Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ Love Triangels ( Chapter 25 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Thunder just chilling with his trophy and Marcia as Miles is making out with Titania “awwww they look so sweet” said Marcia giving Thunder peck on the cheek as he tolerates it.

As the 4 relax Ryu appears “Oh my fucking God!!” shouted Thunder as he meets Ryu Miles sees what’s the matter “Oh your fucking God!!” Miles does the same “well glad to know I got fans” Ryu said looking around “can I get your auto graph?” asked Thunder as he pulled out a note pad “sure kiddo” Ryu signed it “wait a sec are you related to Shadow the hedgehog?” Thunder looks at him “damn right he’s my dad.” Thunder said as Miles removes a piece of paper, Ryu signs it "Marcia use my ‘camera phone’ just click here" Marcia holds it and studies it as they all pose Miles and Thunder have their weapons drawn as Ryu is in the middle with his arms crossed. “Ok cutie done.”

"So what brings you here?”

Asked Thunder. “Captain Sulu cheated on my sister and I want to know why!” Scoffed Ryu “he’s gay” said Miles Ryu gives him a look “I must find out my self!” scoffed Ryu as Sora and Co appear a few min later Randy Tony and Goldust show up with Kairi “well I found some one who was looking for you” said Tony looking at Sora.

All of a sudden Sulu popped up “hello...” he said as the back ground music for Ryu stage SFII began to play “Sulu what did you do to my sister!!” Ryu grabs him and raises him up Sulu hold out his hands as if he way saying 'stop' Ryu…Please understand there is a time when a man loves another man can you please understand. A second later Ken Masters walks by Sulu starts checking him out “hello…” Ryu puts him down and “Shoryuken!!!” Ryu uppercutted Sulu into next week as he shouted, "that's my bike punk!!" Thunder runs up to him “damn!!!! You got knocked the fuck out!!!” and pats him down “gimme my goddamn money... yeah payback's a motherfucker, Nigga.” and waves it in his face and leaves as DJ Pooh appears punches him in the jaw and removes a gold chain “My grandmamma gave me that chain!!” then Ezal appears “Sulu!! Sulu!!! Man, you should have been bobbing and weaving.

Look at you. Get up! Sulu just lies there blood seeping from his mouth "Since you can't, I'll take these shoes." Ezal takes his shoes "Short ass motherfucker", he lays a knife across his chest as blood continues to seeps thru his mouth

"You can have your knife. 'Cause I steal, I don't kill." DJ Pooh left on a beach cruiser as Ryu clenched his hand in pain.

Mist and Rolf appear as well as the rest of the Greil mercenaries "Ryu your hand I thinks its broken" said Ken "Mist be a dear and heal him" said Titania "but he just uppercutted someone for being gay!!" she protested "and I'll upper cut you if you don't heal him!" scoffed Marcia.

Miles quickly intervenes "Marcia mind your own business Mist heal him besides he uppercutted him because he was selling crack to blind kids!" Miles scoffed Ryu had enough I uppercutted for cheating on my sister with an man if he did with a woman I would still uppercut him I was defending my sister's honor!!" Ryu scoffed as he was clenching his hand "you have a sister?" said Ken all eager you better treat her right scoffed Ryu. Mist quickly healed Ryu he mowed and they left. Sulu was beamed away.

"well that was strange right Rolf?" well umm I rather not say my brothers aren't here and it would be more fun if they were *sniff*" he was about to cry.

"Aawww poor baby want his big brothers taunted Miles wahhhh wahhhh!!" Miles said mocking him "Fuck...You!" scoffed Rolf as tears flowed down his face "hey you coward leave him alone he misses his family!!" scoffed Marcia "oh boo-hoo-hoo!! My big brother and sister bailed on me too and you don't see me c-c-crying!" Miles said faking

rubbing the tears from his face.

Mist attacked Miles with her 'Dildo Blade' "you bastard!" Miles quickly dodged it and countered it with a massive atack smashing the 'Dildo Blade' "now what?" Titania quickly tackled Miles to the ground.

"Hey what the fuck was that for?" Miles protested "you want to fight girls then fight me then! Marcia gave him a cold look "you made Rolf cry you should be ashamed of yourself" Marcia hissed as she hugged him. Mist now annoyed "hey get your grubby hands off him he's my boyfriend" Thunder now confused "hey wait a min I thought you liked me" Marcia quickly lets go and starts to hug Thunder as he mutters 'me and my big mouth' "see Mist this is all your fault!" scoffed Miles "my fault how is it my fault!" she protested "because you touch yourself at night!" Mist was about to slap him but Cosmo intervined and wrapped a vine around her arm "you better not lay a hand on my son!" she scoffed.

