good." Shadow said defending it.
As everyone gets ready to teleport a large flash of light appeared as Sonic came running by just in time to jump in as they warp Molly conked him on the head.
Yes I got that quote from The OC,Milesis up next can he and Thunder take on Wonderland?