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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
If you've seen the great mouse Detective you might get it, if not see the movie.

Sora sitting by himself the keyblades, both gone damaged by Lunar after Sora tried to seek revenge on Lunar , after he killed Winnie the Pooh and friends. Donald and Goofy left him since he wants to be alone. Riku appears holding another keyblade "Sora you can't blame yourself for what happened I did the research ,he was right.'' Riku said "he was harmless how could he kill someone unarmed!" Sora said as Riku wrapped his arm around him "look if you really care about the people here i'd advise you to team up again and fight off these monsters I gave my heart to save you so you owe me that much." Sora looks at him as they (gasps) kiss, yes a PG-13 yaoi.

"very well" said Sora now realizing what he has to fight for. "I will aid you all 3 of us." said Riku.

With that they take off. Sonic along side Shadow, Leon, and Cloud now discussing what to do next.

"Well Lunar almost got some of us killed" said Shadow "I say if the mice need saved we do it our selves." Blaze over heard this and started to lick her lips. "Blaze!" scoffed Silver "What?" she said "Look how bout you 2 go have relaxing time me ans Shadow will handle the next mission." said Sonic being cocky Shadow gives him a look.

"Are you sure you want just the 2 of us?" Shadow said giving him a flirtatious look

"Hey no time for this besides Violet isn't here she took off to see Ashley." Sonic said " I wonder what they do in Neverland." said Shadow.

"Well let's bounce I bet the next mission is as easy as stealing 'candy' from a baby and I have no problem doing that." Shadow said tossing his Chaos Emerald up in the air like a coin and catching it.

Sonic caught it and smacked Shadow upside the head. Shadow snatched the emerald from him "Hey Molly would allow it." Sonic said in defense.

"Chaos Control!" they both leave in a flash where they arrive it's London 1897 "this is just great" said Shadow "what?" said Sonic.

"London, where it rains 97% of the time and the food is pure crap."

Just then a young boy pushing a cart "fish 'n 'chips governor?" Sonic buys some "not bad at all" Sonic said Shadow rolls his eyes in disgust.

"can you tell me where an opium den is?" Shadow asked "Baker Street. keep going right and then make a left." "thank you" Shadow then takes off.

"Well Sonic holmes is on the case" Sonic puts on a hat and lights up a crack pipe. as his eyes go back and he starts to quiver, a young Mouse appears next to him. "excuse me Mr. I'm looking for Basel of baker street." she said "Pfft like you need him you got a fine detective right here Sonic lowers his hand as she climbs up it. as he puts her on his shoulder "well I'm Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog how can I be of service?" "my name is Olivia Flaversham and my father was kidnapped" tears exit her eyes. "Relax let me find my friend and we'll find your father." Sonic walks down to the Opium den. and finds Shadow all calm and mellow like the time C.T. and his click threw a party in the Mystic Ruins and almost destroyed it. Smoking a Hookah not even caring "well looks like you got a friends I won't tell Amy if you don't." Shadow said with a mellow grin "I fucked Maria's corpse!" Sonic said seeing if that would snap Shadow out of it.

"Ha she's dead how could you do that?" Shadow said not even caring.

"yep he's wasted." Sonic said looking at Oliva "what is wrong with him?" she asked with some concern "he's just an asshole." Oliva was disdained by his language. "my do you talk to your mother with that mouth?" she said wit a dislike in her eyes "if she was around I sure as hell would." Sonic replied. as Shadow inadvertently shouted "Chaos Warp!" Causing Sonic and Shadow to shrink to Oliva's size. ass eh climbs off him, Sonic see that either he grew smaller or the city shrunk.

