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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Ashley decides to head into the wood's solo to find her dad of course it's spooking her some what however she swallows her pride and heads onward.
C.T. out cold after binge drinking as a flash of bright gold light appears and Goldust comes out of it crawling in a sexual way towards him, C.T. just lies there Goldust shakes him causing him to shot in his sleep "get off my rig you vietcong bastards!" spooking Goldust..
Goldust falls back but get back up and proceeds to crawl over to him and start kissing him on the mouth while he's unconscious, C.T. doesn't know it yet but his daughter will save him...
as Ashley walks on looking at the animals Lunar Amadeus and Claudius are out lollygagging with a shot gun "My turn!" scoffed Claudius as he snatched it from
Amadeus, and fired in the air killing a bird Lunar then snatched it from him " give me that you killed small prey!" the force of the snatch caused it to fire and it hit a deer Lunar was looking stupid as he said "D'oh!" Amadeus quickly said "a deer!" Claudius said a "female deer" "well looks like I have to kill the family! I hate leaving orphans behind" Lunar takes off..
(A/N: he killed Bambi's mother and now plans to kill him and his father)
Ashley keeps walking when she finds Goldust on top of her father she is in total shock she is first hurt then pissed off as she leaves.... and comes back with a steel chair "raaaaaaaaahhhhhh!"
she slams a steel chair on his back causing him to yelp as fall back as he is still on all 4's she smacks him again as he Rhys in pain he gets up only to hiss at her as she slams him on the head with the steel chair causing his blond wig to turn blood red he gets up in pain hissing "you will never forget the name of ssssssss Goldust!!" as C.T. get up tasting some thing funny in his mouth what the hell he scoffed as he sees his daughter standing over him breathing heavy and enraged holding a steel chair he touches his mouth and looks at his hands he sees gold make up now enraged he gets up as Goldust runs he gives chase...
As he gets closer Ashley quickly teleports as they all arrive in a Las Vegas strip as the theme of Balrog stage begins to play as Round 1 fight is heard C.T. now pissed off removes his coat ready as Goldust looks on all scared he quickly grabs him and starts head butting him lets him go then starts punching the hell out of him as Ashley looks on proudly 2 show girls walk back and forth as people chant and boo after 45 second Golddust was knocked out as the people start to chant you win! Round 2 Fight!
Goldust get up and tries to seduce him but C.T. grabs him knocks him in the air and starts to air combo him at least 25 times until he lands hard C.T. lifts him up and does it again this time its KO! As it says You Win PERFECT!! The people start to chant and boo some more as Ashley looks at Golddust lying out cold and bleeding "damn you just got knocked the fuck out!!" C.T. just looks at his hand now shaking and bleeding
Molly along side Jill and Haar with their wyverns on the Star Kraft Ashley lets ride! C.T. looks on Amadeus and Claudius alongside Pyro, Annabeth Violet, Peach and Miles all arrive ready to fly in and kick ass Silver and Tails also appear "well were almost ready.." said Tails
Of course Marcia and Florina appear as well "well were set lets divide into teams" said Claudius "lets wait for sonic and the others" Amadeus stated as they all appear
Of course the teams were:
Team 1 Ashley, Molly, Claudius, Shadow and Lunar
Team 2 Annabeth, Amadeus, Marcia, Tails and Sonic
Team 3 Pyro, Silver, Jill, Haar, and Peach
Team 4 Thunder, Marcia, Violet, Florina And Miles
First up Team 1
C.T. just looks on of course Ashley's Star Kraft called Star Kraft II is light blue lacking much camouflage but did have cloaked device inserted "well lets ride" Ashley said as she powers up the jets Claudius jumps in the air Shadow just stand on the Wing of Molly's star Kraft Lunar is now hovering and ready to fly as well...
"Well just like old times eh Shadow" Molly said smiling "just don't go and get us all killed!" scoffed Shadow, as everyone flies off into the distance flying heartless appear "ahhhh!" yelled Ashley as she fired a few missiles at them doing a nose dive...
"You crazy girl!" Scoffed Claudius as he draws a hand axe throwing it a large heartless
"Ha let's get moving!" Shadow scoffed as a series of heartless appear Shadow
Ashley unleashed the gattling gun and handled the rest Lunar look on annoyed "Show off!" he scoffed "That's my girl!" Molly said firing from the laser cannon as Shadow unleashed several 'Chaos Spears' taking out a pack of heartless and their ships at once!
Lunar just flying around until he find the biggest heartless around "your mine now bitch!" Lunar said as he charged his hand up with Thunder and Wind Wolf/Fox Thunder wind attack! His attack damaged the heartless but not enough to kill it "Ok time to pay rough!" Lunar draws his sword but the being keeps dodging his attacks "oh fuck this! Diablon now!" Lunar summons Diablon and its on as the giant mech simples destroys the monster as well as destroying a base "well that's that wonder how team 2 is doing.."
Team 2
Sonic and Tails back to old school Tails holding up Sonic as he flies Amadeus besides him. Marcia and Annabeth were well balanced as she flew in with a killer lance taking out a large heartless as Annabeth used her powers holding it down Sonic simply used his homing attack bouncing back and fourth like a pinball table on the heartless Tails shot thunder and wind off and on at them Amadeus was getting cocky and reckless as he grabs the uber spear and starts taking them out one by one not even looking where he swings it "hey you crazy wolf/fox watch out!" Tails scoffed at him "oops sorry!" Amadeus said looking dumb as he removes a javelin which was lighter and easy to throw..
