Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ Extreme Make Over Fire Emblem Edition ( Chapter 33 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Ashley leading the way to a fashion shop. those cat ears do look cute on you said Annabeth thanks Ashley said giving a wink. well looks like your busy said Mist as she and Titania appeared. yeah we need to get some new clothes. said Peach.

as the 7 divas head into a (secret) shop.

Anna appears (various fire emblem games) shhhh hehehe this is a secret shop hehehe she says well what do you sell? asked ashley it's a secret Anna said giggling as Carl Carlson says sssshhhhut uuuuuup!

so what can I get you? she says

they enter a dressing room all of them (sorry no nasty thoughts people)

About 20 min later Ashley appears ina short tight skirt black with orange on the sides with matching shirt black shoes and pink socks (resembling Mao from Shining Tears).

Annabeth comes out in a blue blouse white skirt and black thigh high stocking.

Peach comes out in a pink mini skirt black boots that come to her knees and black blouse

Violet comes out matching Ashley only with black thigh high stocking

Mist comes out in beige plaid skirt white blouse beige tie and black thigh high stocking and black shoes

Titania and marcia come out wearing blue t-shirts and blue jeans (they not the only ones that match)

"Well ladies let see what the guys say." said Peach.

Meanwhile back in neverland

Lunar now finishes the lost boys "well stop laying traps and pissing off the wrong people" "yeah like Ashley" said miles as Jill smacked him up side the head.

Miles gives her a look "well Ashley is a girl and girls stick together of course your acting like an asshole" said Haar "oh shut up just shut the fuck up!!" hissed Miles.

"Well I'm, done" said Lunar as Pyro and Silver appear "look who's here it's Lunar's bitch" said Haar as Silver caught him "now you're my bitch!" he scoffed "Silver that's enough" said Lunar as he lets him go.

"well lets bounce, Miles you do the honors" said Lunar as Miles moved his chaos emerald "You.. can never do this Hulk Hogan!! Chaos Control!!"

They all warp. Ashley and Co head back to find the others of course here's the parents said this

C.T.: Oh my

Molly: fucking God!!

Pyro: oh your

Blaze Fucking God

Shadow: well at least your not dressed like sluts all of you that's a relief

wait a min said Blaze I smell blood Annabeth tell me what happened C.T. gives her a look "I call it payback right Ashley?" he said "well duh dad!" she said "that what I wanted to hear." Blaze just nodded her head.

"wait a min what did you do?" said Molly "used my belt and..." Molly was about to slap her but Annabeth caught her hand with her powers. "if you knew what they did to us you would join us." Annabeth gave her a cold look "Thanks" said Ashley as she winked of course not too long after wards Amadeus and Claudius appear and you know that drill

Claudius: oh my fucking God!

Amadeus: oh your fucking God!

"boys that enough" said Lunar as ashley gives Claudius a peck on the cheek.

Annabeth starts to grope Amadeus as the rest all take off. Lunar hands him a condom "trust me you'll need it I doubt your mother would want grand kids to take care of." Amadeus just gives him a funny look "dad I'm only 10 besides I have a life and give or take 10+ years you'll be a grandfather Lunar gives a disappointed look and leaves but when he's clear he smiles. Jill and Haar stay behind with the girls. Ashley, Annabeth and the twins all take off.

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