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[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

We last left the group at a hotel. Let's check and see how they're doing.

Araka's room

*Yami and Hiei are asleep on the same bed(kawaiiness)*

Araka: *standing over them* Aw. They're so cute. *snuggles up between the two* Time to have some fun…*evil smile*

Okay…let's skip over before something happens that is bad for little kids. O.o;;

Shizuka's room

Kish: *sitting on the floor* So, do I get the bed? Or the random couch.

Shizuka: *thinks* Sorry, love. But, you get the random couch. *drags a sleepy Kyo onto the bed*

Kish: I better closes my eyes. *shields*

Okay, same thing here. Let's go somewhere else.

Yama's room

Yama: Let's rob a bank!

Inu: Nah, the grocery store.

Kaiba: Why there? O.o;;;


Yama and Kaiba: O_o;;;

Okay...that was odd…

Kurama's room

Kai: *asleep*

Kenshin: Kurama, I'm scared.

Kurama: Why?

Kenshin: Aoshi…

Kurama: You've been reading Hentai fanfics again, haven't you?

Kenshin: *cries* I can't help it if I run across a story about me! I must read it, that I must.

Kurama: In the Yaoi section?

Kenshin: Kurama…hold me…

Kurama: O.o;;;

Scary. I'm too old for this! Anywho, pan to morning. Please!

It's morning time.

Araka: Everybody ready?

All: Yeah!

Yami: I had the weirdest dream…

Hiei: With you. *shivers*

Araka: *interrupts* No time to talk about dreams! Let's hit the road!

Yami: She's hiding something…

Hiei: ….Oh god…O.o;;;;

They ride straight on through and stop at Nebraska

Araka's car

Araka: All right guys! A few more states and we'll be there! Wahoo!

Hiei: *is still mentally scarred* About time…

Kish: Can we stop and eat?

Yami: I am getting a little hungry.

Kurama: I agree.

*a big growl comes from outta nowhere*

Araka: I guess I am too. ^_^

Hiei" @.@ *died*

Shizuka's car

*listening to rap*

Shizuka: AH YEAH BABY!

Kyo, Inu, and Kai: *getting down*

Kaiba: *bouncing around* H-Hey! Will you turn it down! You're making the car bounce!

Yama: *eardrums blown out* X_x;;;

Cell phone: Ring, Ring…Ah heck. JUST ANSWER ME!

Shizuka: Hello?

Araka: It's me; the guys are hungry. Wanna go eat at Chiles or something?

Shizuka: Sure! *hangs up*


*drives off like a maniac*

After they have finished their delicious lunch, they head off.

Araka: Hey, there's a sign. It says, Montana, this way! Well let's go!

*they drive off*

A green piece of iron falls off the sign to reveal it really says Nevada. (How did they see Montana? >.>)

Oh no! Will they realize they are going the wrong way? Will they make it to Montana? Where is Nevada anyway? Who cares? Will Hiei have sex with Shizuka?

Hiei: *backs away slowly*