"haaa hhaa!!!" Amadeus said as he charged it with thunder then threw it Annabeth only smiled until Marcia was almost over powered by one as she blasted her firepower at them "Oh shit! that was close thanks a lot" "gee that's a first" said Amadeus "Oh shut up I cuss a lot too!" Marcia scoffed as she took on a flying heatless.. After while they won but Organization XIII was still around Sonic was puzzled by what they had in store..
as he and Tails finished off the remaining heartless
Team 3 Pyro, Silver, Jill, Haar, and Peach
Jill and Haar the most experienced of the group decide that rather than be co captains it's best left to a 3rd party leaving that to Peach who was ready and willing to kick ass
Silver raised up along with Pyro "for this world and out new world!" he said proudly "well let's roll!" said Peach all cheery as she flapped her ears rising Jill and Haar followed.. "damn the other sure made a mess of the skies look how black they are" said Pyro as they all looked at the heart shaped moon "whoa that can't be good" said Jill..
"well let's fly" Haar said as they all fly to the moon....
What is on it is not pretty heartless of all shapes and sizes "oh fuck we are so fucked!" yelled Silver as they try to grab them..
The beam was now dying as Amsem and King Mickey were trying to stop the heartless "that punk ass pussy Mickey I'll get that fool!" Haar quickly files down ready to attack King Mickey But Riku stopped him "you shall not harm the king!" Haar now annoyed "we'll see after I send you back to hell!" Of course Sora, Donald, and Goofy appeared just as Jill, Peach, Pyro and Silver appears as well...
"so you wanna fight, just bring it bitch!" scoffed Jill as Peach landed ready with a bow "Gawsh this isn't right were friend so why are we fighting?" said Goofy "Because you pussy's are just making it worst!" scoffed haar as he lunged at Amsem destroying the machine "noooooo you fool what have you done!" he scoffed "nothing yet!" scoffed Haar as Peach few to the moon charging up "CHAOS BLAST!" she used up all of her energy as she blew a huge hole in the heart shaped moon causing nearly everybody's lost hearts to return as she falls from the sky Haar quickly nose dives and catches her as Pyro and Silver look on shocked "you monster!" scoffed Silver as he grabs King Mickey with his powers ready to crush him "Dad wait!" pleaded Pyro as Haar landed "she's fine but she needs to rest, her power is gone.." Said Haar as he turned to Amsem then Riku "you fools will pay!" "Haar no we need all the help we can get!" Pleased Jill as they fly off Haar give one last look "this is far from over!" Silver lifts up with Pyro before bitch slapping Riku...
"well lets get back team 4 can take care of the rest" said Pyro as he blast the remaining heartless..
Team 4 Thunder, Marcia, Violet, Florina And Miles
Thunder riding with Marcia Miles holding up Violet Florina flying solo "well where do we go to?" asked Florina "I would say never land but Molly took care of the lost boys" said Miles "the lost boys? oh fudge!" scoffed Marcia.. "Why what do you want to do to the lost boys" asked Violet? "We all ready beat them up, then Molly beat em up, so you wanted to beat em up again?" scoffed Violet...
"No, not that, I'm not like that!" Marcia scoffed very defensively "I was hoping to have them set traps for the heartless and warn us about them" she said Thunder gave her a look " I bet you want them to beat down your brother since Ike failed right...." Thunder said all eager.. Marcia was quiet "well... unnn" she was now blushing "man your brother must be a looser!" said Violet "Violet that's rather harsh" scoffed Florina..
"No she's right" said Miles "he owes me 100 gold coin and only paid me 1 gold coin! I would go back and beat it out of him but I see no pint to remaking history!" Miles scoffed
"Ha that's what you get fait told me what happened said Violet I'm surprised Faith didn't kill you after you altered Bambi!" she countered "No she should kill Lunar since he killed the entire family" Miles said
Everybody paused and were shocked "so your cousin killed a fawn and his family!!!!" Marcia said shocked "well Claudius killed a small bird so Lunar took away the gun and it accidentally fired killing the mother, Lunar then realized that since the fawn was now semi orphaned kill him and the father" Violet wanted to cry but couldn't because if she let go it would mean certain death..
"Well remember out training right" said Marcia Thunder get up standing with the 'dildo' axe "yeah why?" "Because we are going to use it now!!" a swarm of wyvern heartless appear "oh shit!" said Violet "well, watch this!" Thunder jumped into the air "you can never do this Hulk Hogan! Chaos Control!" and vanished reappeared taking down several wyverns at once.. "My turn!" said Violet as she let go if Miles with one hand she draws her sword she bounces off the other wyverns slashing them then grabs Miles hand and going back "you know this would be easy if we were on the ground..." said Miles "your right but fighting in the air seems more fun!" Florina really isn't doing much just throwing a spear at the heartless doing from minor to major damage "well I see your really aiding us" said Thunder now somewhat annoyed "unn I'm doing my best really I am..." Florina said very nervous "don't you know what a complement is?" "oh well, ummmm!" Thunder now hovering gave a smile when she turned around her gave a dirty look...
"Well I want a turn, Marcia take Violet it now my turn!" Miles said annoyed since Violet was killing most of the heartless off "got you!" Violet homing attacks Marcia and lands on her steed with ease haaaa haaaa Miles starts blasting the heartless with wind causing them to fall and be destroyed "this is fun ha-ha-ha!!"
Of course they saw the moon and realized that  heartless were flying around Miles realized that he had to contain them so he unleashed "White Fox Thunder!" killing all of the darkness "if only I had a shine or some sort of light tome!" Thunder and Marcia appeared Violet landed and was fighting on the ground  "hey catch this!" Marcia tossed him Aurla Miles read it and chanted casting light magic destroying the darkness as Marcia flew thru the hollowed moon Thunder unleashed a Chaos Blast! Now the heartless' world was no more or so they fought.. As everyone returned Peach was returned to normal ready to fight again but not with out her Chaos energy..
"Well next phase is we take down Org XIII" once and for all! Said Molly