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Since Tails and Cosmo took off to be 'romantic' Miles knew he had one chance to get 'busy' then min he knew the coast was clear he and Titania embraced and started kissing passionately Thunder not really caring did spend time with Marcia and her flying steed "well handsome did those creepy black things attack your world?"
"1 there heartless,2 hell no!" Thunder scoffed. "I am only here to make sure they don't." Marcia just smiled as she removed her lance and started to lift up her dress revealing some fine black panties I have something for you Thunders eyes went in as he ran off screaming "Oh God I'm blind I'm blind!!!" she pulled her dress down "hedge-rabbits these days they're either married or gay."
As Lunar appeared "he is not gay but dating someone" he said sternly. "whoa big guy what huge eyes you have." she said looking at him in awe "you even think about little Red Riding Hood you'll be red indeed." he stated "handsome you eyes are so big and beautiful." she was flirting with him "sorry I am married and you met my kids did you not." Lunar stated "awww crackers." she was quite sad Thunder all ready dating and scared of getting a 'prize' Lunar happily married with 2 kids of his own.
"You could come back to my world and find someone but I am strongly against it." Lunar said gently wrapping his arm around her like a caring brother.
Of course ontheother side of town Tails and Cosmo are returning as
Thunder runs past stumbling still screaming "Oh God!! I'm Blind, I'm blind!!!" Cosmo sends a vine to trip him then tends to him.
"What happened dear?" she said in loving manner "I love Angle!! That's it!!" he said as Cosmo smacked him upside the head. That normally worked on Gust so it has to work on Thunder
"Gee you think he got it from Gust?" said Tails "nah he's in love and is faithful."
Flash back several years ago Gust Thunder and Peach are fighting hedgehog Man Peach 4 1/2 at this time files up ready to shoot a 'Chaos Spear' unaware Gust is below her as she fired it Gust accidentally looked up at her panties they were white with teddy bears on them as she quickly flew down blushing Gust ran around screaming "I'm blind I'm blind!!"
As Thunder smacked him up side the head later that day Molly and Raine were beating the hell out of each other Gust accidentally looked up her dress as well she was wearing tan pantyhose but he still saw her white panties and deja vu "Oh God I'm blind, I'm blind!"
End Flash Back.
"Gust can be so naive at times it's cute" said Cosmo helping Thunder up.
"Well we need to get back wonder what mischief Miles got into"
after a nice walk the 3 of them Miles in bed with Titania unaware of everything as Tails, Cosmo, and Thunder entered "what the Hell!" screamed Cosmo in a rage "Oh my fucking God!" yelled Tails Thunder who all ready knew about it "Oh your fucking God!" what the fuck do you think your doing! screamed Cosmo "what he's doing fuck that I think I'm going blind!" yelled Tails "Yeah I'm going blind too" screamed Thunder.
"Sorry I forgot to tell you we were dating" said Miles trying to act sly.
Dating Her!!!!!!!!!!! Cosmo screamed she's older than me and your, father hell she could be your grandmother!!!!!!!! Oh that's it you like to fuck grandmothers is that it!!!" Cosmo screamed. "Mom calm down it's not as bad as it looks!" Miles said pleading with his mom.
"Oh I am calm you haven't seen me pissed off yet! You and her are still breathing so trust your darling mother WHEN I SAY I AM FUCKING CALM!!!!!!"
"Mrs. Prowler may I be excused? please" said Thunder "yes dear you may be excused" she said going back to a loving manner Thunder gets the hell out of there.
Miles covers himself ina sheet gets his gear on and takes off "where do you think your going young fox?" she said now semi-calm "to get away from you, your over reacting if you haven't noticed I'm 16 and no longer a kid, your not goading Faith for dating Tom, your not goading Gust for dating Peach!!!" Miles said in defense "that's because there only a 3 years apart your over 30!!!!" she yelled "you now what why didn't you bail out like everyone else did!!" Cosmo nowout raged slapped Miles dead across the face knocking him down.
Miles looked as if he was about to cry "y-you hit me!" Cosmo now looking at her hand "oh my God I'm so sorry sweetieI'm so sorry!" she said pleading with him Miles not too pleased got up and slapped her back "Miles what the hell is wrong with you!!" scoffed Tails ready to fight him "it's one thing in a battle but slapping your own mother!!!"
Fuck you old fox Titania get dressed were leaving Tails swung his tails at Miles who was knocked back drew his sword "you really want to know what I can do?" Tails backed off "look son just calm down we can talk about this later please just calm down." Titania gets ready as she says "I'm so sorry this had to happen" "me too but we can work thru this." said Tails.