Well that's that now onto Sora/Riku

Sora semi pleased that Kairi is safe and sound as is Riku. "Sora I found you at last as she hugs him Riku gives her a look "Somebodies getting jealous" Goldust sang.

"Silence!" scoffed Randy. Goldust began to pout.

“Kairi me and Riku are in love I'm sorry if I hurt you” said Sora tears exit her eyes as she is crushed "how could you!" Randy looks at Goldust he gives a nod. Goldust wraps his arms around her. as Sora and Riku take off with Donald and Goofy. Tony just looks dumn.

"Man Thomas put me in some Jerry Springer bullshit!" Just then the "JERRY!! JERRY!!" chants BEGAN "Great now what." said Tony just standing there.

"Well I am going this is getting too odd" said Randy as Golduust nodes his head ‘no’

As a young girl (no older than 24 too bad she’s not 4 (that was a joke) with long black hair appeared in blue jeans and a white shirt “Randy why did you leave?! I miss you!!! and who the hell is that?" she scoffed pointing at Goldust who only licked his lips.

“Elanoiva I can explain Thomas put some mind control on me you need to help me!”

Goldust lets Kairi go “he will never forgot the name of ssssssssssssssss Gooooooooooooldust!” Elaniova is about slaps Goldust but Lunar wrapped his tail around her arm “no let him be, you can handle him later” Lunar stated “but he took my husband!!!” She scoffed “and?” said Lunar “h-he cheated on me too..” Lunar makes crocodile tears… as he and Elaniva hug and cry in each other’s arms.

“Liar, you damn dirty liar!” Randy yelled “you go to hell and you die!!! You stinking liar!!!!” scoffed Randy as Lunar grabs him and kisses him in the mouth as Goldust tackles him to the ground “you lay your hands off him dammit!!!” Goldust scoffed as he wrestled Lunar on the ground as voices chanted “JERRY!!! JERRY!!!” and Jerry Springer’s bodyguards try to break them up.

“Oh that is sick, dog lips gross I don’t swallow, Sorry Lunar, I’m a good boy!” Said Randy “Good boy my ass!!” Scoffed Lunar and Goldust tackled him again.

As the voices start to chant..

Well back to Greil the Balroge stage music is playing as Marcia and Mist begin to fight throwing punches at each other as Marcia grabs Mist and starts head butting her after a while she lets go Mist upper cuts her Thunder doesn’t know whether to close his eyes or watch. Miles had enough so he stop them with “Chaos Control!” everybody starts to boo Miles frees them and they go back to fighting Mist upper cuts Marcia and finishers her off with a punch to the jaw. “Don’t mess with my man! Bitch!” She scoffed as Rolf hugged her “damn you just got owned girl!” Said Thunder as he helped her up. Thunder takes off Miles follows. When they stop to see a cute Pegasus knight in all blue with violet hair with her winged stead. She was very nervous “unnnn!” She said she was too shocked to talk when she saw Thunder.

Since she was scared of archers and men can you blame her? Thunder took a while to realize she was scared of his bow Thunder quickly removed the arrows and laid then down as he did with the bow. He then removed the helmet and gave her a faint look.

She was now scared and she threw a javelin at him but it only bounced off his armor

Thunder widened his eyes and made them look chibi as he was about to cry with those widened brown eyes Florina felt some symphony for him as she hugged him “I’m so sorry if I hurt you I didn’t mean to but you had a arrows on you and I hate arrows”

Miles watched from a distance good grief he scoffed as Thunder lapped it up Miles now annoyed flies off.

Marcia bleeding ad beaten "hey he's my hedge-rabbit!" she scoffed "oh another peg-knight trying to steal my Thunder, he's so cute and sweet he's mine! scoffed Florina..

Thunder removed grabbed his horns and arrows gave her a hardened look and left "crazy drunk peg-knights" and teleported.

Marcia and Florina look at each other eye to eye and begin to fight Miles coem back with Titania and Shinon alongside Gatrie who break up the fighting. Thunder looks at Miles

Miles looks back as'don't even think about it' "man I cant wait to get hom said Thunder this is too much" he said florina now very nervous as Titanai grabs her and Marcia "ok you are both royal knights acting like a schoolyard crush he has some one so leave him be!" Thunder shocked and surprized "t..thnaks mom..." !! thunder now shocked as he looks at Titania "Titania now blushing how old do you think I am?" "are you older than my mother?" Thunder now nervous as he runs away silly boys she takes off after him Florina leaves Marcia stray with Miles....

how wrong is this??? ......