Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ Beauty And The Former Beast ( Chapter 13 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Be warned the last paragraph has Randy and SSSSSSSS Goldust.
Sora along side his 2 companions and a handful of mercenaries Soren not too pleased Rolf and Mist ready to fight for the ones they love. Haar dosing off again like always well looks like here off to Hollow Bastian  Haar mumbled "Bastian, that bastard owes me 50 gold! zzzzzzzz"  ok move out "hey boy look out" scoffed Shinon as a flying heartless appeared Shinon shot out clean out of the sky.
Mia looked on "well I guess I could find my rival here." she said "little one do we need to fight?" said Devdan  "your rather loose your heart and let innocent people get hurt?" said Sora.
"Devdan is upset why do these things, hurt the innocent, if they do then they won't like Devdan when he's upset!" Devdan scoffed"
As they head out Donald starts to scream to try and wake Haar up like that will work.   "Hmm, what with all that quacking    you should be a fake doctor." Haar scoffed as he and his wyvern took off.
After awhile they arrive.  In a huge castle.   Shinon checked out the gate "wonder if Gatrie would buy this as a shield."  
"Well lets see how Belle's doing hiyuck!" said Goofy  as everyone enters Mist is amazed but the castle's beauty    Begnion or Crimea were nothing compared to this. As her head was spinning she almost fell back Rolf was there to catch her. "Whoa this place is huge"     as Belle and a young prince appear "Sora, Donald, Goofy what brings you here." the prince said “They returned the heartless nobody is safe."  said Sora.
Your right about that the prince turned into a large being as he grabbed Belle "your coming with me!!!"  Belle screams and tries to break free "not another one!" Sora scoffed as he runs up the stairs only to be knocked down    "Soar!!!!" screamed Donald  Mia reading her sword jumps in the air and slams down on the heartless arm slicing it clam off as the being screams Belle escapes "you'll pay for this!!" Devdan grabs a spear and tosses dead into the beings chest.  Goofy then charges shield first into him as Donald heals Sora he rises and attacks the monster as a series of heartless appear Mist is able to fight them off with Rolf and Shinon, Haar takes out the flying ones.
"We need to get out of here before they send backup!!"  Sora yelled as he grabbed Belle "not with out the prince!!" she screamed.
"We don't have time, 2 are all ready missing you want to be #3!!"
Sora yelled Belle agreed as more heartless appeared.
"Great can I do this? Genie!" Sora summoned the Genie to help as Soren looked on casting wind magic left and right. "Showoff."  He scoffed.  Everyone decides to retreat fighting thru the black creatures. as they head to the ship they find the prince wounded but he still has his heart Mist quickly heals him as he arises he sees Belle "no time let's move!!" Sora commanded as every one flees.  
They head out and end up in traverse town "well we got another princess Lunar you know what to do?" Lunar has a smile on his face "it's a shame I have to be the body guard I rather go and kick some ass." Jo looks at him "you just took out several heartless an hour ago."  
"Pfft, they were just flies in my way I want to catch the big fish." Lunar said as a wizard appeared, Merlin, "well there you are I heard great thing about you please guard this book I would hate to see Winnie the Pooh get hurt." Merlin said "Oh I will." Lunar has a sadistic look on his face  Jo rolls her eyes. Merlin takes off.
A huge flash of light appears   as Randy appears (Tails becomes a dad Love @ first sight and Marvel vs. Capcom vs. Sonic)
dressed in an all blue uniform with white boots and a red cape his blue eyes piercing as Goldust appeared next to him hand in hand.
"I know what your going to do and I advise you not to!"  Randy scoffed "what am I going to do? Besides I though you were guarding the ruby!" Lunar stated "Silence, I found a replacement besides killing Pooh bear is WRONG!" Goldust now licking randys face all on him grouping him lien an animal as Lunar looks on in disgust Goldust licks his lips at him making a "ssssssssssss" sound after wards a "Hawk" sound Lunar drops his ears raises his lips and starts growling at him and starts to bark ready to attack. Goldust quickly cowers behind Randy like a frightened child as Randy puts his hand on his shoulder
"Stop scaring Goldust!!! He's my Goldust!!! You want some candy baby?" he removes a caramel piece puts it in his mouth there you go the mean wolf/fox won't hurt you any more" Randy stated  Goldust gets up stick his tongue at Lunar then proceeds to kiss Randy passionately on the mouth   Randy kissing him back tongues moving back and forth.  (If I get into any more detail I would have to change it to X and call it a Yaoi)
"Well you can guard the princesses Jo lets go!" Lunar opens up the book and enters as does Dark....
Well Winnie the Pooh a Wolf/Fox with a grudge and a sexy bounty hunter named Joanna dark. nuff said.