"Nice going Shadow were now as small as mice!" Sonic scoffed as Shadow passed out. as Basel of Baker St. appeared. Of all the bloody things you show up using the language of a sailor, in front of a young lady you really got some nerve taking my case from me." he scoffed

Sonic replied with a simple "Fuck You." basel was shocked By Sonic's manner of language (like he gives a FUCK) "Oliva come with me this instant I rather you come on a dangerous mission than have your brain corrupted by this heaven." Oliva looked at Sonic who gave a cocky grin "no, sorry Mr. Sonic is on the case." Oliva said as Basil took off enraged muttering under his breath (translation: of all the bloody nerve she chose him over me guess you can't win them all silly little tart watch she'll be back!)

"Well you made the right choice of course we have to wait till out friend waked up." Sonic said kicking Shadow only to pull his foot back in pain as he kicked his armor.

Oliva just nodded her head as a flash of blue light appeared Randy appeared much to Sonic's dismay behind him Goldust sitting on a stool his arms crossed and he was pouting wearing a dunce cap "this is just great of all people you had to come" Sonic scoffed.

"well I see you need my help" said Randy grinning showing that gap tooth "yeah after you set me up made me almost loose my best friend and got me jumped I think helping me is just the icing on the cake."

Sonic scoffed

"Mai-Tai Hentai!" Randy clapped his hands tog ether and every one was now full grown even Oliva "well I guess were even" said Randy fine said Sonic not too pleased "of course I must know what happened with Goldust" Sonic said "I rather not say." said Randy.

(Flash Back)

Randy walking down the street watching Sora and Riku make out as he is jumped bu the heartless as he's fighting them off he yells out to Goldust "Help me!" Goldust jumps in a bush and hides.

(End Flash Back)

"Bad Goldust bad, bad Goldust!!!!" Randy raises his hand as if he was going to slap him but he just makes him flinch Goldust now scared quivering as rands stats to punk him out. "hey leave him alone!" Sonic said after he's had enough. "Silence!" Randy scoffed "you don't tell me how to punish my Goldust!" Goldust just sits there pouting giving the 'sad puppy dog eyes'

"so Sonic where do we look first?" said Oliva.

"well I say the abandoned warehouse most smart villains hide there" Said Sonic taking a puff from his crack pipe as Randy nods his head.

Shadow is coming too "man remind me never to use dope here again."

Goldust just looked on saddened by what happened.

Randy annoyed by his behavior touched his shoulder giving him the power to fight. he quickly removed the dunce cap ready to kick some ass.

As they walk on Oliva holding onto Sonic's hand "Ooooooo I'm telling Amy" said Shadow acting childish "you do that I'll tell Cream you cried at Bambi!" Countered Sonic, Shadow now annoyed as he pulled out his gun "you wouldn't dare." Sonic put on his cocky grin.

Randy just nods his head as Goldust raises his in a 'yes' fashion.

As they arrive in a remote warehouse area Sonic removes a magnifying glass finding foot prints as a peg legged bat jumps on him attacking him Oliva screams as Randy holds onto her making Goldust jealous.

the crippled bat was not able to fly but di attack Sonic until Shadow shot and killed him "that should keep him busy for a while" Shadow said smiling as he removed a knife and placed it on his good wing "that will make it look probable, if anybody asks it was self defense."

Shadow said as Oliva sobbed "you killed the only one who took my father now how do we find him?" *Sniff* Sniff* "look we'll find him trust me on that." Said Sonic hugging her.

Randy turned on his own radar a pink scanner well I see "2 mice, oh wait a rat and the other mouse is being forced to make something."

"Father!!" Oliva runs to the warehouse "Oliva no!" Sonic yells as she rushes inside "great lets bounce" said Shadow as they storm the place.

Ratigan surprised by the commotion as Shadow kicks down the door gun drawn. as he sees the older mouse trapped in a machine as Shadow frees him some henchmen try to take him out but size does matter and Shadow kicked them to the side as Sonic grabs Ratigan and tosses him outside to his death.

Randy makes Oliva normal as she rushes to her father it's a tearful but joyous reunion.

Sonic pleased with what he's done teleports back to his daughter Shadow stays behind to get the credit Randy and Goldust take off as well.

well it was short and sweet can't say that about the next Ch D'oh