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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Randy now gargling heavy man that was sick that damn mutt kissing me now I smell like dog breath!" he muttered as C.T. appeared hovering above him " you know you liked it besides I think grey looks good on you" C.T. said smiling "Silence!! I don't even know why you sided with the wolf/fox alliance" scoffed Randy as he went back to gargling "well I trust them a lot more that I do you besides they never did me wrong." "Oh could you stop, and let it go Randy" said now annoyed "will you come down from there it's annoying" Randy said crossing his arms "Pyro let me down" Pyro appears and C.T. lands on his feet Pyro just stands there looking dumb C.T. looks at him "you can go or stay" Pyro jumps in the air and crosses his legs as he hovers. Randy just nods his head.
"look tell me what you know" C.T. looks at him "why?" " because I am confused"
"Why?" "because a woman says I am married to her!" "Why?" Randy now enraged

"THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!" Randy barked C.T. smiles flashing some gold teeth Randy replies "you got problems" Pyro looks on confused "ok what I know you were captured by some group called Organization XIII, you were returned to Earth and have a wife she is really 39 but looks 24." Randy gives him a look "hey you should have been more careful." C.T. said nodding his head "Silence!! I am careful, your not careful" Randy scoffed "I wouldn't talk remember that time when you needed me to get your mother 75in plasma TV.?" "yeah" "I remember you lectured me for 7 days and 7 nights just because I bought it from a crack head!" "that's because you bought it from a crack head!!!" "ok what about the time I bailed on that girl, when her daughter needed a blood transfusion" Randy now pissed "you got a tattoo and the child died!! your real sick you know that real sick!!" Randy said now turning red "that bitch was a bitch and her daughter was a spoiled brat so no love loss there!"
"you need help, I still can't believe you got the wolf/fox alliance to give you their Blessing to beat up a teacher!!" why didn't she give me a fucking slice of cake just for one fucking question!!" " you put her in ICU and as she left your dad sat on her!!!"
"oh that makes it right you dad defends people that sell crack to blind kids!!" "you know how long ago that was besides that was over 20 years ago how else would I get the X-box 360 or the SEGA Dreamcast!" "Oh could you stop you could afford it if you saved up but noooooo you had to get it cheap!!" "and I rather buy it from a crack head because no sales tax!!" C.T. scoffed

"I don't know who is worst off you or you dad you hold grudges and beat up people your dad defends people that sell crack to blind kids!" Randy yelled. Pyro landed and was fed up "OK YOU 2 STOP IT NOW MAKE UP!!" Pyro was fed up as he makes them hold hands.

Randy and C.T. look at each other.
"you tell Molly I kill you." Randy looks at him "you tell Goldust I kill you." they make up Pyro pleased. as he takes them each by the hand. Claudius not to far behind "hey people wait for me!" he yelled as he jumped in the air and flew off catching up. Claudius looks at Randy and C.T. "what the fuck did you do to to them?!" Claudius barked "I-I made them make up" Pyro said
Claudius let out along sigh covering his face with his hand. "well now wasn't the time to do that oh well when we get back to Earth they will bicker till I stop them."
all of a sudden Ashley appeared "Claudius where the hell have you been!?" Claudius' fur on his tail stand up "un sorry I took off without telling you but I was in a jam."
"well next time just tell me I was worried about you" they embrace "awww your going to be a grandfather" Randy said "Shut up, just shut the hell up don't make me worry about it now give or take 10 years...."
"riiiiiiiiiiite!!!" "wait a min how old are you" Randy said looking at Ashley who was hugging Claudius "16 how old are you?" she said "38 wait, he can't be no older than 12" "I'm 10- you fool." Claudius scoffed "your sick" Randy scoffed pointing at Ashley.
C.T. now pissed grabbed Randy finger and snapped it back "its rude to point, and even ruder insulting my daughter." Randy had a look of fear in his eyes as he held his hand "you didn't have to do that" "oh shut up yes I did I trust her choices besides he isn't some kid he can handle his own and I trust him with her." C.T. scoffed "Thanks Dad" Ashley said hugging him. Randy takes off only to bump into Lunar who has a black shadow looking Sora in a choke hold. "what are you doing to Sora!!" Randy scoffed "this is a fake besides shouldn't you be out selling crack to blind kids?" Randy now mad "Silence!" as he powers up and flies off.
Elanoiva appears "so where did he go to?" Lunar points up "good luck finding him I is off"
Elanoiva looks confused "where are you going?" she asked "to fight in the Hercules cup, besides Goldust is still lurking around."

Lunar leaves, Randy flying thru the skies "oooo that C.T. don't know right from wrong I hate that and he lets his kids date that oooo I hate him!!!"
as he sees some heartless attacking a woman (the one with big tits in a white blouse and long green skirt he files down and fights them off
Randy fought them, off with ease "shoo scram!! Chaos Blast!!" the heartless are now gone "thank you." she said no problem she took off randy just stood there crossing his arms as Elanoiva appears "Randy you know you need me so come her." randy now confused as the goes in for a kiss as they kiss something happens.. as Goldust appears hurt and upset "you will never forget the name of ssssssssssss Goldust!!!" and he leaves head down and heart broken. (awwwwwwww) as Elanoiva and Randy kiss again "get a room!" C.T. hissed as he appeared "and let me join you" he said winking Randy only replied "You got problems."
As they go back to kissing "Randy send me back to the states with Goldust and here" he hands him a PSP and sets it to TV "very well Chaos Warp!" they both leave the next thing you see is "from Los Angles Cal Goldust." as Goldust walks to the ring he begins to take off his robe and wig. as he fights Tom Falcetta Attorney at law.
well that is all good but it's too dangerous here Elanoiva I will return for you they kiss as she beams away "your making me jealous" said C.T. "Oh you could you stop!" said Randy "hey don't tell my daughter who and who not to date besides it's only till we get back to the states" C.T. stated

"well lets go and end the pain of the heartless where is the king?" asked Randy " selling crack to blind kids" C.T. smirked as Randy was about to smack him upside the head C.T. dodged it "ha you smack like a girl!" C.T. said well you look like one randy attacked back C.T. pulled out a mirror and put it in Randy's face he saw the reflection of a girl "very funny!" Randy scoffed as they take off they encounter more heartless so they fight them off and go on doing what they do best. (sell crack to blind kids J/K)

"lets bounce" said Randy as they fly off

Meanwhile Thunder cleaning Marcia's wounds "man Mist kicked your ass" Marcia looked at him as he wiped blood from her nose "this is all your fault!!" she hissed as he tried to stop the bleeding "my fault? how is it my fault!?" "your always picking on Rolf making him cry you both should be ashamed of your selves!!!"

"Ow" she hissed "hey were trying to toughen him up besides I need a drink."

Across town Florina lies there wounded marcia really let her have it as Jill appeared alongside Haar who like always fell asleep. "HAAR!"

"mmmm zzzzzzz Ji-ll not now girl....zzzzzzzzzz good girl my....zzzzzzzz ass....zzzzzzz" "HAAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Haar woke up "woman what is wrong with you I was asleep." "look" Jill points out a pegasus looking for help "Come Cilde" Harr flies off "Haar!!!" barked Jill, she was now pissed off.....

well now what?????