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Jill tended the wounds as best she could "damn Marcia he doesn't even like her that way Pffft" Jill scoffed as she wrapped up her wounds.

across ont eh other side of town Thunder got the bleeding to stop an dhe got her some new clothes of course an over sized plaid shirt used to sleep in isn't the best thing in the world as she looked at him (long and whining) "THUNDER!" she scoffed "look Rolf says he's he's not a child then he should act like one mercenary's don't cry over insults."

Marcia gives him a look "he doesn't want to appear weak" Thunder looks at her and "pffft, I'm heading a bar I need to clean those wounds" Thunder takes off "but Thunder!!" Marcia whined as she slammed her foot down she pulls it back in pain.

Thunder heads into a bar and takes a seat the bartender looks at him "tough day eh?" the bar keep says "vodka please" Thunder downs it so you want to talk about it?" my girlfriends cheated on me with my best friend the bar keep hands him a bottle "this is on me tell me what happened. " "well I kicked that bitch to the curb" "and your best friend?" "I said BAD Dog" " damn that a sick bitch thunder now drunk gets another bottle of vodka and starts stumbling around he bumps into Dr. Dre* unbeknownst to him "What's ya name girl, what's ya sign?" Thunder says Dre confused and annoyed "Man you must be up out yo mind!" Thunder now shocked and feeling dumb "Dre (ah ah) beer goggles, blind I'm just tryin' to unwind (now I'm!!)" Thunder quickly takes off Dre nods his head as he goes back to his drink

As Feminem looks on giggling Dre looks at him " what the fuck is wrong with you?" Feminem only reply "ha!"

Thunder stumbles out "well" (hiccup) "I got it" Thunder then passed out. Marcia slowly walks to him as she raises him up she kissed him on the forehead, hissing in pain.

(Thunder's Mind: Angle is Star's OC she gets 100% credit for her)

a white fox/weasel with purple hair and a purple tip on her tail appears to Thunder and throws a heal unit on him "here use this, I trust you" Thunder gets up his vision is blurry "Angle?" Marcia appears "am I an angle you ask?" she said "awww fuck that was a dream"

Thunder gets up and removes his shirt then armor revealing various scars on his soft with red chest fur.

He pours the vodka on his shirt and starts to wipe the wounds as Marcia was about to say "Thank-YOOOOWWWCCHHH!!!" she screams.

as birds flyaway and other wild animals run.

"YOU little prick you know how much that stings!!!" Thunder gives her s a sly look ok let your wounds get infected and turn green then you either die a slow painful death or they chop off your arms and legs. Oh don't worry I know people that can give you metal limbs of course they might weigh down your stead but that's ok, next time I won't help your wounds tee-hee." Marcia looks as if she's about to cry.

"you pig, you too-bit pig!!!" she scoffed Your not better than my brother!!! HOW DARE YOU TELL ME THAT!!! YOU YOU SPONGED BRAINED LOUT!!

Marcia was annoyed nd hurt another way bu the hedge-rabbits words

"You rat. You cheese-eating rat!" Thunder looked at her pissed off and as if he was going to cry "1) I don't rat people out unless they deserved it 2) I'M A HEDGE-RABBIT!!!! NOT A RAT!!!"

Thunder scoffed wrapping up some more wounds.

of course not too far behind L'Arachel saw Thunder shirtless tending to Marcia's wounds "Cad! Beast! Pervert! Devil! I will simply not allow you to have your way with me sorry Thunder I'm a good girl!" she scoffed Thunder flexed his mussels then said "Good Girl My Ass!"

L'Arachel was so shocked she almost fell back "look this is my sister you don't mind healing her do you? or would you rather go sell crack to blind kids...." "Crack??? why would I sell a crack to a blind child??? are you mad, did I hit you too hard???" Thunder stopped her "woman just heal her please...." L'Arachel raised her staff and healed her fully.. as Titania along side Miles and Cosmo appeared "Thunder look we can talk this isn't the first time...." Thunder just started to turn red of course if it weren't for the cream patches nobody would ever know...

