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There are 2 types of endings double ending and normal ending we first start the normal endings ..
Ashley- renounced warrior.
Ashley joined Miles group ready to fight never forgetting how she learned many thing and her acts of bravery were know thru out the land.. many years later she settled down and now trains others as a fighter...
Amadeus- young leader
Amadeus went on to be a great knight fighting mainly for the common people even though he was trained in ancient combat he still is known as a powerful ally despite his youth and arrogant ways he is well liked and respected by all..
Annabeth- Her father's daughter
Annabeth now has what she always wanted, a normal life despite some set back she is a great ally mainly due the the fact she can control fire itself and uses her powers for good only.. she plans to aid those that need to be saved..
Blaze-hell cat
Blaze and Silver enjoy the fact they have left their old world and live in a new world however it still haunts her that she left everything behind and could care less now that the sands of time healed her wounds..
Claudius- naive warrior
Claudius finally found someone to cal his own he and his brother still do work for their cousin and Thunder but have been missing missions to be with their significant other's...
C.T.- hero reborn
C.T. figured out Randy did in fact restore his powers but decided to settle down like everybody else of course he passed down his powers to his son who needed them more anyway
Cosmo- plant fox
Not much happened only she worries about miles and his friends most of the time since she didn't do much nothing much happened for her
Joanna Dark- gun woman for hire
not much said about her just she returned to finish what she started of course with that said she was rarely heard form unless it was a dire incident..
Lunar- wolf/fox warrior
Lunar now with his wife reside in peace after giving his sons his blessing to go and live their lives he has very little to do but in rare cases he does some mercenary work off and on...
Molly- star fighter
Molly destroyed her morpher later on in life due tot eh fact her daughter didn't need it she still thinks of her home world and wonders about it but since that is rare she takes care of her family ..
Miles- foxy hero
Miles still does mercenary  work and forms an organization with his friends and cousins of course with the school year starting it's pretty difficult to do both   and teleporting back and forth is not pleasant
Peach- hedge-rabbit ranger
Peach and Gust did settle down and she retired officially 20 years later her brother did the same.. later on she became a teacher of archery and she lived peacefully afterward..
Pyro- fire starter
Pyro finally asked Violet out and they are now in a serious relationship.. Sonic has giving him his blessing as did Amy, yet he still thinks that one day he will return to his native world...
Randy- cocky hero
Randy returns to his own world when he is never heard form again..
Sean- gundam warrior
Sean later returned to the federation and was court martial for selling crack to blind kids however due to an invasion the case was dropped he now fights in outer space...
Sonic- reborn hero
Sonic and Amy were reunited and couldn't be happier since his last battle he has officially retired but still runs off and on
Shadow- the ultimate life form
Shadow did age a bit and soon realize he best settle down as he did along side Cream the Rabbit his children take over his duties but tend to be off fighting bandits over them..
Silver- naive psychic
Silver rose to Captain in the royal guards after giving his children his blessing
he continues to work as a royal guard being naive does have it's perks or so he thinks.
Tony- crazy 1's sub
Tony returned to his wife and kids and couldn't be happier..
Tails- Most Valuable Fox (MVF)
Tails returned home with Cosmo and couldn't be happier of course no one could match his genus  for building and fixing things
Thunder- hedge-rabbit warrior
Thunder still acts like  a dick  at times but like he says "I rather be a dick than a peace loving pussy or a war hungry asshole"  yet Angle has put up with his behavior for so long she doesn't even mind anymore..  
Violet- Rose of the blade
Violet became well loved for her swordsmanship's ship and became even more powerful than her father and brother in speed but the will of the blade was never surpassed she along with Ashley and the others yearn for their rival that can even challenge her skill.
well I  finished the sonic characters & OC character now the Fire emblem characters..
Marcia- flying queen & big sister Marcia still hurt that Thunder is seeing someone stays with them as a caring big sister who often does odd jobs for the gov she also has her sights set on Sylvrante Mia- master swordfighter She returned as a mercenary pleased that she found her 'eternal rival' yet no one has out matched her since... she still years to improve her style..Shinon- cocky sniperhe returns to his job gloating how 'he is better than Ike' and still drinks but his respect to the laguz has improved somewhat Rolf-young sniperhe has since improved his skill with the bow and seldom cries like a baby until Shinon took him to a bar and he got his first hangover after ward he never drank again..Mist-young healerMist still heals those in need and realized that no matter what the case just do it she still holds Thunder & Miles responsible for their actions..Titania- foster mother She now trains penny to be a paladin like herself and treats her as her own daughter he love for Miles is slowly fading and she will move on but her love for Greil will never fade neither her love for her 'other son' ThunderJill- winged queen Jill returns with Haar many years later they are wed and they become well known wyvern riders in al the land..Haar- sleepy wyvern lord...Haar now is a flying carrier and his business is booming even though he still sleeps most of the time he and Jill got married and are quite reliable whether you need to ship something very quickly or need bandits driven away from your villageDevdan- halberdier of peaceDevdan now aids Titania in training penny even though he rather not he knows that peace is not going to happen unless you work and fight for it...Gatrie- gullible ladies man Gatrie seems to not be fooled after Lunar's advice but he can't help to fall for any woman (or man) he sees of course he's still looking for the special one Soren- Emo mageSoren returned to the arms of Ike the only man he ever loved of course he now wears over sized baggie pants that way if Miles ever comes back and tries to blow up his gown he won't see anything more will Peach...Reyson- last of his kind Reason returned to the forest not much is know about him or Leanne rumors say Leanne married the raven king but none can be confirmed Now double endings.....Marcia flying queen & big sister/Thunder hedge-rabbit warrior
As foster brother and sister they seem to get along pretty well since he can fight on both land and air she fights at sea when needed she hasn't stopped loving him even though she has found someone else.. Thunder also cares for her deeply and well always protect to the point of annoyance...
Ashley renounced warrior/Violet- Rose of the blade
best friends and sisters of battle their bond is almost  unbreakable they also tend .to aid those in need whatever the case maybe of course the only down side is the deep scar across Ashley's stomach which she seldom shows the only person who understand her is Miles    Violet does give her comfort   when needed.....
Ashley renounced warrior/Claudius- naive warrior
even though they split up they remained the best of friends and can do many things as a team and are very powerful Claudius has moved on and found someone new Ashley si there to protect him from almost anything like he really needs it..  
Thunder hedge-rabbit warrior/ Miles foxy hero
best friends and brothers at arms they tend to do most of the fighting in various parts of the world yet Thunder has someone to return to Miles sees it as reason to keep looking for his special someone ...
Amadeus Young leader/Annabeth- Her father's daughter
they now have found an apt together yet despite their young age they are quite mature and can handle many things even going out on missions together even though they spend most of their time being 'romantic'
Amadeus Young leader/ Claudius naive warrior
the twins now each dating someone older and there both hedge-cats seems they do almost everything together yet the only thing they don't agree on is what weapon is stronger since they both master every  single weapon but the bow even though Claudius is a great knight he tends to be naive with many things only his brother knows best for him..
Blaze- hell cat/ Silver naive psychic
now that they have new home and their kids are independent  they decided to do what they do best not much even though they work at the castle they enjoy their so called normal lives...
Tails- Most Valuable Fox (MVF)/Sonic- reborn hero
the best friends have finally settled down knowing that the world has new protectors since there both getting older they do very little now at days...