Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ The Rescue ( Chapter 17 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ashley leading the way Lunar holding out his Gatling gun like a toy as they appear in a remote swamp. Cosmo was keeping track of the plant life even though they were under water Pyro was a bit nervous and was clinging on to Ashley C.T. was to busy trying to keep his boots dry
So tell me more Ashley said her father now hovering sine it was almost impossible to keep his boot dry with out taking them off.
"Well I got word from a pair of mice that told me a young girl was captured and they would need my help I figured it would be safer if I got back up." she said Lunar has a sudden shock on his face when he heard the word mice. Cosmo looked at him "are you all right?" she said "I'm fine but I think I stepped in something." "no I think you stepped on a frog." said Pyro.
"Yeah your right' Lunar said looking dumb as they keep walking.
In a remote part of the swamp an old hag who in some degree makes Hilary Duff look like J.lo where a frightened young girl who's half homely half cute clutching a teddy bear as the woman yells at her
"Now you will get me that diamond or you'll never see that teddy again!" tears exit her eyes a a goon grabs her and locks her in a room.
Back outside the swap Pyro hovering as well holding on to Ashley Lunar also flying as is Cosmo since gator's are about "well I hope we get here soon." said Pyro as they find a remote house in the middle of the swap.
Lunar turns on his radar "well I see people in there and I think a young girl is locked in side." Lunar said "a young girl locked inside!"
He makes a bee line for the house gently knocks on the door as Medusa looks out thru a peep hole Lunar runs back and kicks down the door, Knocking Medusa out    Miss Bianca and Bernard arrive shortly to save the girl  as Cosmo, Ashley, and Pyro storm in  Mr. Snoops appears with a shotgun "and where do you think your going?" he said as Pyro snatched the gun with his powers. all right "where's the girl?" Ashley said   Mr. Snoops refused to talk "head or gut?"
"What?" he said Ashley punched him dead in the stomach then uppercutted him after ward she kicked him him the balls. "Ashley he didn't deserve that." scoffed C.T. "sorry Dad" she said as Mr. Snoop lay there in pain after awhile they searched but they were found by Brutus and  Nero and were in a scuffle  of course Pyro handles them with ease.
As Miss. Bianca and Bernard scurry past  "Mice oh shit!" Lunar screams as he removes his gatling gun and opens fire trying to kill them.
Ashley dodges thru the bullets as C.T. quickly transforms. you fool you'll kill us ass Cosmo quickly blasts wind in order to dodge bullets Pyro stop them with his mind, Ashley sees the door and kicks in down.
As she enters it, she finds a young girl scared and terrified. "hi I'm Ashley were here to rescue you."  She said in a reassuring voice  " M-my name is Penny are you going to get me a family?" Penny said nervous  "I'll see what I  can do."  Ashley said removing her coat wrapping it around her.  
As the mice run like hell they climb up Ashley Lunar runs down aw shit this is just great I can't kill them now with out hurting them dammitLunar drops his gun which goes off Ashley covers Penny as some bullets  bounce off her. Lunar dodges with ease as C.T. storms in he sees a leaking gas can "oh fuck" he says as "Chaos Control!" he quickly teleports out with almost everybody.   As the house explodes
Medusa now hanging on a pole as the crocodiles snap at her, Mr. Snoop lands on the beach.
"You fool, you stupid, stupid fool!"  Scoffed C.T. as Cosmo lands. Pyro does the same Ashley still cradling the now frightened penny in her arms as the mice look on "sorry force of habit" Lunar said looking stupid.
Ashley let Penny go and proceeded to smack Lunar up side the head with Pyro's help. "Look I'm sorry" said Lunar as Ashley smacked him
again. "If I was by my self I wouldn't say much but my daughter was almost killed because of you!" C.T. yelled. "is there anything you want to say?" Cosmo asked trying to defend him "I'm scared of mice."  Lunar said feeling ashamed CT touched his shoulder causing him to shrink, till he was the size of a mouse.
Lunar now in C.T's hand well say you're sorry to them.
Lunar now there size only taller now realized the mice were on his side and looks at them they look back as he says "I'm sorry"  "well look on the bright side you took care of that vile woman and her goons."
Said Miss. Bianca. "Well I guessit was an accident” saidBernard.
Lunar now turns back to normal with the miceon his shoulder "I won't say anything if you don't " said C.T. "deal" said Lunar as they shake hands.
"Are you heroes?" asked Penny "well the real hero is Ashley" said Pyro "but we did help." Ashley is now turning red as Penny hugs her
"Welllet's get back I think I know just the person to take you in" said Cosmo.
As they all leave.
awww how sweet  (NOT!) Lunar's weakness is revealed but stopped what happens next you ask. TBA.