As he goes to Cosmo sobbing "he hit his own mother how could he?" Tails embraces her kissing her "maybe Lunar can knock some sense into him." Cosmo still sobs as Tails holds her in his arms now some what raged that he draws the sword at his own father.
"Miles what the hell was that about you of all people hitting you hitting you own mother!!! why don't you hit me then!!" she yelled.
As Gatrie appeared "well Miles I see your now abusing women you want me to tell Devdan I doubt he'll like that." he said yeah you do that I'll tell everyone your secret." "What secret?" "Don't worry about it." Miles scoffed "fine, but still that was uncalled for" Gatrie stated "she hit me first!" Miles said in defense.
"Get the others were heading out." Miles stated.
Jill and Reyson appear "well this isn't good" said Reyson "heartless appeared in town we were about to fight them off but it wasn't a cake walk." Miles had a look in his eyes "look something happened, Thunder your in charge till I get my head together" Miles takes off.
"well that is unexpected" said Reyson "what happened?" asked Jill.
"Miles got into a fight with his mother over me so let's try and not talk about it." she said.
Miles was far gone away from everybody as he sees a white rabbit running screaming "I'm late I'm terribly late!!!!" "screw him" Miles said sadly almost of feeling guilty as he head into magically enchanted place (Wonderland) he sees a snoring door knob "wake up!" Miles grabs the knob shocking him. "Hey what's the big idea I haven't slept in 10,000 years and when I get a chance you wake me up!" the knob said.
"Look where the hell am I, I had a huge fight with my parents and took off." Miles said "sorry not my problems if you want see the queen." Miles gave him a look "how the hell didI do that?" Miles said "you see that purple potion drink it." Miles does and grows real big "great I'm a giant now what!" "Sorry drink the red potion" Miles does and shrinks "now enter me" he does and returns to normal.
"Well this is just great I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore." Miles draws his sword as a Cheshire cat appears "well looks like your lost child you have no where to run no where to hide give me some thing and I'll be your eyes" "I'm no child I'm 16!!" Miles scoffed "so naive" and he vanishes. "Screw him!" Miles takes off finding a wanted poster and picture of a young girl named Alice. "Well might as well catch my prize."
Miles walking around sword in hand ready to get his 'prize' at any cost
As he approaches a young girl "you!" he scoffed "the queen wants your head!" the girl reminds him (no offence) ofStar "but why I did nothing wrong!" she pleaded "aw dammit tell me what happened then I can't hurt you!" Miles now getting some emotionback.
"I don't even know but you must believe me when I saw a white rabbit and I followed him..." Miles stopped her from continuing "woman my best friend is half rabbit why you are making this hard for me!!!"
"My your very rude, I have a name you know it's Alice." she scoffed.
"Look I'm having a fucked up day, Alice, so I'd advise you to leave and don't look back I'll deal with the queen."
"Look what ever your name is..." "Miles Davis Prowler." he interrupted again.
"Ok Miles Davis Prowler could you at least watch your language please?"
*sigh* "fine I'll try to watch my fucking language."
"my for such a young and cute fox you have the mouth of a sailor."
"Pfft I seen those people around" Miles said putting away his sword.
Alice knew something was bothering him so she embraced him that warmed him up a bit, but he went on, she followed. "Fine don't take my warning but if you need a body guard it will cost you." Miles said.
As he heads back Alice in tow. Titania and the others now scouring Wonderland looking for Miles "do you think it's my fault" said Titania everyone looks at her and screams "NO!!!!!" As they walk on "gee I kinda wished I stayed" said Thunder 'why is that" asked Marcia.
"Well I could of stopped them fighting and just took the fall, but I hate being lectured. Besides getting Cosmo on my bad side isn't something I want."
un-oh said Gatrie as they see the white rabbit being taken away by moving cards "please it's not my fault I'm late please!" the rabbit pleaded "Gatrie do something" scoffed Titania "why me?" he protested.
"Because if you save a white rabbit you get a wish" said Jill with an evil look on her face.
"Hey you assholes leave him alone!" Gatrie said ready to fight as they drop the rabbit as everyone else gets ready to kick some ass.
The cards attack but are no match for the Greil Mercenaries and Thunder The Hedge-Rabbit.
As they lay flattened Gatrie grabs the white rabbit by the scruff of the neck "ok I wish for 70 virgins for me to please" Gatrie said with hearts in his eyes.