Cosmo hugged him "you miss your mom that's sweet..." "Mom what the hell are you doing???" Cosmo looked at Titania and gave her a nod Titania proceeded to smack Miles upside the head "Don't talk to you mother like that!!" she scoffed Miles gives his mom a look. "My oh my your son has no manners..." said the self-centered princess..

"yeah and for a princess your a total bitch!" Miles said jumping up and teleporting away. Cosmo quickly flies off after him (like she can catch him lmfao) Thunder looked at Titania "well I guess you can be a mom to me if you like.." Thunder then had a dumb look on his face "oh fuck that means Miles is my dad great real fucking great.." L'Arachel was about to smack him but Titania grabbed the staff "no your not!"

Marcia now healed starts to Hug Thunder "well I think you owe Mist and Rolf both an apology Thunder now sounding like Erik Cartman "But mom!!!" Titania gives him a stern look "no butts young man now do it!" "But MOM!!!" Thunder was desperate Titania just gave him a stern look as he begins to pout.

A few min later Cosmo appeared dragging Miles by the ear "mom I'm sorry please your ripping my ear off" " well maybe you can grow a new one" she scoffed "you apologize" Miles looks at LA'rachel and swallows his pride "I'm........sorry." L'Arachel is pleased Miles is learning manners...

On the other side Rolf is in Mist's arms (lucky bastard) Shinon is with Gatrie playing a drinking game (no not for money)

Mist gets up sword drawn Thunder looks at her like its nothing as Titania looks at him "I'm...sorry Rolf" Thunder says swallowing his pride and almost choking as Titania whacks him on the back. Rolf and Mist look shocked as they stare at each other as Miles appears along side Cosmo "yeah I'm sorry too I was being more than a dick." Cosmo pleased with her son's action now marcia also please as she hugs Thunder "were a family again!!! Titania hugs them all as well Miles only looks on as he joins them (awwwwwww).

"well everything is peachy lets go and kick some ass" said Cosmo pleased Thunder and Marcia take off as well as Miles and Titania Cosmo looks as Shinon now drunk as she rolls her eyes she summons some vines and lifts him up as Lunar appeared "need a hand?" Cosmo looked at him with a smile "well..un sure" Lunar reached into his pocked and tossed her the gorilla hand... Cosmo gave him a dirty look "well lets go...." he said as Mia looks at him all strange "I know you from some where." "well I know you from some where too I bet." Lunar said smiling Mia could only smile back.

Thunder and Marcia all ready began their assault Marcia took to the skies Thunder took the ground.

Afterward they look at each other and hi 5.

"well lets head into town the other can find us." Thunder removed his Chaos Emerald "you can never do this Hulk Hogan!" Marcia looks at him "who is Hulk Hogan and why do you compare yourself to him?" "force of habit hold on" thunder removed his PSP and turns it to TV mode watching SNME Hulk Hogan is talking on the Brother Love show as Tom Falcetta attorney at Law smacks him on the back of the head with a brief case and proceeds to sit on him repeatedly causing him to scream in pain as he smashes his ribs he then grabs his and tosses him into the ring and jumps up and down and sits on him again... as officials rush to the ring to try and free the poor hulkster Tom only gloats as children cry and other boo at him as he stand there like a winner. (kayfabe)

Marcia looks on horrified "how could he do that?" tears exit her eyes "oh relax that was fake." Just then Shadow and co appear "how many time must I tell you son wrestling's NOT FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

oh here it is Mr. Perfect is about to do a high dive as he gloats 'you can never do this Hulk Hogan!' and does it perfectly.

Thunder turns it off. "oh I see." "and where do you think your going?" Shadow asked "to sell crack to blind kids." Thunder replied "carry on" said Shadow as "Chaos Control!"

Thunder and Marcia appear in a remote area. "un I don't think were in KS anymore" said Thunder playfully hugging Marcia...

well that's that I don't own Hulk Hogan if I did he would be my bitch...