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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We last left these guys in traffic. I wonder what's going on?

Shizuka's car

Shizuka: *honking the car like a mad woman* COME ON! MOVE IT! I AIN'T GOT ALL DAY!

Kyo: Woah..*to stuffed cat* I don't think we're in Japan anymore, Fluffy.

Yama: We weren't in Japan in the first place. >.>

Kai: Are we--

Inu: *stuffs peach in his mouth* Shut up!

Kaiba: *on top of the car* What's going on? Why is everybody stopping?

Yama: We don't know.

Shizuka: *poed* GET YOUR FREAKIN' ARSE OFF THE ROAD! *rams the car off the bridge*

All: O.o;; *holds each other* WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!

Araka's car

Araka: Man, this is some bad traffic.

Kish: Couldn't you just use your authoress powers to get us outta here?

Araka: Traffic powers are much stronger than mine.

Kish: Oh. >.<

Hiei: *watches as the car flies off the road* O_O;; I think Shizuka's lost her marbles...heh...marbles..

Kenshin: *bops him on the head* Pervert!

Hiei: Ow…@.@

Kurama: Shizuka's closer. Maybe we could sneak on through and see if she might know.

Araka: All right, it's worth a try. *rams into people on the way*

Hiei: Who taught you how to drive?

Yami: No one.

Hiei: O.o;;

*drives up next to Shizuka*

Araka: Hey! Shizzy! *waves*

Shizuka: *turns face to see all red, little trumpets careening out of her ears, smoke coming out of her head, and smiling angrily*

All in Araka's car: O.O!!!!!!!!! *drives away looking scared and scarred for life*

Hiei: Don't. Ever. Do. That. Again.

Araka: All. Right.

The finally reach the root of the problem and see it's a little old lady, taking itty bitty little steps. She isn't even half way there. >.>

Araka: What? Hey! *honks* Move it lady!

Kurama: Araka! That's no way to talk to a lady! *leans out window* Ma'am, may I be of service?

Shizuka: *runs the old lady over and drives off*

All: O_O;;;;;;;;

Inu: You just…ran her over..

Shizuka: *calm now* Yeah. ^^ On we go!

They ride on into Oklahoma where they must stay there for the night. In a hotel, of course. `Tis bad because everyone there is a hick. (I have nothing against Oklahoma; so, if you're from there don't take it seriously. >.> It's a fanfic people!)

Araka: *on cell phone* We'll stay in a hotel tonight; okay Shizuka?

Shizuka: *also on cell phone* All right, everyone's tired. Inu, Kai, Kyo(*drool*), and Kaiba are asleep.

Araka: Yeah, so are Kish, Kenshin, Yami(*drools too*), and Kurama.

Shizuka: There's a nice one. Let's stop there.

Araka: All right. *hangs up*

Shizuka: Hello? Hello? Oh well. *puts phone up* (What a dork ^_^;)

Shizuka: *stops so quickly that Kaiba flies off the roof and crashes into a window* (If you can imagine this, it looks funny)

Kaiba: Ow…X­_x


Old Man: Martha, some young man hit our window.

Martha: It's just your medication, goodnight Harold.

Back Outside

Araka, Yama, Shizuka, and Hiei walk out slowly.

Araka: Hiei, you look tired. ^^

Hiei: *blinks* uh…*runs into the hotel*

Araka and Shizuka: AW!

Araka: Oh well. *wakes up Kurama so he can help her carry Kenshin and Kish*

Kurama: Alright. *picks up Kenshin and swings him over his back, missing by an inch* O.o;;

Kenshin: *lying on the gravel* Ow…X-x

They walk in and look at hick desk guy.

Araka: Hey, Hick Desk Guy? We want four rooms please.

HDG: All righty there, Miss! Y'all be nice stayin'! Y'all'll be livin' large! Right Honay?

Yama: *whispering* What did he say.

Araka: Just pretend you understand and walk away slowly.

They nod and walk to the rooms

Shizuka: Why four?

Araka: I did the math. There are twelve of us, and three can share a room. Four times three is twelve!

Shizuka: No it isn't! It's five.

Araka: X_x;;;

Araka: All right, I get to room with Yami and Hiei.

Shizuka: Why do you get Hiei?

Araka: Because I'm the authoress! Now, Shizuka will room with Kyo and Kish.

Shizuka: All right! ^.^

Araka: Kurama, Kenshin, and Kai. The three Ks! ^^

Kurama: Joy. *rolls eyes*

Araka: And, Yama, Kaiba, and Inuyasha.

Yama: Yay! *hugs Kaiba*

Kaiba: Eh? Great…

Araka: All righty then! G'night!

They walk into their rooms

Will they survive the night? Will Hiei be safe? Will Kyo be safe? Nah. He won't be. Why even ask? Will Hiei dance a jig?

Hiei: What do you think?

Find out next time on, *drum roll* ANIME ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!