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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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Chapter 2: Envy & Annoyance

(School Library. Misumi & Ayame are now pouring on thick books searching for the answer to their essay assignment.)

"Damn! Why is this so hard?!" Ayame exclaimed, scratching her head, "I can't believe you can take all of this?!" "I'm done..." Misumi said, keeping the piece of paper in her bag, "Need any help?" "Of course I do!!!" Ayame exclaimed, "I'm not as smart as you, `ya know..." "But Ayame-san..."

"Hey Misumi..." Someone behind them suddenly said. "Who the heck are you?" Ayame asked angrily as Misumi quickly shot her a stern look saying, "Ayame, quit that..." "I was... um... just gonna ask Ms. Kanzaki if she would be my...err... model for Art class..." he said, softly as Ayame quickly said, "WHAT?!" "I just heard from the other section that we're going to paint someone during Art class..." he quickly said, "And I was hoping to take a portrait of Ms. Kanzaki..." "What, make a porn art work out of her?!" Ayame exclaimed. "It's a portrait! You know, only the face!?!" He answered quickly. "Well... Misumi won't like it... right?" Ayame said, looking at Misumi & waiting for an answer. "Um... actually... It's alright with me... there's nothing wrong with it anyway..." Misumi softly said as she blushed.

"Thank you so much!!!" he exclaimed, shaking Misumi's hand, "I'm Satsuka Youmi by the way...I really want to thank you... you're so kind..." "Err... sure... if it makes you happy..." Misumi said, still blushing as Youmi bid farewell to them both & left.

(Misumi & Ayame both sat there quietly, still doing their essay. When they were done, they left the Library & walked towards their classroom.)

"I cant' believe you did that!" Ayame grumbled as they walked down the hallway. "Did what?" Misumi asked. "Why did you agree to what he wants?!" Ayame asked as they reached their classroom. "Hey... its not like we're doing some nude paintings... The school would never allow that anyway..." Misumi replied as she sat down on her chair.