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Matariel, Angel of Rain, rode to Tokyo-3 on four legs; each step cut the ground
like a giant scythe. A dozen eyes studded its carapace, occasionally blinking
as the spidery creature scanned its surroundings. No guns fired in anger at
Matariel's approach; human saboteurs disabled the city's main, auxiliary, and
standby electrical systems, leaving Tokyo-3 defenseless.

A dying Eviscerator-- a hand clutching the intestines spilling over its torso,
its AT field dim and near-undetectable as it lay on its back-- was the only
obstacle before the Angel.

"Lucky!" Matariel advanced towards Unit 01, deviating from its original path in
search of glory. "I'll show Sahaquiel who's a 'speed bump,'" the Angel of Rain
thought of its brother, Angel of the Skies. Nitric and hydrochloric acids were
secreted from special glands in Matariel's eyes; the chemicals combined into
teardrops that burned everything it touched. The Angel squinted, sending a
stream of aqua regia-- "royal water," acid strong enough to dissolve gold--
towards the Eviscerator.

Unit 01's AT field flared to block the acid, the instant wall near-blinding its
enemy. The Eviscerator performed a combat roll-- the guts fell to reveal an
intact body and armor-- and rose to its feet.

Matariel caught Sandalphon's scent. "How dare you us my brother's guts as
bait?!" The Angel's own AT field flared as Unit 06 attacked its flank, depleted
uranium pellets piercing its defenses to hammer the carapace. "That hurt!"
Matariel turned to rain aqua regia on the red-and-yellow Eva, exposing its flank
to the Eviscerator.

Boom! Unit 01 extended its AT field like a scalpel, cutting a path so the 280mm
shell may pierce Matariel's armor with contemptuous ease. "I hate spiders,"
Shinji deadpanned as the shell detonated, tearing the Angel inside-out.

Haruko began singing, "I'm only happy when it rains!" Unit 06 danced as the
dying Angel's ichor painted it violet. "I'm only happy when it's complicated!"

"I," Matariel forced itself to stand tall, knees buckling from the effort, "will

The pink-haired girl drew a chainsword, severed a spidery limb, and impaled
Matariel upon its own leg-- piercing the S² organ, killing the Angel-- without
missing a beat. "And though I know you can't...!"



A 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' story by Sidewinder (aim9snake@hotmail.com), 2010.
Characters created and owned by Gainax. Lyrics by Garbage.


"Was the operation successful?" Keel asked.

A SEELE member answered, "Yes. By observing the reboot and recovery procedures
through Trojan Horses, we acquired access codes to NERV Headquarters and its
MAGI," supercomputers monitoring the Command Center-- from there, the entire

"I trust the MAGI's dummy programs were no major interference?" another recalled
the countermeasures taken.

"Negative. Monsieur Ikari can manually launch the Evangelions-- the Geofront
has diesel generators to provide the necessary electrical power, and auxiliary
batteries can be mounted to extend an Eva's endurance, as the video
demonstrates-- but we'll have the advantage when he's ready to betray us."

"Excellent." Keel smiled, not knowing how wrong he was.


Makoto, Maya, and Misato-- recently promoted to major-- sat or stood in the
observation booth, observing a harmonics test. Evangelion Units 00, 01, and 06
stood in the cages below, a dozen cables linking the fighting machines to
diagnostic systems.

"Technobabble, babble, babble..."

Misato tuned out the operators' words, the tactician near-insensate until Maya
mentioned a name.

"I'm surprised Ikari-kun's synch ratio is consistently lower than Rei's, when he
performs so well," the brunette referred to a pilot's ability to interface with
an Eva, which NERV periodically tested.

"Shinji-kun sees himself as a soldier; sees the Eva as an extension of his body,
as soldiers see weapons; and uses the Eva as a weapon, nothing more, nothing
less. He enters the plug with only two goals: to 'neutralize' the enemy, and to
survive. That focus makes him the best combat pilot, reducing the synch ratio's
significance to mere academics," the tactician stated.

"So we don't need to boost Ikari-kun's self-confidence?" Maya asked.

"No, we need to suppress his confidence-- specifically, his cavalier attitude
towards nuclear weapons and their use."

Makoto shivered, remembering the Eviscerator pilot's actions during Israfel's
attack. "Good point."

"By the way, where's Aoba-kun? I've not seen him in days," Misato added.

"He resigned his commission and immigrated to America," Makoto answered. "I'd
join him, but," 'I love you, and will always be here for you,' the lieutenant
didn't say.

Misato sighed. "I understand. I'd do the same if I could, but someone must
stop Shinji-kun from destroying Tokyo-3 to save it."

'Makoto, you fool! This is your chance to take Kaji-san's place as her lover!'
the lieutenant thought of Misato's ex-boyfriend. 'Seize this opportunity before
the author gives it to a self-insert!' "Major-- Misato-san, I--"

"Hey, Shinji! When will I get to fire a W99 nuke?" Kensuke interrupted.

'When hell freezes over.' Misato radioed, "The US Army provided the weapons,
which we-- NERV cannot use without authorization from a US military officer.
Shinji-kun, an American soldier, can fire the weapon after receiving
authorization," a half-truth. "You can't do the same until you join the US
military." The tactician turned to Makoto. "Remind me to never let the
Americans mount an atomic gun on Unit 00, and never let Kensuke-kun pilot a
nuclear-capable Eva. I swear that boy's more reckless than Shinji-kun."

"Yes, Ma'am." 'Goddamn it!' Makoto silently cursed.


End side story.