"you idiot, your not supposed to grab the rabbit now you can't get one." scoffed Jill as Gatrie dropped the rabbit "awww nuts" he said pouting. "And I thought Knuckles was gullible" said Thunder as he approached the rabbit "there's an orange fox with 2 tails dressed like us you seen him?" the rabbit is scared and nervous Thunder draws the 'dildo axe' "I'm only going to ask one more time." Thunder said annoyed "h-he went to see the q-q-queen!"
"Allright lets move out" said Titania. as they move out.
Miles mean while approaches the queen "hey queen what's your beef with her?" Miles said acting like he had no manners what so ever.
"You dare speak to me the Queen! like that what kind of barbarian are you!" she yelled "look woman you got it all wrong you want to know who was behind it, itwas me so leave Alicealone and SUCK MY DICK BITCH!" the queen was now enraged "Off with his head!" as the Cheshire cat appeared "my, oh my looks like good by" as a hand full of cards appear ready to attack Miles who fights them off with ease. as he bum rushes them queen knocking her down revealing her white underwear with hearts on them "that's it I'll cut your head off my self!" the queen said enraged as the cards take Alice hostage Miles grabs the queen by the hair and pulls her up. Holding the sword to her throat "let Alice go or I kill your queen!"
"Do as he says" the queen pleaded just then a series of heartless appeared, and took the cards and Alice away. "nooooooooo help me Miles!!!!" she pleaded. But it was too late they were gone in a flash "you bastards!!" as a large thing appeared resembling a jester.
Miles took it on in combat but it kept regenerating "fuck how do I stop it." he scoffed "with the weapons blessed by the gods you fool!" a voice said as Thunder along side The Greil mercenaries Thunder removed the 'dildo axe' and instead of attacking he heartless he jumped up and bitch slapped the queen "that's for using hedgehogs as croquet balls you bitch!" after ward he took out the jester with ease "nobody can stop a dildo!" Miles looked at his sword "why oh why didn't I do that?" he walks away moping. the reason his sword failed was he wasn't think purely he was stressed out Thunder wasn't the only thing on his mind was to kick ass.
Miles all alone thinking about everything this world how he was reunited and how he and his mother thought how he couldn't save Alice everything was too much as he started to sob. Thunder in a flash of light appeared. "Well, well looks like you can't handle it eh?" "Fuck you!" Miles scoffed Thunder kneeled down to help up his friend as he embraced him "look it's not your fault that girl she's a princess, in fact there 7 total 2 are all ready caught one is with Lunar the other 4 are to be confirmed."
"I know about you and Cosmo you were just caught in your emotions." Thunder said trying to make sense of it all. Miles looked at him wiping his eyes "I-I'll talk to my mother but don't ever bail on me again." Miles was not going back to normal as his sword glowed "hey if I did get involved your mother would lecture me on how I should have stopped you and Titania, besides even if my own mother would of lectured I would of bailed out." Thunder stated.
Titania and the others appeared "well there are 4 princesseswe need to save 1 is very homely the others are men." said Thunder making Gatrie not pleased. "well I'm back, but I need to do something." Miles said walking away "I'm going with you" said Titania "me too" said Thunder. as they all leave.
Back in Traverse town Sonic and the others aren't to pleased with the situation and Miles is the least of there concerns 7 princesses are in grave danger 2 are all ready missing. Miles appears with Titania as the others look on some nodding there heads and acting real shady.
Miles heads back inside when he approaches his mother "Mom.. I'm sorry I'm so sorry!!" he starts balling like a crack baby going thru withdraw. Cosmo now crying too "I'm *sniff* also sorry for how things turned out' she said as they embrace each other crying in each others arms.
Thunder now laments how he misses his mother. "dammit *sniff* I'm leaving!" Titania smiles as tears exit her eyes. "look dear I can't accept this but I will do my best to tolerate it remember I will always love you and I'm sorry for overreacting" Cosmo said Tails looked at them  "I'll allow it but the heart is very fragile so be warned both of you." Tails said looking on "but don't try to use weapons fight fair please."
Miles nodded. of course when Miles and Cosmo headed out side everyone was cheering him on. Lunar appeared with  the Darling children as he smacked Miles upside the head.  "hitting a mother isn't nice!"  he said Miles looked at him "well I guess I deserved that." "your lucky  were family well me and Joanna are off Sora and crew are next to use the ship" Lunar said taking off.
awww how sweet mother and child made up at times like these I wish I had a digi mommy *sniff*   I just had to say that!