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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Lunar now in powered form alongside Sora, Donald, Goofy, and Riku
"Gawsh where are the others?" asked Goofy Lunar gives him a look "selling crack to blind kids, who do I look like their father?" Lunar said in a sarcastic tone.
"That's not funny!!!!" scoffed Donald as a series of heartless appear they go to work and fight them off but there are so many there almost over powered. when all of a sudden "Chaos Blast!" Peach appeared blasting red energy from her body.
Lunar just looks on "well I guess you can join us welcome to the team" Peach embraces him "you know you need a hedge-rabbit" she says as she gives a wink.
"all right lets finish this and rescue the princesses!" said Sora "hmm lets see Alice, Jasmine, we saved Belle, Mullan, Cinderella, Snow White...." Un Lunar Mullan wasn't a princess" Peach said causing Lunar to look stupid as he goes back to counting. "Aurora, well I know your brother saved 3 so all we need to do is save the last 2.
the 5 put their hands together "Whoa Bundy!" "I always wanted to do that" said Lunar everyone looks at him funny.
As Luxord and Larxene appear Sora and Co get ready for the fight "very impressive 4 on 1 I like those odds" said Luxord as Sora and Co attack "Peach tag-team!"
Luxord was fighting the 4 all at once this time his magic was useless due to the fact Sora's magic was stronger and had more strength in his keyblade even though Lunar destroyed it.
Sora, Riku, donald and Goofy easily take out Luxord.
"well that's that" said Sora
Larxene started to shoot thunder around, Peach narrowly avoids it Lunar steps up and absorbs it with ease as soon as she runs out "you bastard!" as she starts to throw knives "Chaos Spear!" Peach shoots a Chaos Spear at her killing her "whoa I didn't think my powers were that strong!" Lunar turns on his radar When you teleported here Thunder still had plant power when he revived you he split both of his powers, however his regular powers seemed to merge with yours and make them more powerful."
Peach holds out her hand but a chaos blast is the only thing that appears.
As Sora and Co appear with Jasmine and Alice.
"well lets get the fuck out of here before they return" said Peach
The princesses look on in disdain "for such a young lady you have a vile tongue!" Scoffed jasmine "yeah for a princess you're a total bitch!" scoffed Thunder as he came thru. "my your both rude" scoffed Alice. "Thunder you came!" said Peach happily
"well we rescued the princesses and took out III of XIII that means X still remain." said Sora as he and Riku kiss "ewwwwww that's grosse!!" scoffed Peach Thunder just looked at her then smacked her up side the head. "stop hating!" he said as Lunar smacked him up side the head "don't hit your sister she's a girl!" Ashley appeared claudius holding her up as she smacked Lunar upside the head twice that's for joking around with that gorilla hand, and that's for getting involved with Thunder's affairs!!!" she scoffed as they all take off.
Sora and co stay behind to take care of the princess Lunar removes his Chaos Emerald "you can never do this Hulk Hogan! Chaos Control!" and they all teleport.
later on Violet meets them along side Kairi "well welcome back Peach." Violet said veryone runs & beats up the larger man, while the little man chuckles evilishly watching]before smacking her upside the head "were now even."
"where are the others?" she asked "Miles is with his girlfriend" taunted Ashley "our parents are selling crack to blind kids" "that's getting old" said Lunar.
"well lets get back to the others I want to see if Tails is a grandfather yet" said Lunar as Thunder gives him a look.
They go on the lang march back to Traverse Town
"Why the hell do we walk when we can Chaos Control!" said peach as they all teleport.
when they arrive Sora and Co have all the princesses with them "well there be safe with us" as L'arachel appears "this is great I'm trying to save this world and you refuse to help me!" she scoffed as Amelia nodded her head "who the fuck is she?" asked Peach "trust me you don't want to know" said Thunder as Marcia appeared along side Jill and Haar Marcia quickly hugs Thunder and Peach.
"Well we took care of some of the heartless" said Marcia happily as Sonic and co appeared. "Peach!!! scoffed Shadow you.. you're here!!!"
"yeah you and the rest bailed even Amy!" scoffed Sonic tails just nodded his head in shame "For Shame, Shame!" Silver and Blaze were confused and kept out of it.
Peach was about to cry until Marcia stepped up "hey leave my sister alone it's not her fault your wife talked everyone into bailing out so fuck off!!!" she shouted at Shadow as everyone looked on. "were sorry!" Sonic, Shadow, and Tails said sulking.
"well we took out 3 of 13 so the rest is easy" said Lunar as Sean appeared in his 'Freedom Gundam.
"look I have un some things to take care of yeah some things to take care of see ya!" Ashley takes off Violet goes with her (trust me you don't want to know what she's doing and it's a whole lot worst than selling crack to blind kids)
"ok now what" said Annabeth well lets split up and finish what we started said Pyro.
"that's not a good idea how bout Miles and Mercenaries take out halt of orgnaziton XIII
the rest of us take out the other half." said Lunar.
all in favor everyone says "I" and a Droopy Dog voice says 'nay'
Lunar now confused "ok who wants to sell crack to blind kids?"
the Droopy Dog Voice says "nay!"
Lunar now annoyed "who keeps saying that?" everyone looks at a little man holding his hat standing next to a larger man in a chair
The Little Man with the Droopy voice " it was him" points to the man beside him "let's get him fellas!" Lunar turns on his radar and grabs the little man and drags him outside where the sounds a a beating can be heard as the Droopy sounding man is screaming for mercy.
Lunar comes back covered in blood "well that took care of that lets roll!!!"
Next Ch has Ashley after eh lost boys in Ashley's revenge