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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ashley heading back to Neverland to do unspeakable harm to the lost boys as violet goes with her as they march forward Annabeth appears "let me go with you I must make up for my mistakes." "ok we could use you." Annabeth smiled "wait a min how are we going to get there?" said Violet "I got this covered" said a familiar voice as Peach appeared "good timing" said Ashley hugging her "Chaos Control!" They all leave ina flash of pink light. "Annabeth you know what to do right?" said Ashley Annabeth looks at her "yes you psychic powers will aid you." she said smiling.
as she walks ahead she is caught in a trap as she dangles upside down her pink panties are shown as she quickly uses her powers to hold her dress up "dammit I understand now!!" she scoffed as Ashley climbs up and cuts her down a few seconds later Annabeth is free but Violet and Peach are not "Chaos Spear X2" Peach frees them both.
as the lost boys appear ashley removes her belt "ok time for your punishment" "this cant be good one" said lets get out of her another said as they flee Annabeth uses her psychokinesis on them they are caught Ashley grabs one and drags him (Toodles) by the ear into the jungle and the sound of a belt whipping one is hears as well as the cries of a child Annabeth crosses her arms as the others are froze and now crying and scared "you perverts are going to get it!" said Annabeth as Violet and Peach grab him by an arm and hold him back (Curly) Annabeth starts punching him in the stomach " for looking up my ...dress!!!"
The child coughs and cries as Annabeth keeps punching after 15 min he is now spitting blood Ashley comes back with the lost boy who sis now covered in welts and the belt looks worn "fuck I need a new belt, oh well these vines will do!" Ashley said with a sadistic look "wait use this stick it looks hard" said Violet.
Peach then looks at one in a rabbit costume (Nibs) "you little bastard Chaos Blast! for Peach this was personal since she was part rabbit.
as she beats him non stop as he pleads for mercy she just hits harder and harder (ironic that her brother beat up the queen for using hedgehogs and she beats up a lost boy for wearing a rabbit costume.)
Violet then turns to Slightly who's sporting a fox costume "oh you're really going to get an ass whooping!" said Ashley Annabeth is smiling with a crazed look on her face why are we hurting him anyway? she said" because our boyfriends are foxes said Peach well there's are wolf/foxes but still she said pointing to Ashley and Annabeth as they start to beat on him non stop
Compton style.
the twins now cowering and quietly sobbing as Marcia appears "oh my fucking goddess!!" Peach turns to her they had us dangling form a tree and tried to hurt Thunder!" she said Marcia now living "you bastards!!" she removes a horse whip and starts beating on the twins
non stop of course after 20 min the whip breaks and 5 lost boys are now sobbing and bleeding as they look at the carnage "ok now were officially fucked!" said Annabeth as Ashley removed some scissors "cut my hair short down to my neck." Annabeth does as Ashley removes some of the fabric and makes a a pair of cat ears. "Done now what?" said Annabeth "we get a make over Peach you do the honor said Violet "hey what about me" scoffed Marcia " just say say shot an arrow at your peg" said Violet "well can't I get a make over too?" pleaded Marcia "yeah lets get the fuck out of her before some one finds out." said Peach
of course the girls didn't know that Lunar and Haar were in the bushes along side Jill and Miles.
"Haar wake the fuck up!!!" scoffed lunar as he sent a small jolt to his body causing his hair to turn into an afro Jill couldn't help but giggle. "pipe down wolf/fox." said Haar as he felt around if Lunar did any damage. "My name is Lunar not wolf/fox"
Miles just looked strange "great when I get my hands on Ashley...." "you'll give her a warm embrace and support." Lunar said cutting him off.
Miles gives a dirty look "awww your so cute when your pissed" said Jill as she pinches his cheeks then kisses him. "oooo I'm telling Titania!" said Lunar taunting him "you do that I'll tell Luna you let the twins enslave orphans, besides I all ready had sex with her" Miles countered Jill now turned red "besides she was.." Jill quickly covered his mouth and whispers in his ear but what she didn't see was Lunar turned on his radar if you want to know what she said here it is.
"don't tell them I was a virgin please." Jill whispers in Miles ear.
"oh who cares your no longer a virgin" said Lunar out loud as Jill I snow as red as Knuckles "oh like anyone cares I didn't loose my virginity till I met your father " said Haar as everybody looks shocked.
"you and me both fucked Illanya at the same time remember?"
said Miles as Lunar became annoyed.
"Look we can talk about our sex lives after we help those children! Lunar removes a heal gun as he heads toward the children now bleeding and crying. well you should have never pised her off Luanr sia das he helps them.
Jill haar and Miles go as well what ever did happen to that Peg knight Marcia beat up? asked Haar I really don't know besides for some reason she was scared of boys minus thunder and his cute looks said Jill.
well next Ch the girls get a make over and you know what the others will say
Oh my/your fucking God/goddess.